CHaracter Builder/Compendium update moved

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According to WotC_Trevor

WotC_Trevor;18520063 wrote:
  • Character Builder/Compendium Update - Starting on Tuesday, June 2nd, we will release new updates for the D&D Character Builder and the D&D Compendium on the first Tuesday of every month instead of the fourth Tuesday. The scheduled May 26th update will be moved to June 2nd, and updates will fall on the first Tuesday of every month going forward.

  • Hybrid Classes – Originally we held off on including the Hybrid Class rules in the Character Builder because of the heavy playtest nature of the rules. You guys have given us a lot of feedback and R&D is behind it too, so it looks like we’ll be seeing Hybrid Class rules in the June update to Character Builder.

  • Monk Playtest – With the way information is compiled and added to the Character Builder and Compendium, it generally takes four to eight weeks to get Dragon content into the tools. We all want to get our hands on the monk, and the devs must love us because it looks like we’ll be getting the Monk in the Character Builder and Compendium on the June 2nd update.

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