March 19th News

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WotC Names Stephen Schubert as D&D Lead Developer

Last week, Stephen "WotC_Shoe" Schubert officially assumed the duties of Lead Developer for the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game.

Stephen steps into the position formerly occupied by Mike Mearls, who recently took on the mantle of D&D Lead Designer.

Stephen joined RPG R&D as an Associate Developer in 2004 after eight years spent as a programmer and systems analyst with IBM. His first D&D development projects included Weapons of Legacy and Dungeon Master's Guide II for 3rd Edition.

Stephen is best known publicly for his extensive work on the D&D Miniatures Game, where he worked on 10 sets and two rules revisions and also wrote numerous preview articles teasing fans with hints and bad puns regarding upcoming miniatures.

Stephen was also a key contributor to the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons, particularly in the design and development of monsters for the game. His name appears on the cover of the 4E Monster Manual as well as the upcoming Monster Manual 2 (scheduled for release this May), reflecting the significant impact of his leadership on those two books.

"I'm excited to have Shoe leading the development team," said Andy Collins, manager of D&D development and editing. "He and I have worked together since the day he joined the department, and I know his steady, calm approach to development will be the perfect balance to Mike's aggressive method of design."

For his part, Stephen says that he "still can't believe that people are paying him to do this, and is constantly expecting to wake up and realize that he has to jump on a 3 am conference call."
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