printable miniatures?

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Hi Digital D&D board! I don't pop in this corner of the forums much, but it seemed like the best place for this query. I originally posted this on the Future Releases forum, but nobody there had anything to say about it:
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For the physical Miniatures that could be generated, I was actually assuming something that printed out and folded into a standup of some variety. ie SJ games Cardboard Heroes

I don't know about the rest of you, but releasing a tool that would make printable mini's like this would be a huge draw for me. I don't like to spend time and money searching Ebay for large lots of kobolds or orcs or whatever so that I can run module X in two weeks without using beads to represent minions. A tool that helped me print various pictures as paper minis and size them appropriately? That's something worth subscribing to DDI for!

So disregarding the part about DDI for this thread, does anyone know of a tool out there that would help me do this? I'm not really interested in the Cardboard Heroes product line, but the format (mirrored picture on each side, fold in half with tabs at the bottom) is perfect for me. If there isn't one out there, how hard would it be to make a tool that did that?
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