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I just rolled-up a 3rd lvl Elf Rogue and notice the AC calc on the character sheet was just plain wrong.

It gave me an AC of 15 calculated like this:

(10+ 1/2 Lvl) +11
(Armor/Ability) +4

Total__ +15

In reality it should be calculated like this:

(10+ 1/2 Lvl) +11
(18 Dex) +4
(Leather Armor) +2 Missing
(Armor Enchantment) +1 Missing
(Parrying Dagger) +1 Missing

Total______ +19

This is the first character I have tried making with the CB. Anyone else find problems with thier AC Calculations?

Did you equip these items? In the equipment tab there is a place (bottom right, next to the equipment list) to tell the CB what you are wearing and wielding. Then those are calculated into AC. It will also fill in your attack and damage for your powers with whatever is equiped.
You can also equip your items by double clicking them.
Mike Donais. Cryptozoic R&D
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