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These are the 5 things I most want to see implemented in the Character Builder. What are yours? I'm not really looking for bugs (like the landscape printing issue) - I'm looking for things the system does not do right now that you'd like it to do.

1.) Better implementation of House Rules Items: I want to be able to make a magic item and assign powers to it. I know that it would be impossible to implement anything under the sun, but at least let us make a new magic item, assign it a slot, and then assign it some basics like a defense bonus for neck items, a weapon type (axes, heavy blades, etc..) for weapons, etc... If nothing else, I'd like to be able to select a magic item already in the game, make a duplicate of it and edit a few things (level, add minor and easily implementable powers/features, etc...). Ideally, I'd like there to eventually be a way for people to design magic items and program them for the character builder - WotC might be able to get a lot of help from the community if they open the builder up a bit. I'd like to be able to add an item that is treated as normal equipment rather than a magic item, too!

2.) Alternative Panel Design on Character Sheet: I want to have a few different options for the Hit Points panel, the Defenses panel, etc... with different levels of detail. Some people want a very small defense panel with 4 numbers on it - while others want all of the breakdowns.

3.) Adjustable Panel Size on Character Sheet: I want to be able to change the number of lines allocated to fields like Feats, Features, Equipment. A lot of wasted space is dedicated to these fields.

4.) A One Page Character Sheet Option: If we strip out all of the calculations, all of the working space, and all of the descriptions, you can fit a 30th level fully equipped PC on 1 sheet of paper. I've done it. I'd like to see a one page character sheet option that does this.

5.) Add/Copy Power Cards: I want to be able to play around more with the power cards. For my paladin, I want to be able to have 1 card for each use of Lay on Hands that he has. Ideally, I'd want to be able to change the border color on that Lay on Hands to either both Green and Grey, or just Grey - as Lay on Hands is as much a daily power as it is at-will. I want to be able to add a power card, choose a format, and then write in information so that I can make up and print cards for something campaign specific. I'd also like to see an option that allows us to print up power cards for some things like charge, grapple, bull rush, etc...

What are your wants?
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1) Fix printing.

2) Clean up power swapping. It's clunky.

3) Permit alternate point-buy settings

4) At least two alternate character sheets: statblock style, and Keep on the Shadowfell style

5) Reformat power cards - there is a lot of wasted/redundant info on them.
The one thing and only thing I really want right now is a way to customize the character sheet or a whole pile of new layouts including the KotS layout and a few other simplified layouts.

I bought into the Character Builder because I knew it would do the math right. I don't need it to have all the work done out on a sheet I should be able to quickly use at the table.
RE: OP's top 5:

1) Definitely this. Ideally, I'd like to be able to program any element of the game, such as feats, powers, races, classes, plus the magic items you mentioned. These elements should be able to be saved externally, then sent to other users. This would be great for players in the same campaign, and to a larger degree, for third party publishers to release their products in a format compatible with the character builder (only accessible to DDI subscribers!)

2-4) As above, players should be able to program (CSS? XML?) their own character sheet designs that can be loaded by others that will fit different characters. In this way, you will have nearly unlimited options for character sheets (because everyone will be making and uploading their own), including many tailored to specific classes and/or builds.

5) Eh, don't really care about that.

For me, these are the only issues I really care about right now. Implementing those things would turn the character builder into something that I only use to generate characters for playtesting, into something I might actually use for characters of my own. As it is, I prefer to generate my character sheets in Adobe Photoshop because it looks much much nicer (and simpler), and I can use any house rules I want easily

~ fissionessence
1) The Ability to change the Typeface on the character sheet and Cards

2) Printable Backs for the Power Cards (I have a printer that can print Doublesided)

3) Customize the Character Summary Card (or at least include HP's on the Card)

4) Changable size for the Character sheet elements.

5) Coinage not autototal to the highest denomination (or a checkbox to turn this off). If my Character is carrying 100SP and hasn't been to town, I would like to be able to have those 100SP show up on the character sheet and not have it converted to GP equiv. Also the UI for adding cash is confusing and clunky

That's all I can think of for now

  • Monster Manual Style Character Sheet A 1 page (or more if there are enough powers) character sheet printed in a similar style to the monster manual stat blocks. Basically a complete enough summary of all the abilities of the character boiled down as small as possible. Add some checkboxes next to the encounter/daily powers for tracking.
  • Custom Skill We have added a few custom skills for handling professions, perform, and craft.
  • Custom Powers Printing Power Cards - Add the ability to include custom powers in the printout, maybe with inclusion of minor calculations. Better yet would be the ability to add custom powers exactly like normal powers.
  • Print Ritual/Alchemy/Feat Cards - Print out a card for rituals, feats, and alchemy
  • Export To XML - I know that the character itself is stored in XML but it doesn't include calculations and has a great deal of program specific data. What I'd like is to have the data that is printed on the final character sheet spit out to XML - then we could make our own character sheet formats to our heart's content.
1: The ability to EDIT the character sheet similarly to the editable character sheets fans have made for other editions and other PnP RPGs (such as the great World of Darkness sheets by MrGone.) Cant believe nobody else suggested this.

2: Agree with above, power cards are redundant at times and aren't very clearly written. I use simple power cards based off an Excel sheet that is very easy to read, has all the pertinent information, and are much more simple. You don't need to list every attack type and then fill in the pertinent one, or details on when an at-will power increases (everyone already knows this, no need to have it taking up space in every at-will power.)

3: remove coin information and add CP: SP: GP: PP: AD: categories. Whats the sense of printing out individual coin amounts when they change constantly and thus you cant erase it. Do the same for encumbrance as it changes as well. Having a printed rating that will just be scratched out simply adds clutter to the sheet.

4: I know this is long term, but the ability to add custom feats, skills, backgrounds and other campaign specific details and if they have specific pertinent bonuses, have them added up to the list. Say in my campaign someone picks a background that gives them an extra surge/day, I want to be able to add a background that does just that. Right now you have custom backgrounds but there is no way to customize stats in this way.

5: All of the above, just wanted to say the Character Builder is fantastic, it just needs more customize-ability.
1: Editable fields. I want to be able to simply edit on the character sheet if I need to. This would let you compensate for any errors in the program, or change how things are displayed if you don't like them (Fort bonus for Earthsoul Gensai, for example).

2: Hide power cards. I don't need a card that says I have +2 Chainmail. It doesn't do anything special, and it's on page 2 of the sheet anyway, but I can't make it not print that card.

3: Create your own card. Why can't we edit the cards that show up, or even better create our own? If I want an extra card for something, I don't want to have to print a whole new copy of that sheet. Just let me make the bloody card.

4: Can we have links in the character sheet that go back to the appropriate section in the Builder software to edit that field, if we can't edit it on the sheet itself?

5: see 1-4

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There are a few things that I've come across.

1. I'd like to be able to add languages. My campaign world has several human cultures with there own languages, and well as several ancient languages. It'd be nice if I could have these languages on the selection list, but if that doesn't happen at least make it so languages can be added one at a time without using feats.

2. I'd like to be able to customize backgrounds, or at least be able to edit the text of the forgotten realms backgrounds already in the program.

3. Like many others I'l like to be able to hide some of the power cards. Each print out of a character sheet includes power cards that there is no reason to print.

4. I'd really like to be able to add custom magic items that work, or at least edit existing items.

5. I'd like to have a way to catalog other posessions, jewelry, gems, other items, land, whatever.

These five are all I've come across that make the builder not quite fully usable as a character managment tool.
1. Better implementation of House Rules. I homebrew a TON of stuff, and being able to use it, nay, have a script so that other people can use it, in the Character Builder would be really nice. Also, being able to add 3PP stuff to the Character Builder would be fantastic.

2. Better functionality of character sheets.

3. Better Pictures. More, better pictures for races and classes would be nice. I mean, I am playing a Kobold, not a whatever-the-heck-was-in-the-Thunderspire-Labrynth. Also, I think that if people are paying to use the character builder, NEW art should be given to them, not same-old.
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These are the 5 things I most want to see implemented in the Character Builder. What are yours?

Thank you Myztek for starting this thread and thank everyone else for adding your thoughts. I emailed this thread to WotC_DM, I think he and his team will get the most use out of it.

- Chuck
Hey Folks

Chuck pointed me to this thread, and we will be keeping your suggestions in mind when we do our development plannings.
The development team and myself really appreciate constructive comments and feedback.
Thanks you very much for putting these together here!

I am not saying we will be able to do everything you guys suggest, but we certainly will keep these kind of threads in mind.

With monthly updates rolling out, we are establishing processes internally to define what we are working on next for Character Builder. We still have to get our processes to be more mature, and until that time we will always be cautious about not over-promising. But eventually, we do want to be in the position to be able to inform you on what we are working on for next month before the month's release date.

Today, we are finishing Character Builder coding for February and handing over our build to QA tomorrow. Until we have had a full QA pass we are not going to promise anything, except of course the basic data updates linked to February release.
We are also currently working on what will be tackled for March for Character Builder, of course the big piece here will be the PHB 2 content. Very soon, we will start exploring our scope for April release, and your feedback will help us in that process.

So keep us informed of what you want.

As a side note, I want to take the opportunity to remind people to keep reporting the bugs or issues you find to CS. Posting them on the forums is not going to get them in our pipeline. It can help you figure out if something is really a bug or not, but once it is clearly a bug, and not a rule misunderstanding, it should get reported to CS here.
1) Clean up the power cards!!! Keep it simple, clean and easy to read with the key effects, attack, damage, and (for the love of god!) crit damage for all applicable weapons. Maybe even let you pick and choose what section to include.

2) Easier house rules... let me have and alternate point buy, let me pick a the applicable pantheon (seriously who needs to scroll through the dozens of FR gods when you are just using the core).

3) Pet peeve of mine, if it s a positive modifier, but a (+) sign in front of it, or at least give me the option to.

4) Clean up the power selection for making a high level character.

5) If you have a mount, how about creating a card with the MM stat block along with the power cards?

On the whole, I think the Builder is great, I'm looking forward to seeing the next applications.

I love D&D more than I could ever love a human child.

The ability to equip more than one weapon set.
1. Better Prereq management. For example, if I want a feat or power that is illegal atm, give me a list of reasons why (prereq's) and allow me to pick those prereq's right there on the spot instead of hunting them all down.

2. Please make it easier for me to find feats and powers. My Bard for example - I was looking for the feats and powers from the Dungeon magazine and after 1 hour looking, I finally found them all (I think) but I still can't make the character sheet 'legal', when it shoud be. It is so hard finding stuff - way too hard.

3. Search stinks. Let me search for a word and have the list only show me the items that have the word in it.

That is all I have for now. Up until now I have been making core phb characters and for the most part, they are easy to create (and quick). Recently I tried making characters using other sources and am finding it is hell - so much slower than me doing it on paper at this point.
I cross-posted this with Myztek when the original post went up, but I'll repost here to keep everything together:

First of all I should say that, after several worries about the pre-release descriptions of how the CB would work, I am well pleased overall with the result. It's easy to use, very pretty and provides loads of clarity about what it's doing and why. Plus, it sits on my hard drive, so I can use it offline and I have the surety that my precious data is under my control!

Of course, having said all that, I have a few minor suggestions for additions to the Character Builder that would be very nice to see - so I though I would post them here and encourage others to post their own ideas, too.

  • I can find nowhere to record standard gems or works of art picked up as treasure. Characters often hang on to this stuff as light "money", so it would be handy to be able to add them on - just including them on the pricelist would do.
  • The ability to select just specific power cards to print would be useful - not every card changes with level, and it would be nice only to have to print the "extra and changed cards" at each level.
  • The option to print the charater's name somewhere on the power cards would be good. We hand encounter and dailies to the GM as they are used, to keep track of them - doling them back out afterwards would be easier with IDs on the cards...
  • Cards for basic attacks and for pseudo-powers such as using bluff to create an opening to hide once per encounter would be very handy options.
  • Having an option to turn off the characteristic check, so that characters that were generated using dice rolls and do not meet the points build restrictions don't stall the 'Level Up' process of 'Next Actions', would be nice.

That's all I can think of right now - if folks post ideas here in similar format I'll add them to this post as a single list, if that would be useful?
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1) As above: The Ability to have proper custom races and items. My wife and I run very customized worlds and without the ability to handle these things right the product is nearly useless.

2, 3, 4, 5) See #1.
1. More customizable House Rules Options (ie Ability roll options, Create customized Backgrounds, Create custom races etc)

2. Separate Sections for the Quick-load Characters and self made characters. (Them being mixed together makes it hard to pick them out at a glance)

Hmm... ;) pretty much that it for now
I wonder why nobody thought of this before: ;)

Improved House Rule system: I'd love a construction kit with which to build my own game elements. Define a new power, link it to an attack and a damage expression (STR vs. AC; 2w+DEX-modifier), select a status change, and so on. Of cause this would have be able to be exported and imported into my player's database as well.

Documentation of the character sheet language: If you'd document and publish the language (style sheet) of the character sheet application, we'd see lots of different character sheets to select from.


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Here are my most desired improvements:

1 - Multi-lingual support - Even if we have to translate the text ourselves. WotC already have agreements for translations, and it would be appreciated in this global village to be able to use the application (or more important the character sheet with power cards) in our desired language.

2 - House rule supports - let us create our own powers and use the "codes" to generate the power cards like the "standard" powers

3 - Custom elements for the character sheet - allow us to create custom sections, I have no idea how it's going to be done ;)

4 - Multi-lingual support

5 - Multi-lingual support

And if I had to list #6 to 10, guess what I'd list? (Multi-lingual support, Multi-lingual support, Multi-lingual support, Multi-lingual support and Multi-lingual support) ;)

As a DDI subscriber, this is what I'd like to see. And as a .net developper, I know that the multi-lingual support is relatively easy (at least for the labels) and would increase the customer base (Hey, I have to make my sales speech, no? ;) )
I love the CB thus far, I'm getting a load of use out of it! That said, here's fun things I'd like to see:

1) "Unlock" the Power Cards page in a similar fashion to the other character sheet pages, so you can remove specific cards, edit wording, etc. Leaving out specific cards, especially, would help on levelups when only some powers change.

2) In fact, let me put my whole character sheet on cards! Skill card, feats card, all that. I don't want to go to game with a tax form, I want to go with a deck! Thus far I've improvised by cutting up the character sheet and putting it in card sleeves, but things properly sized and formatted for this use would rock.

3) Okay, okay, maybe that's too wacky. Still, at least this: Basic Attacks as power cards. And maybe the option to turn on a set of cards for Bull Rush, Grab, etc.

4) Put back the easy-to-access bug report form from the Beta.

5) ...Man, I'm running out of desires, the thing works pretty well already. Maybe do some performance optimization on the Shop tab, when searching for magic weapons and whatnot. The database really has to chew to e.g. narrow down to a weapon type and price range. As more and more sourcebooks come out, this will only get worse, so get it lean and mean while you still can!
1) More control over the character sheet itself to accommodate customized classes, customized races and house rules ... to be able to click on EVERY single number value on the sheet and change them to whatever a person wants and even alter the automated formulations to account for house rules.

2) Input/add new custom created equipment, weapons, armor and magic items into the system… and have that information stored so the system recognizes those individual items and their statistics (weight, damage dice, reach, cost, etc.) and inputs those associated values into all affected panels (i.e. fills them out as normal in the attack work spaces, basic attack boxes, etc.).

3) The freedom and ability to input, alter and create our own custom-made feats and powers into the system (and, if possible, even have a way to make it so they automatically add skill bonuses/initiative bones/etc. to other character sheet calculations they affect).

4) to accommodate more customized options

5) see above
Hmm, upon trying to build a couple of characters from my current game, I'm going to have to swap out my #5 to add to the chorus of folks asking for more robust custom item capabilities. Even the most rudimentary customization would be good for my purposes. The two things I found I wanted to do but couldn't:

- Create a new Background of the bog-standard "Add skills X and Y to your class skill list, and gain a +1 bonus in those skills" format.
- Create a new magic staff with implement bonus, non-stat-affecting property, and daily power.

As it is, I can't use the CB for those characters without a bunch of post-print scribbling. :\ And since these are for an online game, post-print scribbling won't help me--I'd need more direct editing of the character sheet before printing to PDF to pull it off.
One only wish :
- Translation to other languages of DnDInsider and Character Builder.
Aside from fixing the occasional bug that pops up and regular updating, I would like to be able to manipulate the character sheet more:

1. Be able to type in the fields more readily. For example, let me type in the Languages Known panel languages from our campaign, let me type in notes on weapons like brutal or high crit, let me type in unlisted equipment or unique magic items like sleep netting or whatever, let me type in the power cards things like whether a weapon is brutal or high crit as well.

2. On the power index panel, make it more of a one-stop shop, show whether each power is a minor, standard, interrupt or what have you, and if possible include attack bonus and basic hp damage (and maybe a * or something if there's more to the attack than just damage)

3. Let me shorten the size of certain fields, such as Race Features, Class Features, and Feats, so I can tailor the sheet to better fit the presentation I want. For example, I'm inclined to set my sheet up very much like monsters, that is in the order that things might actually come up with encounter information, then defensive information, then attack information, power information (including race, class, and feat), skills, abilities, other stuff, but currently the different sizes of the panels doesn't make that easy to do.

4. Give me a space either in the field itself or in a new panel to add in other notes, such as why I house ruled a stat (for example, I have a stormsoul genasi with earthsoul extra manifestation -- either way I get a +1 Fort save, so I added it in manually, but I understand why the generator shouldn't do that by default) or a situational skill modifier like having a +3 to forage checks in Nature or the like.

5. Give me more space to list out other basic attacks and damage like the demo version could. Let me save those settings.

And I think that's it.
1. Print to PDF

2. On line storage of character's. If they arn't editable, fine, but I'd love to be able to save and "store" my characters so that I can grab them from work, a friend's house, etc.

3. Getting rid of the power card info that does not pertain to my level...

∴ "Virtus junxit, mors non separabit." 

Thought of two more...

6. Abiilty to hide certain power cards, for example the mini stat block or simple magic item cares.

7. Ability to add Action Point and Second Wind as encounter powers on the Power Index panel.
Everything I would Change has already been noted here ... I would however like to pay special attention to. (BTW I love LOVE the builder)

1) Better looking and more Sheet Options. Sorry Guys it's kinda plain. Let us import some more artwork, change the banners ahd headers, add a watermark coolio stuff like that. Its currently like the wonderful girl at the dance that never gets asked to dance because there is nothing to make her stand out from the crowd. She'd probably end up marrying some looser who never appreciates her.

2) Home Brew FTW ... Fantasy Game with out us being able to really use our imaginations to their fullest FTL. I mean if Wizards doesn't really want to invent the programming necessary to add this feature let some of the code out to the public ... someone undoubtedly will do the work for them. Without being able to use our own creativity without having to jump through hoops is like the hot chick with no personality. She can probably dance great, looks fantastic, but will never be able to even slightly interest anyone personality wise. She'll probably end up used for what she has ... but nover loved. (saddnes)

3) Lastly, there are a few interface features that would be nice. It would be great if we had the options to exclude some materials on one page and include them on the next without having to go therough the illeagle options if you get what I'm saying. Just cleans it up a bit.
1. Create a GM function that can print item cards by themselves with no character attached. So if you are giving out a treasure item you can print the card for the item and not waist ink on powers that are not needed.

2. If you do not add functionality for us to edit the character sheets please look at changing the font size of really important numbers. Items like defense scores, attack modifiers, damage, and hit points so they jump off the page.
Thank you WOTC for listening to this Thread...

1) I also want to second the urgent importance of customizability of the character.

If it's not immediate to allow for the input of custom fields, at least make the sheed editable as much as possible!
As it was pointed out, it's incredible that we can't even add our custom equipment (what if my character has "the king's daughter ring".. how can I add it?).

2) Fix the bug about printing of the power cards... Some of them are just not displaying any text (ex: flaming sphere).

The other improvements are much less urgent.

So far I'm very happy with the character builder. That being said the one thing I think really needs to be improved right now is the ability to generate character's using alternitive methods for stats. I'm a Dm and in my campaign I have an old pc of mine as an npc and when i made him in the char builder it says he's illegal and it took me over an hour just to get him to come out close to being right. They should just have a box on the char sheet that gets checked when you go outside the normal rules system for stats to let the DM know. This would also make it easier to import player's char that they have already made without having to roll stats 45 times just to get the stat block you need.
1. Add templates! I'm a DM and I like to use the CB to make NPC's with. It would be nice to be able to add a lich (or other) template to my NPC's.

2. More than one set of weapons equipped.

3. More backgrounds from other worlds (Greyhawk, Ravenloft, etc...). Some people use worlds other than FR or Eberron.

4. A Ritual Book generator. Something that I can click on and it will automatically print all my rituals out with all their information (available only to current DDI Subscribers as this is very much related to the Compedium).

5. Random Treasure Generator.
1) let Halflings equip shortbows. this might be a bug, cause by RAW we're supposed to be able to, right? So maybe my number 1 is to fix bugs.

2) hide/print individual power cards. My players just leveled up to lvl 5. they get one daily power and none of their stats change. why do i have to print out a whole page of power cards to get the one they changed?

3) homebrew copying: just let me copy an existing item and change its stats to make a homebrew item. complete with pluses and categories and stuff.

4) simpler hp area/remove tracking boxes. we don't write on the character sheets, so having an area for marking off action points and stuff is a waste.

5) ink conscious. why all the black bars? now that we're printing the sheets, try to help us conserve ink, plz? maybe have a low-ink use option when printing?
I would like to add my desire to the others to see the ability to create and share user content in Character Builder. Even the lamented e-tools had the ability to create all kinds of user content, that would actually crunch into the program. So pretty please, with sugar on top, add this functionality to CB.
1) Why not put an option for the powers to be in the "Compendium Style" where they have the same information as the cards but in a textual format (with green, red, and gray for the powers and orange for the magic items) like they do in the Compendium listings. Single space between each line and put double spacing between the individual powers.

I do this myself by copying the Compendium listings to a document that I print out. Then I put it in a document protector and use dry-erase to mark off when they are used. A check box would be ok. No shuffling through cards. I try to get all my powers on one page and remove the Compendium flavor text and the text related to higher levels to accomplish it.

The fast play characters for PHB2 World Wide Game Day have "the Compendium format" so Wizards has already developed it. One character has 18 powers and 4 magic items and it all fits on 2 pages (with all the flavor text, too). That would take 2 pages of cards, with 9 cards per page, just to get the powers cards. I would put an option to turn off the flavor text and higher level text to get even more on a page. I would keep the option to include your character stats with a specific weapon/implement like the cards have, too.

So what about it WotC? You have it. You use it. Now, just implement it in CB. Come on WotC. How about it?

2) I would also include Rituals in the "Compendium format" and power cards format as an option.

3) I like saving on the ink use, too. Can't we just put a box around bolded letters rather than an all black box? Does there have to be black between the power cards?

4) Allow me to go to a directory where all the characters for one game are and then only show those characters. CB has functionality to add and delete characters but it always shows all the characters no matter where they are located. Show any directories in the My Documents\DDI\Saved Characters directory so that I can organize my characters and other people's characters (I DM and this would help GREATLY) on my machine.

5) I don't care about character sheet output to PDF format is nice but you can get it with freeware. I don't care about saving characters on the net because I carry mine as a back up on a memory stick.

My 2 cents.
1) We need to be able to change the size of the individual panels. The Dwarf's racial features don't even fit into the default panel size.
2) We should be able to change the order of the power cards; especially the items.
3) i don't like all of the rules on how to generate the bonuses actually written on the power card. The Dragonborn's Breath Weapon card is horrible. All of the choices have already been made, just show the bonus vs defense and any options that we can apply. I really don't care what my damage value is going to be in a few levels, it doesn't need to be on my power card.
4) Why do i still have to do math? here's an example; the Cleric's Healing Lore ability is not added onto any of his powers. That's the whole point of a character generator.
4) Why do i still have to do math? here's an example; the Cleric's Healing Lore ability is not added onto any of his powers. That's the whole point of a character generator.

This. If I get a healing brooch, I want it to show on my Power Cards. I was able to do it on Excel and I'm not a programmer, you guys can certainly make it work !
For me, it's also a multi-lingual support !
1) The ability to "display" all unavailable feats even if the character does not have the prerequisite (maybe I'm just missing it here). A simple example, "No you can't be Drizz't and dual wield scimitars, your Dex isn't high enough, see? The dual wielding feat is red and the Dex requirement is highlighted"

2) Adding to the chorus of "let us print the power cards we want" or more specifically, "let us JUST print the power cards, if we want". And while we're at it, landscape options for the power cards.

3) Adding to the chorus of "let us customize the character sheet" - a single-sheet option without all the calculations would be great. It was nice for teaching the game having all those calculations there (and I would love to be able to keep using it as I introduce the game to more players), but it's unnecessary now, we can streamline it.

4) Not sure if this was previously stated (though I suspect it may have been), I'd like to customize the power card sized character sheet, adding some details, perhaps even a landscape format. Heck, a Landscape format for all the cards would be great. And there was at least one guy complaining about the size of the print. 3x5 index card sized power cards option, please. Something that would print on the available 3x5 index card sheets you can buy and "punch out" for your printer.

5) Ranger Companion support. We need to be able to select the companion and a card sized character sheet for the companion should be printed. The powers that have a 1[b] damage rating should then have the appropriate amount printed at the bottom like all the rest of the cards. And along this vein, the powers the ranger has that use the companion in them should be a bit more clear where the attack is coming from (though it's easy enough to determine by looking at the damage numbers).
1) The ability to "display" all unavailable feats even if the character does not have the prerequisite (maybe I'm just missing it here). A simple example, "No you can't be Drizz't and dual wield scimitars, your Dex isn't high enough, see? The dual wielding feat is red and the Dex requirement is highlighted"

This, at least, can be done. In the feats screen, click the house icon in the upper right, and select "Show Illegal Elements." You will see a HUGE list of feats, most of which will be red (meaning you're not technically eligible).
I only have three items:

Better Custom Data - Ideally, I would like tools to allow my custom data to be included in calculations. However, even the ability to load outside data files that have been hand coded (see PCGen), would still be great.

Editable Character Sheet and Power Cards - We need the ability to edit the character sheet directly. This could be a feature of the sheet viewer. If we can't get the first item (Better Custom Data) soon, then this would be a great stop gap until that's available. Even an editable PDF would be a good compromise.

Improved Power Cards - remove all the extra check boxes, etc. You could use colour coded boarders for the powers. The check boxes are redundant and a little confusing. The recently taken down Ema web site (www.emass-web.com) had a great layout for power cards. I strongly recommend you use that as a template.

I think a power card for any summoned creatures would be useful, one for each power that has the summoning key word. Ideally, it would have all the defences, movement, etc, in addition to the attacks.
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