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Well, Im not yet ready to go to 4th edition yet but I love the idea of the Character builder, dungeon builder and DM tools. Does anyone know where some 3.5 edition tools are like this? The WOTC character builder that came with the 3.0 books cant be updated on Wizards.com because its being maintained by Filemonkey or something like that. The problem is, their site is down or recently went down and you cant find it there. Does anyone have any links where it can be updated to 3.5 edition? How about a dungeon builder? Any info would be really helpful. Even if its on Wizards.com and I cant seem to find it. Thanks a ton!
You should check out PCGen at http://pcgen.sourceforge.net. I'm only passingly familiar with it, but here's the list of features from their website:

PCGen Features

  • Supports scores of d20 games and settings from over a dozen publishers.
  • Highly configurable, allowing the GM to add or remove races, classes, feats, and house rules such as unusual class or race restrictions.
  • Supports level advancement, with configurable progressions of feats, skills, and ability score bonuses.
  • Produces numerous customized character sheets in HTML and PDF format.
  • Produces a "party" sheet with information needed by the GM.

GMGen Plugin Features
  • Track combats, including damage, spells, and can even roll attacks. The current combat state may be saved for those game sessions which end in mid-combat.
  • The combat tracker has a full stat block for loaded characters/enemies. If you want to see how your abilities look, you can pop up GMGen if you don't want to export a character sheet.
  • Assign experience based on defeated combatants' CRs and the party level.
  • Create encounters, generating the monsters on demand.
  • Manage a campaign world through a notes system that allows word processing, as well as the ability to attach files to particular notes and the ability to launch those files/characters from the note.
  • Generate random names for people/places/things.
  • Calculate travel times and inn costs according to the SRD.
  • Create 'dice bags' with any dice expression (such as 1d6-2d4+3).
It should also be noted that PCGen is free.

Begin short history summary: The character program that came with the 3.0 book, was only patched and updated once AFAIK. The later grownup version was called eTools that came out in 2003. It was created and licensed to Fluid by WotC. Fluid patched it I think twice. But then it was dropped by them. It "was" matained after this point by Code Monkey Publishing, who then went on to create and sell datasets for almost all the 3.0 & 3.5 books. The license that they had from WotC was allowed expired in Nov of last year by WotC and they are no longer allowed to sell or distribute anything related to eTools.

PCGen referenced above has the basic info from the PHB, DMG and MM that WotC released in two documents called the System Reference Document (SRD) for the 3e and the Revised System Reference Document (RSRD) for the 3.5e. This contains everything except the items that WotC considered their "property" ie Illthids, Beholders, deity names, NPC names in spells etc. If you want to utilize anything from the additional books (ie the "Complete" serise, FR, Eberron, etc) you would have two options a) enter everything yourself into the text files that drive the program for the specific items you want, or b) find pirated copies (or other user entered files, amounts to the same thing) availible on the web. If you choose to enter your own data you can get help from the documentation included or our yahoo group setup expressly to help people at [url=http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PCGenListFileHelp/]PCGenListFileHelp[\url]

Also PCGen has more than a hundred different Third party source files in each release ready to use, just not the WotC sources.

Wow, that was long.
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