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Success Along the Adventure Path
Rescue at Rivenroar

by Robert Wiese

Dungeon 156 featured the beginning of the new Adventure Path: Scales of War. To enhance these adventures and make preparation easier for you, the DM, we explore how to handle expected trouble spots in the first adventure.

Talk about this article here.

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A picture is worth a thousand words... why not just show us pictures of the Dungeon Tiles layouts?
If I were a new DM just getting into it, this article would be extremely helpful. Although..... I had no idea this article even existed until I bumped into this thread. I don't see a link to it anywhere. This must be the SoW support article.

It's an article that was published as a feature yesterday.
A little late, surely. Wouldn't most folks running the Scales of War path have already played through this module? I'm running a very slow game, but even so it's mostly come too late for me.
The group that I'm playing with is about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way through, I think. I believe that this article is wonderful. I have a very large collection of Mini's (600+) and it's hard for my DM to know what I have and don't have. I would like to see more articles like this for all of the SoW modules. The sooner the better.
Excellent article and I'm already searching for the mini's and dungeon tiles.

I have some old mini's and I'm offering a few suggestions in case you have some of these.

Ogre Bombardier
Ogre = Ogre (Chainmail) this one all painted is perfect.

Von Adrez-Kauthin Crypt
Another possibility for the Goblin Hexer is the Goblin Picador (#34 Dungeon of Dread)

Crypt Guardian Chamber
Evistro = what about an Abyssal Eviscerator (#44 Archfiends)

Lords of Rivenroar Audience Chamber
Decrepit Skeleton = Warrior Skeleton (#43 Archfiends)

Let's hope there are more articles like this for the other adventures.
And if there aren't, why don't we nip this in the bud and post our own lists?

Personally, my collection isn't as large, though I have been collecting lightly over the life of D&D Minis. So, I've got gnolls from the first set on up to a demon or two from the most recent.

My favorite mini so far to use is Lord Soth for virtually any heavily armored Elite or Solo NPC. Soth has doubled for both Sinruth and Og so far, and he'll continue to be the mini I go for to instill terror in the PCs. "Oh crap, Soth's on the board, we're in for it now!"

Besides that, I've used Liddas as dark creepers, astral constructs as wraiths and a whole host of orcs substituting as several different things depending upon the needs of the room. One room, maybe the Orc Brutes are really just Drudges, but the next, they might be Scouts. So long as the PCs know what they're hitting, they don't seem to mind I'm recycling minis.

Oh, and the Ice Troll worked well as both a Cave Troll and Tusk.
Excellent article and I'm already searching for the mini's and dungeon tiles.

Let's hope there are more articles like this for the other adventures.

Yeah, I just hopped over to Popular Collections to pick up a few minis to round out what I'd need.

I really, REALLY hope more of these such articles are forthcoming. If I DM in the next couple of years for my new group I'm almost certain that I'd run the Scales of War path.

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