Load Custom Layout?

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I was considering someones question from the General DDi forum about NPC generation and was wondering if this might be possible with the character builder when I ran into the option Load Custom Layout. The program looks for a .cls file (Common Language Specification used in .Net).

What sort of future layouts are being considered and will this become open to the community (as there are some talented folks out there who could do some nifty things with the character sheet)?

I'm sure someone is already deconstructing the code used to build the CB in a basement somewhere so I hope that it's just a matter of time before additional options for character sheet formatting will arrive (because printing in Vista if you forget to move things around is a PITA).

All that aside, I used the CB last night to generate a new character for a first time player. Total time (with explanation of how powers/feats worked) was about 20 minutes. It helped that she had a concept in mind when we started (which guided the process) but she was quite happy with the process. Another vote of confidence for the CB!