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Dungeon e-Magazine Master Index

In this thread I will attempt to index various elements that appear in the Dungeon e-zines for 4th edition. DMs often find it helpful to have extra monsters, extra magic items, extra NPCs and etc. but those great things are unfortunately often buried deep within adventures we have no interest in running, and thus may overlook (and undervalue the Dungeon magazine because of that).

All lot of this information is eventually handled by the Compendium, but at present that is primarily limited to items and monsters.

I compiled this list reading as little as possible of the adventures, in the hopes that I may someday play in them (and I just don't have that much time to read them for entertainment) so it is possible I have missed some things.

I will not make a similar thread for Dragon because I feel that magazine is basically clear in its presentation of game elements.

Monsters is just that, a list of Monsters which are not from the core Monster Manual and which may or may not be unique to the adventure. In the case where they appear only in the body of the adventure, I give page numbers where the stat blocks can be found. If the adventure contains an appendix including more information about the monster, such as lore and knowledge checks (like the Monster Manual entries) I will list only the pages of the Appendix.

NPCs-as-Monsters refers to an NPC that is written up to appear as a monster's stat block, typically normal PC races with class features (or close to class features) which make them ostensibly PC classes.

It is a slight distinction between named monsters, in that I include only those with obvious class-like features, such that a player could easily recognize "Hey, that guy is a Paladin!" or such. Lots of named monsters just have their own made-up monster abilities, and are not really modeled on PC powers.

If you are a player or will be a player in a certain adventure, I would recommend not opening the associated sblocks, particularly the NPCs-as-Monsters sblocks.

Most other categories should be self-explanatory. I am now including a section on the levels adventures are made for, as well as where to find them and a general overview based on a brief read-over.

For a similar project for Dragon e-zine, see this thread by Phaezen over at EN World: http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?t=239640

Adventures by Level
Note: Adventures typically assume a party of 5 characters.

Heroic Tier Adventures (1-10)
Level 1 – Rescue at Rivenroar (Scales of War 1), Dungeon 156, Page 4. By David Noonan.
Starts in Elsir Vale. Takes PCs to a dungeon under a mountain fortress to rescue kidnapped citizens.

Level 2 – Menace of the Icy Spire, Dungeon 159, Page 4. By Sean Molley.
Starts in Loudwater (FRCG starting town) in the Gray Vale. Takes PCs to an ice elemental-controlled tower to stop the spread of a magical winter.

Level 1-3 – Shadow of Kalarel (Keep on the Shadowfell Side Trek), Dungeon 155, Page 93. By Peter Schaefer.
Set around Winterhaven, a small town. A collection of 4 encounters which can flesh out Keep on the Shadowfell a bit more.

Level 3 – Remains of the Empire, Dungeon 165, Page 52. By Kolja Raven Liquette.
PCs try to remove a cult of Tiamat from the ruins of a crashed Dragonborn floating city. Several Dragonborn monsters.

Level 3 – Siege of Bordrin’s Watch (Scales of War 2), Dungeon 157, Page 4. By Robert J. Schwalb.
Starts in Elsir Vale. Takes PCs into a monster-filled ancient monastery to stop a horde’s approach.

Level 3 – Storm Tower, Dungeon 166, Page 50. By Christopher Perkins.
Starts in the DMG default town of Fallcrest. PCs travel to a ruin and recover an evil “artifact” before a cult. Feels somewhat unpolished.

Level 3 – The Tariff of Relkingham, Dungeon 158, Page 83. By Eytan Bernstein.
Starts in a normalish town. Takes PCs to a cult-dominated town to defeat the evil plots of its leader. 3 Social Skill Challenges (lots of talking).

Level 4 – Heathen, Dungeon 155, Page 29. By Scott Fitzgerald Gray.
Starts in a remote frontier territory. Takes PCs to a ruined temple to fight a demon cult.

Level 4 – The Shadow Rift of Umbraforge (Scales of War 3), Dungeon 158, Page 4. By Scott Fitzgerald Gray.
Starts in Elsir Vale. Takes PCs to a town in the Shadowfell plane.

Levels 4-6 – Echoes of Thunderspire Labyrinth (Thunderspire Labyrinth Side Trek), Dungeon 156, Page 112. By Greg Bilsland.
Starts in general area of Thunderspire Labyrinth. Takes PCs to various small locations.

Level 6 – The Lost Mines of Karak (Scales of War 4), Dungeon 159, Page 56. By Greg. A. Vaughan with James Larrison.
Starts in town of Overlook in the Elsir Vale. Takes PCs across the Thornwastes to an ancient dwarven mine under a desert, where they defeat the inhabitant(s) and then report back.

Level 7 – Danger at the White Lotus Academy, Dungeon 165, Page 78. By Peter Schaefer.
PCs stop a magical creature from taking over a magic academy. PCs travel through the campus and deal with several magical problems and creatures. Pretty short adventure.

Level 7 – Den of the Destroyer (Scales of War 5), Dungeon 160, Page 14. By Rodney Thompson.
Starts in Brindol. Takes PCs to an ancient Githzerai fortress to stop a horde of Gnolls and close a gate to the Elemental Chaos. Lots of Gnolls.

Level 7 – Heart of the Forbidden Forge, Dungeon 167, Page 4. By Luke Johnson
Set in Eberron, after the events of the published adventure “Seekers of the Ashen Crown.” PCs travel to the outskirts of the Mournland to a creation forge, and must liberate it from the monsters who plan to use it for their own purposes.

Level 8 – Dungeon Delve: Return of the Poisoned Shadows, Page 26. By Greg Marks.
Short followup to the “Poisoned Shadows” delve from the book Dungeon Delve. Takes place in the sewer as the party tracks down

Level 8 – Massacre at Fort Dolor, Dungeon 157, Page 82. By Shawn Merwin.
Set in a town in a cold, mountainous region on the outskirts of a country. Takes PCs to determine what’s wrong with the town, and fight against Devils and close a portal.

Level 8 – Sleeper in the Tomb of Dreams
, Dungeon 155, Page 60. By Matthew Sernett.
Starts along a road. Takes PCs into a forest in pursuit of a stolen body and a fight against cultists.

Level 8 – The Last Breaths of Ashenport, Dungeon 156, Page 70. By Ari Marmell.
Starts in a (secretly cult-dominated) town on a coast. PCs fight a strange cult.

Level 8-10 – House of Pain, Dungeon 163, Page 27. By Jennifer Clarke Wilkes.
Side Trek: Find the cause of Eladrin disappearances and stop the Shadar-kai cult responsible.

Level 9 – The Temple Between (Scales of War 6), Dungeon 161, Page 14. By Ari Marmell.
PCs must uncover a conspiracy in the town of Overlook, and then follow it to an ancient Dwarven temple to Moradin before returning to defend the town from attack. Said to go start taking characters into the Paragon tier.

Level 10 – Fist of Mourning (Scales of War 6.5), Dungeon 162, Page 4. By Robert J. Schwalb.
Set in the world of Scales of War (Overlook, Bordrin’s Watch etc.). Takes PCs to the hidden mountain hideout of a crazy cult worshipping Slaads, to stop them.

Level 10 – Touch of Madness (Tear of Ioun 1), Dungeon 161, Page 72. By Robert J. Schwalb.
Starts in Wellspring, a small town. Takes PCs to a ruined tower of Ioun in search of an artifact. The artifact is also being sought by aberrations, and is guarded by opposing adventurers.

Paragon Tier Adventures (11-20)
Level 11 – Beyond the Mottled Tower (Scales of War 7), Dungeon 163, Page 12. By Creighton Broadhurst, Bruce R. Cordell, and David Noonan.
PCs must stop a plot to destroy the world with elemental “Blood Chaos” (like lava) and defeat the villain behind it. Features some nice lava-themed fighting areas.

Level 11 – Beyond the Trollhaunt (King of the Trollhaunt Warrens Side Treks), Dungeon 160, Page 4. By Logan Bonner.
Additional encounters which can be added to the published adventure book. Has lots of trolls.

Level 11 - Depths of Madness (Tear of Ioun 2), Dungeon 162, Page 62. by Robert J. Schwalb
The danger to Wellspring has not abated, and it's up to the characters to delve deep beneath the town's streets to uncover the truth of the Tear of Ioun. Takes place in and below a town as the PCs uncover a plot. To sum it up in one word: Aberrations.

Level 12 – Haven of the Bitter Glass (Scales of War 8), Dungeon 164, Page 36. By Kevin Kulp.
Starts in Overlook; Takes PCs to a Githzerai vs. Githyanki battleground (on the Githzerai side) and then to the city of Sayre to stop a well-positioned spy. Lots of Githyanki to fight and some long social skill challenges.

Level 12 – The Haunting of Kincep Mansion, Dungeon 156, Page 46. By Skip Williams.
Starts around outskirts of a town or city. Takes PCs to a haunted and monster infested house.

Level 12 – Worse Than Death, Dungeon 164, Page 4. By Robert J. Schwalb.
Starts anywhere. PCs track down a missing caravan to locate a person, and must follow to a dungeon deep in the forest that's filled with horror-themed monsters to locate him.

Level 13 - Brink of Madness (Tear of Ioun 3), Dungeon 163, Page 50. by Robert J. Schwalb
As the wizard Malachi finalizes his plans to unleash the horrors of the Far Realms on the world, the adventurers race to stop his further corruption.

Level 13 – Dark Heart of Mithrendain, Dungeon 157, Page 104. By Greg Marks.
Set in the Feywild city of Mithrendain (discussed in Dragon 366). PCs root out corruption on the city council and stop what’s behind it.

Level 13 – In the Depths of Avarice, Dungeon 157, Page 56. By Tim Hitchcock.
Set around a town with a mine. Takes PCs into the mine to stop a cult.

Level 13 – Ruins of Starmantle, Dungeon 161, Page 4. By Bruce R. Cordell.
This is not an adventure but a “side trek,” which consists of exactly one encounter with several Plague-changed ghouls. Serves as a sort of advertisement for the novel "Plague of Spells."

Level 14 – Alliance at Nefelus (Scales of War 9), Dungeon 165, Page 4. By Chris Tulach.
PCs break through a blockade and make a deal with suspicious islanders to help them in return for cooperation. Takes PCs into a giant hollow glacier, with lots of ice monsters.

Level 15 – Sea Reavers of the Shrouded Crags, Dungeon 158, Page 54. By Logan Bonner.
Starts in any coastal area. Takes the party above and below the sea.

Level 15 – Throne of the Stone-Skinned King (Scales of War 10), Dungeon 166, Page 4. By Logan Bonner.
Takes PCs to the Feywild. PCs get involved in the local politics while chasing off enemy forces from the real world who are also there. Pretty hard to explain really. Lots of social skill challenges.

Level 17 – Garaitha’s Anvil (Scales of War 11), Dungeon 167, Page 35. By Scott Fitzgerald Gray.
Very convoluted. Starts in a hidden Githyanki temple near Elsir Vale, then takes to the Planes where the PCs disrupt an invasion force, then to an astral shipyard to take down an enemy admiral and steal his magic key to a portal system. Interesting terrain.

Level 18 – Summer’s End, Dungeon 160, Page 91. By Bill Slavicsek.
A sample “Dungeon Delve,” this is not really an adventure as much as a series of encounters in a dungeon. The beginning of the “adventure” is described, but the monsters and skill challenges presented are not statted out. Takes PCs into the complex of a deranged Eladrin lord, where they fight her Fey minions along the way.

Epic Tier Adventures (21-30)
Level 21 – Ziggurat Beyond Time, Dungeon 159, Page 23. By Dave Noonan.
Starts wherever you want it to. Takes the PCs to an ancient pyramid in a jungle. PCs must defeat a force from the Far Realm intent on destroying the world with the aid of an artifact. Aberration and Undead heavy.

Level 22 – Winter of the Witch, Dungeon 162, Page 27. By Stephen Radney-MacFarland.
Starts when PCs are called back to Winterhaven (generic town in Scales of War world) by an old acquaintance. Takes PCs on a long search for an artifact and eventually to wield it against the Winter Witch archfey in her snowy mountain lair.

Level 25 – Tomb of the Sand King’s Daughter, Dungeon 160, Page 55. By Ari Marmell.
PCs enter a giant dungeon maze with the goal of venturing to the bottom to defeat an Ancient Brown Dragon and claim its treasure. Lots and lots of traps.

Dungeon 155
New Monsters
Keep on the Shadowfell FR Conversion
Ninaran the Elf Archer {Pseudo-Ranger} (Elf, fey), Level 4 Artillery, Page 17

Bairwin the Cult Leader (Human), Level 3 Controller, Page 12
Human Thug (Human), Level 1 Minion, Page 7
Human Ruffian (Human), Level 2 Skirmisher, Page 7
Dark Servants (Human) Level 2 Skirmisher, Page 12
Human Mercenary (Human), Level 3 Soldier, Page 7

Shadow Wolf (Shadow Beast), Level 3 Lurker, Page 16

Sightless Reaper (Shadow Humanoid), Level 3 Soldier, Page 12

Keep on the Shadowfell Eberron Conversion
Ironteeth the Dolgrim (Aberrant Humanoid), Level 3 Elite Skirmisher, Page 24

Dolgaunt Warrior (Aberrant Humanoid), Level 3 Soldier, Page 28

Ninaran the Dusk Hag Archer (Fey), Level 3 Artillery, Page 26

Heathen Adventure
Death Cultist Mage (Human), Level 5 Artillery, Page 48
Advanced Human Berserker (Human), Level 5 Brute, Page 56

Dajani the Tiefling Darkblade (Tielfing), Level 4 Solo Lurker, Page 49

Naarash the Barlgura (Demon), Level 8 Solo Brute, Page 59

Advanced Hobgoblin Warcaster (Goblin), Level 5 Controller, Page 57

Steel Keeper (Construct), Level 6 Controller, Page 54

Sleeper in the Tomb of Dreams Adventure
The Seer (Human), Level 4 Brute, Page 87
(Level Reduced) Human Lackey (Human), Level 6 Minion, Page 84

Volkanth the Tiefling (Tiefling), Level 11 Controller (Leader), Page 80
Tiefling Shadowblade (Tiefling), Level 6 Skirmisher, Page 80

Arcane Ballista (Construct), Level 6 Artillery, Page 68
Reaper Wraith Eidolon (Construct), Level 10 Skirmisher (Leader), Page 85

Beholder Zombie (Undead), Level 8 Elite Brute, Page 88
Skeletal Warhorse (Undead), Level 5 Brute, Page 68
Lost Wraith (Undead), Level 8 Lurker, Page 88
Hanged One (Undead), Level 6 Minion, Page 86
Tortured Skeleton (Undead), Level 6 Minion, Page 87

Shadow of Kalarel (Keep on the Shadowfell extra encounters)
Hobgoblin Subcommander (Goblin), Level 3 Soldier (Leader), Page 96

Kobold Pikeman (Reptile), Level 2 Brute, Page 94
Kobold Hurler (Reptile), Level 2 Artillery, Page 95

Maw (Undead), Level 3 Controller (Leader), Page 98
Zombie Soldier (Undead), Level 2 Soldier, Page 99

New Skill Challenges
Heathen Adventure
Follow an NPC’s trail across the borderlands; Level 5, Difficulty 5, 1,000XP; page 32
Discreetly gather information from cultists; Level 5, Difficulty 3, 600XP; page 44

Sleeper in the Tomb of Dreams Adventure
Try to sleep with cursed nightmares; Level 8, Complexity 2, 1050XP (normally should be 650 for that level/complexity); sidebar page 70

New Traps and Hazards
Sleeper in the Tomb of Dreams Adventure
Blade Bridge, Level 8 Blaster, Page 89
Frost Jet Door Trap, Level 8 Blaster, Page 72
Wrecking Eye, Level 8 Blaster, Page 90

Falling Iron Portcullis, Level 7 Obstacle, Page 85

Noose Trap, Level 2 Elite Warder, Page 73

Interesting Terrain Features
Keep on the Shadowfell FR Conversion
Tables (High tables; small characters can walk under and gain Cover, can be flipped over with a Standard Action to grant Cover for a standing creature or Superior Cover for a Prone creature.), Page 7

Rug (Adjacent character can make a DC 10 Strength Check to pull it up, and creatures on the rug must make DC 15 Acrobatics checks or fall Prone.), Page 7

Carpet (A magical carpet; Followers of the appropriate deity {Shar in this case} gain a +1 bonus to all Defenses while on it. DC 15 Arcana check to notice its properties. If removed from the shrine it is in, it loses all power.), Page 13

Closet (A closet; Open or close the door with a Minor Action, closing it while you’re inside blocks line of effect and line of sight.), Page 17

Table and Chairs (Smaller table than the earlier one; Tables and chairs are Difficult Terrain. Can flip over table as a Move Action to grant Cover to standing, Superior Cover to Prone creatures.), Page 17

Windows (Windows with shutters; Windows provide Cover, can open or close shutters as Minor Action. A creature can climb through a window with a Move Action, but that provokes an OA from adjacent creatures.), Page 17

Tents (Large pavilion tents; Can be opened from any side. One side provides Cover, 2 provide Superior Cover.), Page 35

Fallen Tent (Collapsed tent; Counts as Difficult Terrain.), Page 35

Window (Small shuttered window; Perception checks made through the shutters take -5 penalty. Can open as Free Action from the inside, or DC 13 Strength check Minor Action to pull open from outside. Open window provides Superior Cover. Two squares of movement to go through an open window.), Page 37, 47

Curtains (Heavy wool curtains hanging from the ceiling; Provide Total Concealment, can be pulled down with DC 8 Strength check.), Page 37

Crates (5 foot high stack of crates; Grants Cover. Can be climbed with DC 5 Athletics check.), Page 37

Bed (High bed; Provides Cover, takes 2 squares of movement to hop onto the bed, can tip it over with DC 15 Strength check to gain Superior Cover.), Page 37

Table and Desk (Same mechanics for both; Small creature can go under to gain Cover, 2 squares of movement to hop onto a table or desk, DC 10 Strength check to flip over for Superior Cover.), Page 37

Trees (Gnarled Spruce trees; Trunks provide cover, foliage grants Total Concealment and is Difficult Terrain. Can climb with a DC 10 Athletics check.), Page 38

Foundation Pit (A 5ft large pit. Two squares of movement to hop down to the bottom.), Page 38

Rubble Slope (Pile of gravel and scree; Creatures going down the slope must make DC 18 Acrobatics check or fall Prone at the bottom.), Page 38

Trees (Close-growing conifers; Grant Total Concealment, entering the foliage takes DC 10 Athletics check, Difficult Terrain.), Page 46

Burning Buildings (Burning buildings; Fire spreads at a rate of 1 square per round in direction of DM’s choosing. Creatures passing through flames take 3d6 fire damage per round.), Page 47

Smoke (Haze of acrid smoke within 5 squares of burning buildings; A creature ending its turn in a square of smoke must make a Saving Throw or be Dazed.), Page 47

Boulders (Chunks of fractured stone; Provide Cover. Can jump over with a DC 5 Athletics check as part of a move, or else they are Difficult Terrain to walk over.), Page 49

The Blacksnake (Boat moored and bobbing on a river; DC 10 Athletics check to jump onto the boat from shore, DC 5 Athletics to jump from boat back on to the shore. Failed checks indicate successful jump, but land Prone.), Page 49

Armor (The remains of destroyed animated suits of armor (Steel Keepers specifically); Difficult Terrain, and if a creature moves through or ends its turn in an affected square, it is subject to a +8 vs. Ref attack for 1d4 damage and Prone, as the armor pieces fly around and try to hit them. Doesn’t attack living {Steel Keeper} constructs), Page 54

Black Curtains (Tattered draperies; provide Total Concealment, can pull down with DC 5 Strength check), Page 55

Fountains (Wide, 6 feet tall basins; DC 10 Athletics to climb into/over them, and Small creatures can gain Cover if they are inside.), Page 55

Ruined Walls (Thin, crumbling stone floor to ceiling walls; Large creatures can push through them, knocking them down onto the other side for a +8 vs. Ref, 1d8 damage attack. The creature takes 5 damage for walking through the wall. The following round on the pushing creature’s Initiative, the ceiling partially collapses to attack adjacent squares, +12 vs. Ref, 3d8 damage or 1d8 damage on a miss, and creating Difficult Terrain.), Page 55

Fissure (10 foot deep fissure; DC 20 Athletics to jump, DC 10 with a running start. Characters entering take 1d6 damage, and must make DC 18 Acrobatics or Athletics check to climb out.), Page 59

Sleeper in the Tomb of Dreams
Wagons (Wagons with horses; if a horse is injured, it runs forward regardless of anything in its way), Page 79

Ice (ice covered creek; Difficult Terrain, and the ice takes damage from both attacks directly against it and area attacks; if a section takes 15 points of damage it breaks, creating a Hole in the Ice – See below), Page 81

Holes in the Ice
(holes in the ice over a freezing creek; falling in takes 1d6 Ongoing Cold Damage and Move or Standard action to climb out. The area around a hole requires a DC 15 Acrobatics check or fall Prone, a failure of 5 or more means the creature falls into the hole.), Page 81

The Stargazer
(A carved stone “face” in the ground; the mouth is open and is a pit trap, see below. The eyes are small hollows, and a creature standing in one gains Cover.), Page 83

Mouth (a pit leading 70 feet down to iron spikes; a fall deals 8d10 damage, but counts as a deadly distance. A falling creature can make a DC 20 Acrobatics check to grab a hanging rope if they have a free hand to stop the fall.), Page 83

Swirling Eyes (A creature exiting or ending a turn inside an affected square must make a DC 15 Acrobatics check or fall Prone), Page 86

Blood Rain
(Necromancy charged blood falling from a face in the ceiling; Non-cult members take 1d6 Necrotic damage, and Ongoing 5 Necrotic damage (save ends). Apparently take additional 5 Necrotic for each square you enter if more than one in a round. Cannot save against the Ongoing damage until you leave the area.), Page 91

Shadow of Kalarel (KotS Side Trek)
Grave Markers (Smallish grave markers; grant Cover but do not hinder movement.), Page 98

The Shrine (Easily destroyed small shrine; destructible, and offerings in front of it count as difficult terrain.), Page 98

New Magic Items
Sleeper in the Tomb of Dreams
Dreamstone Amulet (skills, cure blindness), Level 12+ Neck, Page 74
Dreamstone Weapon (can attack Will Def 1/day), Level 12+ Weapon, Page 74

Keep on the Shadowfell Eberron Conversion
Valthrun, Human Wizard, Level 5 Artillery, Page 27

Heathen Adventure
Jaryn, Human Paladin of Bane, Level 8 Elite Soldier, Page 58

Dungeon 156
New Monsters
Rescue at Rivenroar
Hobgoblin Chieftain (Spiked Chain Fighter) (Goblin), Level 2 Solo Soldier, Page 41

The Haunting of Kincep Mansion
Archer Statue (Construct), Level 12 Artillery, Page 61
Animated Carriage (Construct), Level 12 Solo Brute, Page 60
Grasping Statue (Construct), Level 13 Controller, Page 58
Leaping Statue (Construct), Level 10 Skirmisher, Page 59
Guardian Statue (Construct), Level 12 Soldier, Page 62

Vicious Dire Wolves (Natural Beast, Mount), Level 7 Skirmisher, Page 54

Werewolf Lord (Shapechanger), Level 12 Brute (Leader), Page 57
Werewolf Archer {Pseudo-Ranger} (Shapechanger), Level 13 Elite Skirmisher (Leader), Page 52

Abyssal Ghoul Pack Leader (Undead), Level 12 Elite Skirmisher, Page 64
Greater Ghoul (Undead), Level 10 Soldier, Page 63

The Last Breath of Ashenport
Thuggish Cultists, (Human?), Level 8 Brute, Page 90
Mystic Cultists (Human), Level 8 Controller, Page 90
Sharallan the Cult of Dagon Priestess (Human?), Level 8 Elite Controller, Page 94

Modified Gibbering Mouther (Aberrant), Level 10 Controller, Page 101

Horrid Timber, Elemental Animate (Demon, Plant), Level 10 Solo Soldier, Page 105

Althanis the High Priest of Dagon’s Cult (Elemental Humanoid), Level 9 Elite Controller (Leader), Page 97
Fish-Men of Dagon Slayer (Elemental Humanoid, Amphibious), Level 9 Lurker, Page 92
Fish-Men of Dagon Warrior (Elemental Humanoid, Amphibious), Level 9 Skirmisher, Page 91

Guardian Demon (Elemental Humanoid, Demon), Level 11 Soldier, Page 103

Voice of Dagon, (Elemental Magical Beast, Demon), Level 12 Elite Artillery, Page 104
Tendril of Dagon, Med. (Elemental Beast), Level 10 Controller, Page 102
Wrath of Dagon (Elemental Magical Beast), Level 10 Solo Soldier, Page 99

Thunderspire Labyrinth Forgotten Realms Conversion
Kedhira the Duergar Swordmage (Dwarf, Devil), Level 5 Soldier, Page 109

Minotaur Skeleton (Undead), Level 6 Soldier, Page 120

New Skill Challenges
Rescue at Rivenroar
Gain assistance from an NPC (Social); Level 1, Complexity 2, 200XP; page 16
Interrogate a captive (Social); Level 1, Complexity 2, 200XP, page 17
Track goblins to their mountain lair; Level 1, Complexity 3, 300XP; page 18
Travel between 2 known towns; Level 1, Complexity 1, 100XP, sidebar page 20

The Haunting of Kincep Mansion
Interrogate a captured monster for specific information (Social); Level 12, Complexity 2, (1400XP); ‘Development’ page 49

The Last Breath of Ashenport
Questioning Cultist Townsfolk (Social); Level 8, Complexity 1, (350XP); sidebar page 79
Questioning Cultists in Temple (Social); Level 8, Complexity 1, (350XP); sidebar page 82

Thunderspire Labyrinth (H2) Realms Conversion
Pass a specter’s test (Social); Level ?, Complexity 2, ?XP; page 110

New Traps
The Haunting of Kincep Mansion
Field of Snares, Level 6 Lurker, Page 55

The Last Breath of Ashenport
Phantasmal Maw, Level 10 Elite Lurker, Page 96
Venomous Floor, Level 10 Elite Obstacle, Page 96
Burning Adhesive, Level 9 Warder, Page 100

Echoes of Thunderspire Labyrinth

Cresset Trap, Level 5 Blaster, Page 118

New Magic Items
Echoes of Thunderspire Labyrinth
Shield of Speed and Evasion, (regain powers when hit), Level 4, Page 117

The Haunting of Kincep Mansion
Jaccobux Kincep, Ghost Wizard (Undead), Level 12 Elite Artillery

Dungeon 157

New Monsters
Siege at Bordrin’s Watch
Arbalester (Homunculus, Construct), Level 4 Artillery, Page 43

Cave Troll (Large Natural Humanoid), Level 7 Brute, Page 54

Dark One Emissary (Shadow Humanoid), Level 5 Lurker, Page 45

Orc Bolt Thrower (Orc), Level 1 Artillery, Page 52
Orc Bombardier (Orc), Level 1 Artillery, Page 52
Orog Scarred Champion (Orc), Level 4 Brute, Page 54
Orc Witch Doctor (Orc), Level 2 Controller, Page 52
Orc Freak (Orc), Level 2 Skirmisher, Page 53
Orc Scout (Orc), Level 3 Skirmisher, Page 52
Og the Orog Hero (Orc), Level 6 Elite Soldier, Page 37
Orc Sergeant (Orc), Level 3 Soldier (Leader), Page 53
Orog Militant (should be Orc), Level 3 Soldier, Page 52
Tusk the Orog Chieftain (Should be Orc), Level 5 Elite Soldier (Should have Leader Keyword), Page 50

In the Depths of Avarice
Note: Adventure was written without full rules (disclaimer on page 81).
Cultist Warlock (Human); Level 8 Artillery, Page 78
Twisted Foulmaw {Pseudo-Warlock} (Human); Level 11 Elite Artillery, Page 81
Twisted Hulk (Large Human); Level 12 Brute, Page 81
Twisted Shardmaster (Human); Level 10 Minion, Page 80
Twisted One Minion (Human); Level 12 Minion, Page 78
Cultist Thug (Human); Level 8 Skirmisher, Page 75
Twisted One Pickfighter (Human); Level 12 Skirmisher; Page 69, 78
Valmour the Twisted One (Human); Level 12 Elite Soldier (Leader), Page 81

Twisted Destrachan (Large Aberrant Magical Beast, Blind); Level 10 Artillery, Page 71

Bone Naga Guardian (Large Immortal Magical Beast, Undead); Level 12 Elite Controller, Page 74
Boneclaw Guardian (Large Shadow Animate, Undead); Level 12 Soldier, Page 76

Massacre at Fort Dolor
Human Cultist Archers (Human); Level 3 Artillery, Page 97
Human Cultist (Human); Level 6 Minion, Page 101
Captain Rivence the Commander of Garrison Troops (Human); Level 7 Elite Soldier, Page 95
Human Veteran (Human); Level 6 Soldier, Page 93

Dark Heart of Mithrendain
Eladrin Twilight Enforcer (Fey, Eladrin); Level 12 Controller, Page 116
Saffrenia Movrymm {Pseudo-Wizard/Cleric} (Fey, Eladrin); Level 13 Controller (Leader), Page 112, 116
Eladrin Blackguard (Fey, Eladrin); Level 12 Soldier (Leader), Page 116
Dresyae Tlathlyn the corrupt Eladrin council member (Fey, Eladrin); Level 12 Elite Soldier (Leader), Page 128

Quickling Renegade (Small Fey Humanoid, Quickling); Level 10 Skirmisher, Page 121

Feyborn Constrictor (Large Natural Beast, Fey, Reptile); Level 9 Elite Soldier, Page 124

Massive Shambling Mound (Large Fey Animate Plant); Level 14 Brute, Page 122
Massive Stormrage Shambler (Large Fey Animate Plant); Level 15 Elite Controller, Page 122

New Skill Challenges
Siege of Bordrin’s Watch
Negotiate terms of adventuring contract (Social); Level 3, Complexity 2, (300XP); ‘Slow Start’ page 9
Navigate mountains while heading to a monastery; Level 3, Complexity 1, (150XP); page 27
Find a system of tunnels deep in a mountain; Level 3, Complexity 2, (300XP); page 40

In the Depths of Avarice
Note: Adventure was written without full rules (disclaimer on page 81).
Gather information from frightened miners about disappearances (Social); Level 12, Complexity 1 (700XP), Page 59

Pseudo Skill Challenge: Pursue crazy miners in mine cart chase, including mine cart-to-mine cart combat rules, Page 78

Massacre at Fort Dolor
Gather information from an unfriendly town (Social); Level 8, Complexity 2 (700XP)

Dark Heart of Mithrendain
Interview/Investigate 4 Eladrin nobles suspected of corruption/treason while attending a party (Social); Level 12, Complexity 4 (2,800XP with chances for additional XP). Note: The adventure describes this as really 4 separate skill challenges rolled into one.

New Traps and Hazards
Siege at Bordrin’s Watch
Raging Fire, Level 2 Blaster, Page 37

In the Depths of Avarice
Note: Adventure was written without full rules (disclaimer on page 81).
Collapsing Tunnel, Level 13 Lurker, Page 62
Cave-In, Level 13 Lurker, Page 71
Collapsing Tracks, Level 9 Warder, Page 67

New Disease:
Twisted Domination, Level 12 Disease. Basically a curse that makes you protect a location and attack friends. Page 64

Massacre at Fort Dolor
Hellfire Spout; Level 8 Blaster, Page 99

Dark Heart of Mithrendain
Pseudo Traps/Hazards (Not actual encounter components, but interesting terrain features):

Pseudo Hazards:
Fey Fog (Party wanders in otherworldly fog which produces random effects); Page 106-107

Wishing Pool (Like a wishing fountain that grants random boon if you leave an item, or a random curse if you take an item, no effect if you leave and take similar valued item); Effects listed on Sidebar Page 110, and pool is described in area L4 Page 111.

Iron Grate covering tunnel entrance; Features of the Area, Page 121
Pulley; Features of the Area, Page 121
(Dangerous) Vegetation; Features of the Area, Page 122
River Chasm; Features of the Area, Page 126
Rock Bridge covered with slime; Features of the Area, Page 126

Stacked Crates in warehouse; Features of the Area, Page 121
Bags of Flour; Features of the Area, Page 121

New Rituals
Dark Heart of Mithrendain
Planar Key (similar to Linked Portal ritual); Level 13 (Travel), Arcana, Just Rewards sidebar, Page 111

Siege at Bordrin’s Watch
Ragnum Dourstone, Dwarf Cleric, Level 3 Controller, Page 25
Kalad the Paladin, Dwarf Paladin, Level 4 Elite Soldier, Page 38

Sylen Leafrunner, Elf Ranger, Level 3 Skirmisher, Page 25

Madrick, Gnome Rogue, Level 3 Skirmisher, Page 26

Ghena Tenson, Human Wizard, Level 3 Controller, Page 26
Rufus Crumley, Human Wizard (?), Level 9 Elite Controller, Page 17
Megan Swiftblade, Human Fighter, Level 3 Soldier, Page 24

Myrissa, Shadar-Kai Warlock, Level 2 Elite Skirmisher, Page 51

In the Depths of Avarice
Note: Adventure was written without full rules (disclaimer on page 81).
Elbon D’yingor {Pseudo-Warlock cult leader} (Human); Level 13 Elite Controller (Leader), Page 77

Dark Heart of Mithrendain
[SIZE="1"]Xixxit the Quickling Rogue (Small Fey Humanoid, Quickling); Level 10 Elite Skirmisher, Page 121

Dungeon 158
New Monsters
The Shadow Rift of Umbraforge
Shadowgoblin Snarler (Medium Natural Humanoid – I suspect it should be a Shadow Humanoid Goblin); Level 5 Artillery, Page 36
Shadowgoblin Mauler (Medium Shadow Humanoid – I suspect it should be a Shadow Humanoid Goblin); Level 8 Minion, Page 36

Shadar-Kai Battle Champion (Medium Shadow Humanoid, Shadar-Kai); Level 8 Elite Soldier, Page 49

Dark Haunter (Small Shadow Humanoid, Dark One); Level 6 Lurker, Page 42
Shadowborn Stalker (Small Shadow Humanoid, Dark One); Level 7 Elite Lurker, Page 21, 36

Seething Wraith (Medium Shadow Humanoid, Undead); Level 7 Controller, Page 22

Ogre Umbral Savage (Altered Ogre Savage, Large Natural Humanoid); Level 5 Brute, Page 32
Ogre Umbral Skirmisher (Level Reduced Ogre Skirmisher, Large Natural Humanoid); Level 5 Skirmisher, Page 31

Death Boar (Huge Natural Beast, Mount); Level 6 Elite Brute, Page 36

Shadow Beetle (Large Shadow Beast); Level 5 Controller, Page 46
Umbral Panther (Medium Shadow Beast); Level 6 Lurker, Page 49

Sea Reavers of the Shrouded Crags
Human Sniper (Human); Level 15 Artillery, Page 63
Psychic Mage (Human?); Level 15 Controller (Leader), Page 79
Human Archer Minion (Human); Level 13 Minion, Page 79
Human Soldier Minion (Human); Level 15 Minion, Page 82
Human Blademaster (Human); Level 13 Elite Skirmisher, Page 63

Dwarf Dark Arcanist {Pseudo-Warlock} (Dwarf); Level 14 Artillery, Page 77
Dwarf Buccaneer (Dwarf); Level 14 Skirmisher, Page 77

Minotaur Mercenary (Minotaur); Level 15 Soldier, Page 79

Kuo-Toa Piranha Shaman (Aquatic, Kuo-Toa); Level 16 Artillery, Page 73

Water Archon Wavecrasher (Medium Elemental Humanoid, Aquatic, Water); Level 15 Brute, Page 75

Dire Piranha Swarm (Medium Natural Beast, Aquatic, Swarm); Level 17 Skirmisher, Page 73

The Tariff of Relkingham
Vecnite Mage (Human); Level 4 Artillery, Page 98
Avonathemon the Cult Leader {Evil Priest} (Human?); Level 4 Elite Controller, Page 103
Vecnite Thug (Human); Level 2 Skirmisher, Page 98, 102

New Skill Challenges
The Shadow Rift of Umbraforge
Canvas a city looking for information about a person, and receive mostly prefab rumors (Social); Level 4, Complexity 4, 700XP; Page 11

Canvas a city looking for information, and receive prefab rumors (Social); Level 6, Complexity 4 (1,000XP), Page 27

Configure a magic portal to function for the party, Level 7, Complexity 1 (300XP), Page 50

Sea Reavers of the Shrouded Crags
Find a Kuo-Toa lair under the sea; Level 15, Complexity 1 (1,200XP), Page 64

Trick raiders into thinking that you’re really on their side (Social/Physical); Level 15, Complexity 4 (4,800XP), Page 57

Sneak into a city and make your way inside a castle; Level 16, Complexity 1 (1,400XP), Page 78

Rescue people from a sinking submersible; Level 16, Complexity 5 (7,000XP), Page 71

The Tariff of Relkingham
“Initial Negotiation: The Mayor”; Negotiate for more money and supplies from a prospective employer (Social); Level 3, Complexity 2 (500XP), Page 87

“Negotiation: Founder Neelani”; Convince a religious leader to change her mind (Social); Level 3, Complexity 4 (500XP), Page 88

“Distrustful Villagers”; Convince “angry” villager mob to let you go without a fight (Social); Level 3, Complexity 5 (806XP) Note: normally a challenge of that level/complexity should be 750XP. It is giving more to account for the higher gains of actually fighting, so that both options grant the same XP reward.

New Traps and Hazards
The Shadow Rift of Umbraforge
Shadow Dart Wall (like a Poison Dart Wall, but Necrotic); Level 6 Blaster, Page 40

Sea Reavers of the Shrouded Crags
Rock Flinger (targets damaged and dazed); Level 14 Blaster, Page 67

Underwater Vortex (targets pulled in, damaged, and slowed); Level 13 Obstacle, Page 66

Mind-Control Pillars (Psychic damage, and penalty to hit specific NPC); Level 15 Warder, Page 81

Interesting Terrain Features
Sea Reavers of the Shrouded Crags
Coal-filled Brazier (Str vs. AC for ongoing 10 fire damage), Page 63

Colonnade (Large stone columns set up like bars, Acrobatics DC 20 to pass), Page 63

5 foot deep murky pool (DC 10 Athletics, lightly obscured vision), Page 68

5ft tall ridge (DC 15 Athletics to climb), Page 68

Small jail cell (DC 25 Thievery or DC 16 Strength to open), Page 68

Submersible’s hatch (DC 25 Strength to open), Page 74, 76

3ft high dais (1 extra square to step up, or jump Athletics DC 30, or 15 with running start), Page 82

New Magic Items
Sea Reavers of the Shrouded Crags
Moonlight Lavaliere (Neck), Daily – any creature attacking you takes -2, and if they hit, are Dazed until start of your next turn, Level 18, Page 68

The Shadow Rift of Umbraforge
Reniss, Half-Elf Ranger, Level 4 “Striker” (Skirmisher), Page 12
Note: Reniss’ Shadow Wasp Strike should be against Reflex, as per the errata.

Sea Reavers of the Shrouded Crags
Prine, the Half-Elf {Pseudo-Wizard}; Level 16 Elite Controller, Page 76

Mallum the Halfling {Pseudo-Rogue}; Level 17 Elite Lurker, Page 76

Gondra, the Human? {Pseudo-Rogue}; Level 17 Elite Skirmisher (Leader), Page 82

New Vehicles
Sea Reavers of the Shrouded Crags
Morn’s Quarrel (Gargantuan Vehicle); 2 pilots, 2 additional crew required; attack submarine (? gp), Page 60

Dwarven Submersible (Huge Vehicle); 1 pilot, 1 additional crew required; attack submarine (65,000gp), Page 60

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Dungeon 159
New Monsters
Menace of the Icy Spire
Frost Goblin Sharpshooter (Goblin, Cold); Level 2 Artillery, Page 10
Frost Goblin Hexer (Goblin, Cold); Level 3 Elite Controller (Leader), Page 10
Frost Goblin Cutter (Goblin, Cold); Level 1 Minion, Page 10

Ice Warrior Icicle Hurler (Medium Elemental Animate, Cold); Level 2 Artillery, Page 18
Ice Warrior Frostling (Medium Elemental Animate, Cold); Level 4 Controller (Leader), Page 19
Ice Warrior Shardling (Medium Elemental Animate, Cold); Level 1 Minion, Page 19
Ice Warrior Raider (Medium Elemental Animate, Cold); Level 2 Soldier, Page 18

(Level Reduced) Iron Defender (Construct, Homunculus), Level 2 Soldier, Page 17

Spirit of Winter (Large Fey Humanoid, Cold); Level 3 Solo Brute, Page 21

Ziggurat Beyond Time
Sebacean Gorger (Large Aberrant Magical Beast); Level 22 Brute, Page 51 (Index)
Sebacean Gleaner (Large Aberrant Magical Beast); Level 23 Controller, Page 50 (Index)
Sebacean Glider (Large Aberrant Magical Beast); Level 20 Skirmisher, Page 28
Sebacean Guardian (Large Aberrant Magical Beast); Level 21 Soldier, Page 51 (Index)

Sebacean Mutant Nightwalker (Large Aberrant Humanoid, Undead); Level 21 Elite Brute, Page 49
Sebacean Mutant Ape (Medium Aberrant Beast); Level 18 Minion, Page 52 (Index)
Sebacean Mutant Chuul (Huge Aberrant Beast, Aquatic); Level 21 Elite Soldier, Page 47
Sebacean Mutant Treant (Huge Aberrant Magical Beast, Plant, Undead); Level 21 Elite Soldier, Page 46

Holy Ziggurat Slinger (Medium Natural Humanoid, Undead); Level 22 Artillery, Page 40
Ancient Ziggurat Mummy (Medium Natural Humanoid, Undead); Level 21 Brute, Page 43
Holy Ziggurat Guardian (Medium Natural Humanoid, Undead); Level 20 Soldier, Page 40

Betrayer Wight (Medium Shadow Humanoid, Undead); Level 21 Brute, Page 45
Ziggurat Ghost (Medium Shadow Humanoid, Undead); Level 21 Controller, Page 43
Betrayer Spirit Reaver (Medium Shadow Humanoid, Undead); Level 21 Soldier, Page 44

Undead Gibbering Abomination (Medium Aberrant Magical Beast, Undead); Level 18 Controller, Page 41

Painwrought Helmed Horror (Medium Elemental Animate, Construct); Level 20 Elite Soldier, Page 37

The Lost Mines of Karak
Troglodyte Spear Warrior (Like regular Troglodyte Warrior, but with Reach 2); Level 12 Minion, Page 88

Juvenile Behir Thunderlance (Large Natural Magical Beast, Reptile); Level 10 Artillery, Page 74

Lesser Berbalang (Level Reduced Berbalang; Medium Immortal Humanoid);
Level 7 Solo Skirmisher, Page 85

Lesser Mezzodemon (Level Reduced Mezzodemon); Level 7 Soldier, Page 92

New Skill Challenges
Menace of the Icy Spire
The Blizzard”; Make your way through a magically created blizzard; Level 2, Complexity 3 (375XP), Page 8

The Lost Mines of Karak
“Through the Thornwaste”; Make your way through a hostile desert wasteland of sharp ‘brambles’ to reach a town.; Level 6, Complexity 3 (750XP)

New Traps and Hazards
Menace of the Icy Spire
Treacherous Ice (Large area of difficult terrain + damage and knockdown. Weaker than DMG version, but bigger); Level 1 Obstacle, Page 9

(Weak) Glyph of Warding
(Fire); Level 2 Warder, Page 15

Ziggurat Beyond Time
Force Pods (Continually pulse with Force damage after enemy comes within 2); Level 20 Blaster, Page 37

Pain Pyramid (Attacks once each time a creature comes within 2. Psychic damage, Slow, Immobilize, and ongoing psychic damage effects); Level 21 Warder, Page 36

View Beyond (Large area on floor; when a creature uses a “supernatural” power while standing in affected squares, or when a power’s area of effect includes an affected square, the View Beyond attacks in a Burst 3 with Psychic damage and Daze. Immortals, Animates and Undead are immune to the negatives.); Level 21 Warder, Page 42

Interesting Terrain Features
Menace of the Icy Spire
(Icy/Snowy) Hills (some sides have ramps, some sides must be climbed.), Page 10

Disturbing/Icy Bright lights (light sources from strange places like carved devils’ eyes, reflected to Bright Illumination by a coating of ice in entire room), Page 12

Freezing Cold Stone Walls (1 foot thick, Break DC 35. 1d6 cold damage if touched directly), Page 12

Periscope “Windows” (By looking through the eyes of a statue, you can see the other side of a wall through other statues’ mouths, grants line of sight but not effect), Page 12

Slippery cobblestone path (DC 10 Acrobatics or fall, if run or charge), Page 16
Low, toad-like statues of devils (difficult terrain and can duck behind for cover), Page 16

Icy Portals (continually summon minions as a recharge 6 power, can be defeated by attacking or by Thievery or Arcana skill challenges), Page 20

Ice-covered tables (can hop up on top of them and gain Combat Advantage [for some reason] with DC 10 Athletics, but each round must make DC 20 Acrobatics or fall in a random direction), Page 20

10 ft. high bookshelves (act as walls, can be pushed over with DC 25 STR check, making +7 vs. Ref attack for 3d6 damage and Grab. Area is then difficult terrain.), Page 20

Summoning Circle (+2 attack and damage with Arcane powers while standing inside), Page 20

Ziggurat Beyond Time
Star Dome (inverted glass dome that can be walked on, but requiring high Acrobatics checks to do so. Staying in certain squares too long causes it to break and you fall through, with chance to catch yourself), Page 27

Blood Channel (If creature takes damage on a central platform, it begins filling winding channels with blood. If a creature starts its turn on one of the channels when it is full of blood, or moves into it, the creature takes 10 damage), Page 29

(Southern, Eastern etc.) Stairway (If knocked prone on it, tumble down 2d4 squares and take 1d6 damage for each 2 squares), Page 29

Binding Circle/Crystal Obelisks (While at least 1 of the 4 crystal obelisks are intact, the creature inside the circle is prevented from moving, but not attacking. It takes 10 damage to break a crystal, and then all adjacent squares are difficult terrain, and a creature falling prone in the terrain takes 1d10 damage from broken crystals. Break them all, and the bound creature is free to move around.), Page 31

Water Clock (A water clock made from stone basins, filled with magic water with phosphorescent algae in it; Sheds Bright light to 10, and Dim Light to 20, as described under “Illumination.” If a creature drinks the water as a Minor Action, he is immune to the next single stun effect he suffers, up to 5 minutes in the future.), Page 35

Channel (A crack in the ground filled with water, leads away from a waterfall {see below}. It’s 3 ft. down to the water, and then 2 feet of water. Move Action to cross by walking down and then up, or jump with Athletics DC 10 without running start, 5 with a running start.), Page 40

Crypts (10ft. high, 10ft. x 15ft. small building; Heavy mortared stone door that can be broken with 50 damage or DC 22 Athletics check.), Page 41,42,44

Waterfall (Gently flowing 15 ft. waterfall, flowing into a 10 ft. deep pool; Can climb the wall behind the waterfall with DC 30 Athletics check.), Page 41

Vine Masses (Black and sinewy vines that cover the ground, making Difficult Terrain in affected square. If the vines are attacked in a square, they move out of the way, removing the Difficult Terrain), Page 46

Crystal Cylinders (Tall, 10ft. wide cylinders of crystal; Break with 15 damage, and when they shatter creates large area of difficult terrain. If you choose to take 3 damage when going through it, you can ignore the difficult terrain. If you land prone in an affected square, you take 1d10 damage.), Page 48

The Lost Mines of Karak
Thorn Brambles (8ft. high bramble wall; going through is Difficult Terrain, if adjacent you gain concealment. If farther away, gives Total Concealment), Page 73

Boulders (5ft. high boulders; can climb with DC 10 Athletics, and being on one reduces the Cover granted by the Thorn Brambles), Page 73

Rock Outcropping (20ft. high rocky outcropping of basalt; can climb with DC 15 Athletics check. Creatures on top have Superior Cover against creatures below), Page 73

Ravine (10ft. deep ravine with crumbling sides; can climb up with DC 15 Athletics check. Creatures inside gain Cover against all creatures not adjacent to the edge), Page 73

Wooden Hut (Crude dwellings made of mud and brambleweed thatching; can climb with DC 10 Athletics check to gain Cover from creatures below. Superior Cover if inside. Can break a wall with a DC 13 Strength check), Page 75

Sand Dunes (Going uphill takes 2 squares, going downhill has no penalty. Creatures on opposite sides of crest have Cover, so it’s similar to a low wall on a hill), Page 77

Soft Sand (Patches of deep, shifting sand; Difficult Terrain, and moving through it takes DC 17 Acrobatics OR Athletics check, or else you sink and are Restrained. DC 20 Nature check identifies all adjacent Soft Sand squares), Page 77

Stone Gates (Barred from behind with rough timbers; DC 18 Strength check to break through), Page 79

Rusted Portcullises (One partially broken, one fully operational; If unlocked, can lift with DC 15 Strength check. If locked, DC 23 Strength check to lift or break. Winches above can lower the gate with a Minor Action, or can raise a gate with 2 Move Actions and a DC 10 Strength check. Can also be raised or lowered magically in one round with a keyed magic ring, as a Minor Action.), Page 79, 82, 87, 89

Arrow Slits and Murder Holes (Same function, but Arrow Slits are horizontal while Murder Holes are vertical; Creatures on either side have Superior Cover to each other, but if a creature is standing adjacent to the wall and more than 1 square from the arrow slit, neither creatures can see each other. If a creature is above a murder hole and more than 5 feet away from it, he can’t be seen by creatures below. Kind of weird.), Page 79, 87

Pillars (Provide cover and can be climbed with DC 15 Athletics check), Page 80

Sand Pile (10ft. high pile of sand; Difficult Terrain, and it takes a DC 12 Acrobatics OR Athletics check to move through), Page 80, 84

Crates and Boxes (Low stacks of crates and boxes; Provide Cover, and are Difficult Terrain), Page 82

Susser Trees (Underdark-native trees; Can climb trunk with DC 17 Athletics check. 10ft. up the tree you gain Concealment from the branches), Page 84

Tables (large stone tables; Small creature can walk under one to gain Cover. 2 squares of movement to hop on top of a table. DC 17 Strength check to tip over a table, which then becomes a wall granting Superior Cover.

Entry Shaft (80ft. long shaft; Can climb with DC 25 Athletics check), Page 89

Elemental Chaos (Vein of glowing red stone on walls and floor; Chaotic Evil aligned creatures standing in an affected square gain +2 Bonus to Attack and Damage rolls. Creatures of other alignments standing in affected square take -2 Penalty to Attack and Damage rolls.), Page 91

Eggs (Clutch of Carrion Crawler eggs; If a PC approaches within 10 squares of the eggs, Carrion Crawlers gain a +2 Bonus to Attack Rolls against him), Page 91

Bed of Skulls (Bed of dwarven skulls, specifically; Provides Cover and is Difficult Terrain for any creature smaller than Large size), Page 93

Elemental Chaos Rift (20ft. deep chasm filled with lava; Walls of rift can be climbed with DC 20 Athletics check. An Elemental creature can fall or jump into the rift to be transported to the Elemental Chaos. Non-Elementals jumping or falling into the rift take 2d10 Falling Damage, and are now standing in Difficult Terrain which deals 3d6 Untyped Damage each round.), Page 93

New Magic Items
The Lost Mines of Karak
Primordial Ring (Ring); You are treated as an elemental creature while wearing it, and 1/day you gain Resistance 10/Variable as a Minor Action until the end of the encounter. If you’ve reached a Milestone, it is 2/encounter (presumably to choose a different energy type). Can’t gain Resistance against something you are Vulnerable to. Level 14, Page 93

New Artifacts
Ziggurat Beyond Time
The Deluvian Hourglass (Implement); Page 54
Acts as +5 implement for any implement-using class. Deals more damage on crits to Immortals. Boosts level when casting divination or scrying rituals, lets you reroll a save, and grants extra actions in two different ways. It requires a fuel source related to defeating Epic Aberrations or Immortals for its action granting powers.

The Lost Mines of Karak
Mag Blackthorn, Human Ranger (Archery); Level 6 Skirmisher, Page 61

Dungeon 160
New Monsters
Beyond the Trollhaunt (Trollhaunt Warrens Side Trek)
Bladerager Troll Enforcer (Large Natural Humanoid); Level 12 Brute, Page 6
Anchor Troll (Large Natural Humanoid); Level 14 Controller, Page 10
Troll Timber Slinger (Large Natural Humanoid); Level 12 Artillery, Page 10

Drow Necromancer (Medium Fey Humanoid, Drow); Level 15 Controller (Leader), Page 12

Cyclops Rambler Zombie (Large Fey Humanoid, Undead); Level 15 Brute, Page 13

Den of the Destroyer
Lost One Underboss (Medium Natural Humanoid, Human); Level 8 Controller (Leader), Page 29
Bounty Hunter Subduer (Medium Natural Humanoid, Human); Level 7 Skirmisher, Page 31
Lost One Kidnapper (Medium Natural Humanoid, Human); Level 7 Soldier, Page 29

Bounty Hunter Strongarm (Medium Natural Humanoid, Dwarf); Level 7 Brute, Page 31

Bounty Hunter Snaremaster (Small Natural Humanoid, Halfling); Level 7 Artillery, Page 31

Shadar-Kai Weaponmaster (Medium Shadow Humanoid, Shadar-Kai); Level 8 Skirmisher, Page 45

Disciple of Yeenoghu (Medium Natural Humanoid, Gnoll); Level 7 Artillery, Appendix Page 50
Wicked Fang Mauler (Medium Natural Humanoid, Gnoll); Level 7 Brute, Appendix Page 52
Wicked Fang Warmaster (Medium Natural Humanoid, Gnoll); Level 8 Brute (Leader), Appendix Page 53
Ruin-Touched Beastcaller (Medium Natural Humanoid, Gnoll); Level 7 Controller, Page 41, Cross-referenced to Dragon 369’s Creature Incarnations article
Wicked Fang Keeper (Medium Natural Humanoid, Gnoll); Level 8 Elite Controller, Appendix Page 53
Wicked Fang Recruit (Medium Natural Humanoid, Gnoll); Level 8 Minion, Appendix Page 53
Ruin-Touched Bloodwalker (Medium Natural Humanoid, Gnoll); Level 9 Skirmisher, Page 41, Cross-referenced to Dragon 369’s Creature Incarnations article
Wicked Fang Lasher (Medium Natural Humanoid, Gnoll); Level 9 Skirmisher, Appendix Page 52
Wicked Fang Scout (Medium Natural Humanoid, Gnoll); Level 7 Skirmisher, Appendix Page 51
Wicked Fang Guard (Medium Natural Humanoid, Gnoll); Level 6 Soldier, Appendix Page 53
Wicked Fang Sentry (Medium Natural Humanoid, Gnoll); Level 7 Soldier, Appendix Page 52

Ravenous Attack Dog (Small Natural Beast); Level 7 Skirmisher, Page 29
Slaughterfang Hyena (Large Natural Beast); Level 6 Skirmisher, Page 42, Cross-referenced to Dragon 369’s Creature Incarnations article

Abyssal Wretch (Medium Elemental Humanoid); Level 6 Minion, Appendix Page 50
Githzerai Psionic Echo (Medium Elemental Humanoid); Level 9 Soldier, Appendix Page 51

Crocotta (Medium Elemental Beast, Demon); Level 9 Skirmisher, Page 48, cross-referenced from Dragon 364’s Draconomicon of Iggwilv article

Mindscrambler (Medium Elemental Animate); Level 8 Skirmisher, Appendix Page 50

Stonewalker Spirit (Medium Elemental Magical Beast, Earth); Level 7 Lurker, Appendix Page 51
(Stonewalker's) Possessed Statue (Large Natural Animate); Level 7 Brute, Page 34

Elderwood Falcon (Medium Natural Animate); Level 6 Skirmisher, Page 35
Ironwood Hound (Medium Natural Animate); Level 6 Soldier, Page 35

Tomb of the Sand King's Daughter
Ancient Brown Dragon (Gargantuan Natural Magical Beast, Dragon); Level 25 Solo Lurker, Page 89

Primal Storm [Brown Dragon form] (Large Natural Animate, Construct); Level 25 Artillery, Page 85
Desert Wrath (Huge Natural Animate, Construct); Level 24 Elite Brute, Page 85
Maru-Qet Collusus (Huge Natural Animate, Construct); Level 24 Elite Brute, Page 72
Stoneform Golem (Large Natural Animate, Construct); Level 24 Minion, Page 69, 71

Book Storm (Large Natural Animate, Swarm); Level 24 Soldier, Page 73

Squamous Spewer (Huge Aberrant Magical Beast, Dragon); Level 22 Solo Soldier, Page 77

Advanced Rancid Tide (Gargantuan Natural Animate, Dragon, Undead); Level 25 Elite Artillery, Page 74
Darkland Voidsoul Specter [Level increased Voidsoul Specter, statblock includes a room effect which boosts their attacks by an extra +1] (Medium Shadow Humanoid, Undead); Level 24 Lurker, Page 83

Summer's End
Tulani of Summer (Medium Fey Humanoid, Eladrin); Level 20 Skirmisher, Page 97

Windrage Harpy (Medium Fey Humanoid); Level 15 Artillery, Page 93

Cyclops Earthquake Shaman (Large Fey Humanoid); Level 19 Elite Artillery, Page 95
Cyclops Reaver [Level increased Cyclops Hewer] (Large Fey Humanoid); Level 18 Soldier, Page 94

New Skill Challenges
Den of the Destroyer
“Finding the Messenger”; Track down a missing informant who was kidnapped; Level 7, Complexity 5 (1,500XP), Page 19

“Travel to Fortress Graystone”
; Reach a fortress in the mountains while being harried by a pursuer; Level 7, Complexity 3 (700XP), Page 22

“Interrogating the Weaponmaster”; Interrogate an injured enemy combatant; Level 8, Complexity 1 (350XP), Page 26

“Dousing the Flames”; Put out a fire spreading across the building’s floor; Slightly modified Skill Challenge; Level 6, Complexity 1 (350XP), Page 32

“Closing the Conduit”; Close an evil conduit to the Elemental Chaos; Level 9, Complexity 3 (1,200XP), Page 49

Tomb of the Sand King's Daughter
“Bottled Sandstorm”; PCs must escape a room that quickly becomes filled with sand. Involves possibly swimming through sand to get to the door.; Level 25, Complexity 5 (35,000XP), Page 82

New Traps and Hazards
Den of the Destroyer
Burning Floor (Large area of fire on the floor, spreads 1d4 squares each round. Walking through it takes fire damage; Level 4 Obstacle, Page 32

Claw of Yeenoghu (Claw of energy attacks from its origin at the direction of NPC, or theoretically on its own); Level 8 Warder?, Page 49

Tomb of the Sand King's Daughter
Breathing Door (Door blasts Fire and Blinds when approached.); Level 25 Elite Blaster, Page 87
Chaos Haze (When you use a power with a damage type, it deals the same variety of damage to you.); Level 23 Blaster, Page 85
Dragon Blades (Statue shoots several bolts of force at different targets.); Level 25 Blaster, Page 87
Eye of Zaggoth (Entire room is a trap. It bursts from the center to Daze, randomly blasts a random damage or effect, and can spin around when someone tries to leave.); Level 27 Solo Blaster, Page 86
Mirrors of Dark Visions (Several large mirrors which activate and attack randomly when a PC completes a specific action. Psychic damage and affected target must move away in the most direct path on a hit. Dazed on a miss.), Level 26 Elite Blaster, Page 80
Tiamat Doors (10 Doors which blast nearby enemies with energy based on type of head depicted.), Level 26 Elite Blaster, Page 76

Claws of Sand (Sand reaches out to Immobilize targets and deal damage + ongoing damage.); Level 25 Lurker, Page 88
Dread Pit (Large pit trap covered by an illusion of a floor. Falling in deals damage and takes 1 healing surge, and light is dimmed and Darkvision does not work. Necrotic Damage to creatures starting their turn inside it.), Level 26 Elite Lurker, Page 79
Force Cascade (Ceiling continually bursts Force when triggered by an animated golem being defeated or knocked down.), Level 22 Lurker, Page 69
Jaws of Death (Skulls on the walls activate when another trap has been triggered already. They can continually attack 2 targets to deal Necrotic Damage and Slide a target on a hit, presumably back into other traps.); Level 25 Elite Lurker, Page 88, 90
Radiant Blades (Blades of Radiant energy sweep across the room as an Immediate Reaction and continue on that initiative count.), Level 23 Lurker, Page 70

Death Forest (Sculpted brass trees magically reach out and grab and Damage. Count as blocking terrain themselves.), Level 24 Obstacle, Page 75
Slashing Portcullis (Portcullis or portcullises which prevent passage but also swing upwards repeatedly for Force damage.), Level 26 Elite Obstacle, Page 79
Sweeping Halberd (Attacks as Immediate Reaction to damage and Slide, then repeats continually and as further Immediate Reactions.); Level 25 Elite Obstacle, Page 87-88
Vileshadow Mist (Necrotic and Poison damage + Slow (save ends). Starts in a 2x2 space and spreads 3 squares each round until the room is filled.), Level 24 Obstacle, Page 74

Earthen Wyvern (Carved Wyvern sprays an Immobilizing substance, attacking against Will.), Level 26 Warder, Page 90
Symbol of Insanity (Psychic damage and affected creature is Dominated, and forced to attack allies.), Level 24 Warder, Page 73

Interesting Terrain Features
Beyond the Trollhaunt (Trollhaunt Warrens Side Treck)
Campfire (creatures starting in or entering take 2d6 Fire Damage), Page 7

Curtains (creature adjacent to a window can gain Superior Cover, or open them to shoot), Page 7

Crumbling Pillars (Can destroy the pillars, causing the ceiling to collapse in Burst 2, +14 vs. Ref for 3d6 Damage), Page 7

Water (Grants +2 Bonus to Saves vs. Ongoing Fire Damage. Difficult terrain. Fire attacks create steam, see sidebar), Page 9

Boiling Water (Creature starting its turn in or entering square takes 5 Fire Damage), Page 9

Superheated Rock (Small rocky island. Difficult Terrain and 10 Fire Damage to creatures starting their turn or entering an affected square), Page 9

Barrels (Barrels full of lamp oil. If Hit with a Fire Attack, explodes in Burst 1 for 2d6 Fire Damage and area continues to burn until the end of the encounter, dealing 2d6 Fire Damage to creatures who enter or start their turn there. Barrels can be destroyed to fill a Burst 1 with oil, which can then be lit and behave as above, lasting until the end of the encounter.), Page 11

Den of the Destroyer
Map of Elsir Vale (3-D map of the region; Provides Cover, but collapses into Difficult Terrain if a creature climbs over it or it takes 10 Damage from Area Attacks.), Page 32

Waterfall (Stairs worn smooth by flowing water; if knocked Prone, Slide down 1 square.), Page 34

Arcane Circles (Arcana check and 10 minutes can use them to control the Mind Trap Portals, see below), Page 38

Mind Trap Portals (Portals linking to other chambers, which continually shift their destinations, making a sort of maze.), Page 38

Waterfall and Pool (A 3-ft. deep pool of water with a waterfall falling into it, the water is then diverted elsewhere. Difficult terrain, and if you end your turn in the pool, you take 1d6 Damage from the waterfall hitting you.), Page 42

Aqueducts (Magically controlled aqueducts that randomly Slide creatures in affected squares depending on the roll of a die.), Page 42

Pits (10-ft. deep pits with shadow magic at the bottom to make them appear bottomless. A creature falling in takes only 1d10 damage, but is blinded while in the enchanted area. Climb out with DC 15 Athletics check.), Page 44

Arrow Slits
(Grants attacker Superior Cover, and the attacker can determine target’s level of Cover starting from the square just outside the arrow slit), Page 46

Tomb of the Sand King's Daughter
The Dungeon (The whole dungeon is a giant maze, navigated by pulling levers to open doorways.), Page 55-90

Falling Sand (If you stand in an area of falling sand, you are subject to a Fort attack which can knock you Prone (save ends). Additionally, you are subject to suffocation while Prone. Also counts as Difficult Terrain); Page 67

Falling Sand [Sand Sluice] (As Falling Sand above, but in addition if knocked Prone you are also Immobilized and unable to Stand up (save ends both). You slide down a slope 4 squares to a grate and stop moving, but you then take a -2 penalty to all saves.); Page 67

Iron Poles (The floor of the room consists of many iron poles, and creatures of size Large or smaller must make Acrobatics checks to move at normal speed. If subject to forced movement or knocked Prone, target must succeed on an Acrobatics check or fall through the poles. Falling creatures take 4d10 Damage from landing on a “sharp metal grid.” They can climb out with an Athletics check, or walk along the sharp grid as Difficult Terrain, but take 1d4 damage each square.), Page 72

Bookcases (Athletics to climb, count as blocking terrain. Can push over with an Athletics check, resulting in a Str vs. Ref attack against anything on the other side. On a hit Immobilized (save ends), knocked prone, and the area is difficult terrain.), Page 73

Necrotic Affinity (Attacks with the Necrotic keyword get a +1 attack bonus inside the room, and attacks with Radiant keyword deal Half Damage.), Page 83

Reanimation (Humanoids killed in the room rise as a Darkland Voidsoul Specter {see New Monsters} one day after death unless raised, subject to Gentle Repose, or have their bodies destroyed.), Page 83

Runes (6 runes hold PCs inside a special room until disabled with Arcana or Thievery. 3 failures resets whole room.), Page 83

Steep Stairs (Apparently incredibly steep; Difficult Terrain, and any forced movement down the stairs requires a DC 33 Acrobatics check or you fall an extra 5 squares, take 1d6 damage, and are knocked Prone.), Page 88

Summer's End
Cauldron of Mist (Fills an area with mist that grants Fey a +2 bonus to attack rolls. If destroyed, the mist disappears at the end of the next round.), Page 93

New Magic Items
Den of the Destroyer
Figurine of Wondrous Power: Elderwood Falcon (Wondrous Item); Summons an “ancient falcon from the Feywild,” a Medium flying falcon, with a weak “Flyby Attack” type of ability. Level 10, Page 54

Figurine of Wondrous Power: Ironwood Hound (Wondrous Item); Summons a “yellow-furred hunting hound,” a Medium dog with a Pushing ability. Level 10, Page 54

Wicked Fang (Weapon Enchantment); applies to Longswords only (apparently). Bonuses related to ongoing damage, and a Daily which grants ongoing damage. d8 criticals. Starts at Level 13 even though the top bar says 11, Page 54

Summer's End
Earthshaker Staff (Implement, Staff); Critical force damage and Daily to make a force effect Push 1 square; Level 14+, Page 94

Longsword of Summer
(Heavy Blade enchantment); 1d8 crits, and property 1d8 fire damage per hit. Daily power to gain +4 Defenses until the end of your next turn. Level 15+, Page 96

New Rituals
Den of the Destroyer
Seal Portal (Seal or Unseal a Portal); Level 8 (Binding), Arcana, Page 27

Den of the Destroyer
Amyria the Scion of Bahamut, Deva? Pseudo-Paladin (Medium Immortal Humanoid); Level 10 Elite Skirmisher (Leader), Page 28

Thorn the Elf Mercenary, Elf Pseudo-Ranger (Medium Fey Humanoid, Elf); Level 9 Solo Skirmisher, Page 35

Fangren the Gnoll Shaman, Pseudo-Wizard (Medium Natural Humanoid, Gnoll); Level 11 Elite Controller, Page 47

Dungeon 161
New Monsters
Ruins of Starmantle
Darkpact Ghoul Initiate (Medium Natural Humanoid, Undead); Level 13 Elite Skirmisher, Page 117
Plague-changed Ghoul Eater (Medium Natural Humanoid, Undead); Level 13 Soldier, Page 117
Plague-changed Ghoul King (Medium Natural Humanoid, Undead); Level 13 Elite Soldier (Leader), Page 117

The Temple Between
Grovald the “Force Priest” (Medium Natural Humanoid, Human); Level 9 Elite Controller (Leader), Page 32
Streetwise Thug (Medium Natural Humanoids, Human); Level 9 Minion, Page 33, 53
Possessed Citizen (Medium Natural Humanoid, Human?); Level 10 Soldier, Page 36

Harpy Screecher (Medium Fey Humanoid); Level 9 Controller, Index Page 66
“Hethralga” the level increased Howling Hag (Medium Fey Humanoid); Level 12 Controller, Page 49
Slystone “Dwarf” Ruffian (Small Fey Humanoid); Level 10 Soldier, Index Page 67

Two-headed Troll (Large Natural Humanoid); Level 10 Elite Brute, Index Page 68
Spitting Troll (Medium Natural Humanoid); Level 10 Soldier (Leader), Index Page 68

Marching Hammer (Small Natural Animate, Construct, Homunculus); Level 10 Brute, Index Page 66
Writhing Chain (Medium Natural Animate, Construct, Homunculus); Level 10 Skirmisher, Index Page 67

Zithiruun the Broken General (Medium Natural Humanoid, Githyanki); Level 14 Elite Skirmisher, Index Pages 69-70

Rathoraiax the Undead Dragon Mount (Large Natural Animate, Undead, Dragon); Level 13 Elite Brute, Index Pages 80-81

Touch of Madness
Eye of Malachi (Medium Natural Humanoid, Human); Level 9 Skirmisher, Page 92

Harrowfolk Nature Priest (Medium Natural Humanoid, Half-Orc); Level 9 Artillery, Page 83
Harrowfolk Hunter (Medium Natural Humanoid, Half-Orc); Level 10 Minion, Page 83
Harrowfolk Warrior (Medium Natural Humanoid, Half-Orc); Level 8 Skirmisher, Page 83

Warped Grick (Medium Aberrant Beast); Level 10 Brute, Page 99
Warped Grick Alpha (Large Aberrant Beast); Level 11 Brute (Leader), Page 99
Ravening Cyst (Medium Aberrant Beast); Level 10 Skirmisher, Page 99
Feaster (Large Aberrant Beast); Level 10 Elite Soldier, Page 111

Horrid Grell (Medium Aberrant Magical Beast, Blind); Level 9 Elite Soldier, Page 90, 109

Corroded Helmed Horror {Level Reduced Helmed Horror} (Medium Elemental Animate, Construct); Level 11 Soldier, Page 109

Warped Ghoul (Medium Aberrant Humanoid, Undead); Level 10 Brute, Page 94
Warped Grimlock Zombie (Medium Aberrant Animate, Blind, Undead); Level 11 Minion, Page 94

New Skill Challenges
The Temple Between
“Catching Durkik”; Tail a suspicious character; Level 9, Complexity 3 (1,200XP), Page 34

“Entering the Portal”; Convince a talking wall to let you through by creating a parable about Moradin (Social?); Level 9, Complexity 5 (2,000XP), Page 38

“Council of War”; Help leaders plan a defense strategy for the city (Social); Level 9, Complexity 3 (1,200XP), Page 57

“Combing the Wreckage”; Search through a burning, partially collapsed building to find an unconscious person; Level 11, Complexity 3 (1,800XP), Page 62

Touch of Madness
“Negotiating with Denva”; Convince a person slowly being warped into an aberration that you can help each other; Level 10, Complexity 2 (Social), Page 102

New Disease
Touch of Madness
Festering Doom; Interferes with healing. Ultimately you take Ongoing 15 Necrotic (Save Ends) any time you take damage or receive healing, and die at 0 hit points. Page 112

New Traps and Hazards
The Temple Between
Cave-in; Level 13 Lurker, Page 59

Daggerspring Floor (Spikes spring up from the floor when stepped on; Attack vs. Ref; Damage, and on critical hit knocks Prone and Slows (Save ends)); Level 10 Obstacle, Page 52

Radiant Tendrils (Deals Radiant Damage and Blinds targets ending their turn in affected squares, and subsequently penalizes attack rolls); Level 13 Obstacle, Page 65

Spike Tube (A tube that launches a spike); Level 9 Warder, Page 31

Touch of Madness
Waterfall (Very powerful and loud waterfall from high up; -8 penalty to listen within 2 squares, otherwise -4 in general (See “Noise” terrain feature). A creature trying to pass through is subject to an Opportunity Attack which pushes toward a ravine.), Pseudo Hazard, Page 87, 103, 109, 113

Foul Eggs (Magically corrupted wyvern eggs against a wall; If disturbed, explode in a Close Blast 3 for Acid Damage and Push.), Pseudo Hazard, Page 87-88

Weakened Floor (Floor collapses when you walk on it, making you fall for Damage and Prone. Level 10 Elite Lurker, Page 103

Far Realm Taint (When non-aberrant creature starts its turn in an affected square, subject to Attack vs. Will for Daze the first time, and -2 to all defenses subsequent times.), Pseudo Hazard, Page 112

Terrain Features
Ruins of Starmantle
Spires (Green spires that emit a sound of madness; creatures adjacent are Dazed if they haven’t lived near them for awhile), Page 8

Soaring Stones (Floating rocks which are “drawn to violence”; 50% chance per round of a stone attacking a random combatant vs. Reflex, and Sliding it closer to the edge of a ravine.), Page 8

Spellplague Ravine (20 or 10 foot deep ravine filled with “Active Spellplague”; Falling in takes damage as normal, and blue fire surrounds the creature but doesn’t really do anything unless the creature spends an hour or more inside it; DC 22 Athletics to climb out.), Page 8

The Temple Between
Fabric Curtains (Drape of thick material making up the outside of a tent; Blocks Line of Sight and takes an extra square of movement to push through), Page 41

Fireplaces (Fireplace with chimney; Character can move into the square but must Squeeze if Medium. Character can then climb the inside of the chimney with a DC 15 Athletics check), Page 42

Catwalks (Metal walkways 20 feet over the floor; Chains and pulleys run underneath allowing a character to climb with a DC 22 Acrobatics or Athletics check at his full climb speed. The catwalk has railings which require an extra square of movement to either hop over or push someone over. Also has ladders in some places.), Page 46

Crates (5 ft. high stacked crates; 1 extra square of movement to walk up on a crate, no extra movement to walk down off a crate. Climbing two or three crates takes DC 20 Athletics.), Page 46

Doors (In particular a warehouse door that opens upward; Not locked, but opening it always alerts anyone around because of the rattling chains in the pulley system), Page 46

Ladders (4 square high ladders which take 6 squares of movement unless the character makes a DC 12 Acrobatics or Athletics check.), Page 46

Weakened Crates (Structurally unsound crates; A creature walking on top of one partially falls through, immediately ending its movement. The crate then counts as Difficult Terrain), Page 46

Slopes (Sloped floor; Difficult Terrain when going up. If pushed or slid down, creature moves an extra square. A creature that falls prone slides one square down.), Page 49, 53

Archways (10 ft high stone archways surrounding doors; Creature can stand or fight on top. DC 14 Athletics check to climb.), Page 51

Reliefs (Large deeply carved reliefs of dwarves working at forges; To stand on one requires a DC 17 Acrobatics check each round, but they can be climbed with a DC 10 Athletics check. They also magically emit Bright Light from the fires of the forges.), Page 51

Portcullises (Rusted-open portcullises; Can pull down with a DC 22 STR check, and if a creature is under it they might become Prone, take Ongoing 5 damage and be Restrained.), Page 53

Slope, Steep (Steep slope; DC 11 Athletics check to climb, if knocked Prone, immediately fall to the bottom and knocked Prone unless succeed on DC 10 Acrobatics.), Page 57

Pillar, Fallen (Knocked over ceiling pillar; Provides Cover. Can climb on top with an extra square of movement, but to move more than one square along the length requires a DC 17 Acrobatics check.), Page 59

Pillar, Leaning (Broken pillar leaning against the wall; Can push down with DC 19 STR check and it then rolls along the ground, making attacks for damage + Push and Prone until it stops. Then becomes a Fallen Pillar as above.), Page 59

Crystal Platform (Large transparent floor; Hard as stone, grants Line of Sight but not Line of Effect.), Page 64

Wooden Walls (Flimsy wood walls; Can break through with DC 15 STR check and extra square of movement. If succeed at DC 20 STR check, no extra square of movement needed.), Page 66

Boards (Board bridges connecting buildings to each other; Can knock down with DC 5 Athletics, or DC 20 if someone is standing on it.), Page 69

Fire (Burning town; Can move through flames without taking damage, but if you start your turn in an affected square you take 2d6 damage. At the start of each round the fire spreads 1 square from each affected area.), Page 69

Touch of Madness
Noise (Creaking and crumbling of the building combined with the nearby waterfall; Creatures take a -4 penalty to Perception. Grimlocks’ Blindsight distance is instead halved.), Page 84

Pilgrims (Group of noncombatants standing around; Count as Difficult Terrain. They try to move away once the fight starts. They occupy squares, and if the square takes 1 point of damage {I assume from area attacks primarily} the “square” is destroyed.), Page 91

Guano (Bat droppings covering the floor; Difficult Terrain unless the moving creature makes a DC 10 Acrobatics check when it starts moving.), Page 98

Wall Gap (More like a hole; Squares directly adjacent to the gap crumble and into a Ravine 60ft deep.), Page 100

Tables (A table covered with gore; Squares with tables are Difficult Terrain, can hop onto table with extra square of movement, but a creature hit while on a table has to make either a DC 10 or DC 15 Acrobatics or fall Prone.), Page 106

Slope (Floor is sloping under pressure of constant waterfall stream from above; squares adjacent to the waterfall’s impact take 3 squares of movement to pass through), Page 113

Touch of Madness
Klaus, the aberrant Human pseudo-Ranger (Medium Aberrant Humanoid, Human); Level 10 Elite Skirmisher, Page 105
Denva, the aberrant Human Warlord (Medium Aberrant Humanoid, Human); Level 10 Elite Soldier (Leader), Page 101

Garen, the aberrant Dwarf Rogue (Medium Aberrant Humanoid, Dwarf); Level 10 Elite Skirmisher, Page 97
Shantaira, the aberrant Eladrin fire Wizard (Medium Aberrant Humanoid, Eladrin); Level 12 Elite Controller, Page 107

Elomir, the aberrant Elf pseudo-Swordmage (Medium Aberrant Humanoid, Elf); Level 12 Elite Soldier, Page 111

Vaymeer, the Half-Orc pseudo-Barbarian (Medium Natural Humanoid, Half-Orc); Level 11 Elite Brute, Page 83

Eskade, the Tiefling Warlock (Medium Natural Humanoid, Tiefling); Level 10 Elite Artillery, Page 92

Dungeon 162
New Monsters
Fist of Mourning
Orc Miner (Medium Natural Humanoid, Orc); Level 9 Minion, Page 15

“Obsen” the cult leader (Medium Natural Humanoid, Human); Level 13 Elite Controller (Leader), Page 25

Horrid Spawn (Medium Elemental Humanoid, Human); Level 9 Brute, Page 26
"Anax the Foul," slaad-warped human (Medium Elemental Humanoid, Human); Level 13 Controller (Leader), Page 20
Mutated Thrall (Medium Elemental Humanoid, Human); Level 10 Minion, Page 20
Wretched and Unclean (Medium Elemental Humanoid, Human); Level 9 Minion, Page 18
Warped Cultist (Medium Elemental Humanoid, Human, Slaad); Level 12 Skirmisher, Page 15, 17, 21

Suppurating Eidolon (Large Elemental Animate, Construct); Level 12 Controller (Leader), Page 17
Shardsoul Slayer (Medium Elemental Animate, Construct); Level 8 Soldier, Page 23 and also in the Forgotten Realm Campaign Guide Page 278

Skeletal Hammerer (Medium Natural Animate, Undead); Level 10 Brute, Page 19
"Kalan the Avenger" animated Dwarf(Medium Natural Animate, Undead); Level 14 Soldier (Leader), Page 19

Winter of the Witch
Ice Troll Rimehammer (Large Natural Humanoid); Level 25 Soldier, Page 59
Frostfury Ice Troll (Large Natural Humanoid); Level 26 Brute, Page 59

Desecration (Gargantuan Natural Animate, Earth, Undead); Level 23 Solo Controller, Page 43
Risenguard of Drzak (Medium Natural Animate, Undead); Level 22 Minion, Page 38
Tomb Guardian Thrall (Medium Natural Animate, Undead); Level 22 Minion, Page 49

Angel of Prophecy (Huge Immortal Humanoid, Angel); Level 23 Solo Skirmisher, Page 58

Iceling Mage [Colzath] (Medium Fey Humanoid, Cold); Level 24 Artillery, Page 52
Iceling Slasher (Medium Fey Humanoid, Cold); Level 23 Skirmisher, Page 52, 56

Frostblight Treant (Huge Fey Magical Beast, Plant); Level 25 Elite Soldier, Page 54

Winter Witch [Koliada, the] (Medium Fey Humanoid, Eladrin); Level 26 Solo Skirmisher, Page 60

Stormstone Golem (Large Natural Animate, Construct); Level 21 Elite Soldier, Page 34

Depths of Madness
Fist of Malachi (Medium Natural Humanoid, Human); Level 11 Soldier, Page 102

Dergan Ironhammer the Dwarf (Medium Natural Humanoid, Dwarf); Level 5 Brute, Page 82

Wellspring Riot (Huge Natural Humanoid {similar to Swarm}); Level 10 Brute, Page 81
Wellspring Rioter (Medium or Small Natural Humanoid); Level 7 Minion, Page 82

Dark Harvester (Small Shadow Humanoid, Dark One); Level 11 Lurker, Page 93
Dark Mastermind (Small Shadow Humanoid, Dark One); Level 12 Elite Lurker, Page 84
Dark Abductor (Small Shadow Humanoid, Dark One); Level 12 Skirmisher, Page 85, 87

Ascendant Hellsword (Medium Immortal Humanoid, Cambion); Level 12 Elite Brute (Leader), Page 101

Chain Guardian (Large Natural Animate, Construct); Level 12 Elite Controller, Page 95

Shathrax the Mind Flayer (Medium Aberrant Humanoid, Mind Flayer); Level 16 Elite Lurker, Page 98

Advanced Foulspawn Seer (Medium Aberrant Humanoid); Level 12 Artillery (Leader), Page 99
Foulspawn Mystic (Medium Aberrant Humanoid); Level 14 Elite Artillery (Leader), Page 91
Foulspawn Hulk Thrall (Large Aberrant Humanoid); Level 12 Brute, Page 90
Foulspawn Skintaker (Medium Aberrant Humanoid, Shapechanger); Level 12 Lurker, Page 90
Foulspawn Chirurgeon (Small Aberrant Humanoid); Level 12 Skirmisher, Page 95
Foulspawn Mangler Thrall (Medium Aberrant Humanoid); Level 12 Skirmisher, Page 89, 92
Foulspawn Berserker Thrall (Medium Aberrant Humanoid); Level 11 Soldier, Page 91

Wellspring Horror (Medium Aberrant Humanoid); Level 13 Solo Controller, Page 83

Crazed Carrion Crawler (Large Aberrant Beast); Level 12 Elite Controller, Page 93

Chuul Militant (Large Aberrant Magical Beast, Aquatic); Level 12 Soldier, Page 89
Chuul Thrall (Large Aberrant Magical Beast, Aquatic); Level 12 Soldier, Page 98
Sinkhole Chuul (Medium Aberrant Magical Beast, Aquatic); Level 12 Soldier, Page 86

Foul Gibberer (Medium Aberrant Magical Beast); Level 13 Solo Controller, Page 97

New Skill Challenges
Fist of Mourning
“Congress with the Dead”; Convince a Dwarf ghost to help you (Social); Level 10, Complexity 1 (500XP), Page 22

“Investigating the Cult”; Investigate a cult and try to avoid gathering unwanted attention (Social); Level 11, Complexity 2 (1200XP), Page 11

“Travel to the Fist”; Reach a location in the mountains without being spotted; Level 11, Complexity 3 (1800XP), Page 12

Winter of the Witch
“Piercing Drzak’s Ruse”; See through an impostor’s disguise of a previous acquaintance (Social); Level 22, Complexity 1 (4150XP), Page 36

“Finding Veira Rimefire”; Search for a wizard in a town (Social); Level 24, Complexity 2 (12,100XP), Page 42

Depths of Madness
“Crime Scenes Investigation”; Look for clues to the various crimes which are happening throughout town; Level 11, Complexity 2 (1,200XP), Page 71

“Getting the Goods from Gerald Roy”; Get information from a reluctant NPC (Social); Level 11, Complexity 1 (600XP), Page 73

“Talking Dergan Down”; Convince a madman to stop riling up a crowd of townsfolk to riot (Social); Level 11, Complexity 5 (3,000XP), Page 81

New Traps and Hazards
Fist of Mourning
Animating Spirit; (A spirit flies around the room animating statues which batter the PCs); Level 8 Lurker, Page 24

Winter of the Witch
Engine of Lum [Psuedo-trap/hazard];
(A magical device that is trying to accomplish a timed task [7 rounds].
If the PCs interfere, it fights back with Lightning damage + Stun);
Page 47

Depths of Madness
Psychic Sinkhole (Uses psychic power to try and make you drown in a pool of water); Level 12 Elite Lurker, Page 86

Interesting Terrain Features
Fist of Mourning
Molten Pit
(Pit of lava that has begun to crust over as it cools; falling into it
takes falling + fire damage at the start of a round, and if you stay in
it too long you break through the crust and die), Page 13

Gelatinous Curtains (Curtain of slime that attacks Fort to infect with Chaos Phage (see Slaad entry in MM). Can be destroyed with attacks.), Page 26

Winter of the Witch
Shadowraven; (Sort of a minion creature that can’t fight, it exists only to serve as a possible scout for their master); Page 44

Frozen Victims (Humanoids flash-frozen in ice into statues; Difficult Terrain and serves as Cover), Page 51

Over the Edge
(Icy cliff 200 feet high. If you fall off, you get another saving throw
every 20 feet [that makes 10 saves] to catch yourself. Take damage for
each 10 feet fell, and take 1 round/5 feet to Climb back up.), Page 51

Snow Drifts (Difficult Terrain), Page 51

Frozen Lake
(More like freezing water; Creatures that start their turn in the lake
take 20 cold damage and are Dazed. Athletics DC 15 to swim. Climbing
out takes Athletics DC 25), Page 54

Depths of Madness
Aberrant Water (sewer water with a slight chance of characters getting Cackle Fever), Page 78

Illumination (Glowing Slime. If you take a handful, it makes light as a candle for an hour after removal), Page 90

Squirming Slime
(Difficult terrain, and non aberrations who ends their turn in the
slime must make an Acrobatics check to be able to move on their next
action.), Page 90

Waterwheel (Rusted waterwheel which can be unstuck with Athletics; makes attack vs. creature on it, Grab on hit or Push on miss), Page 90

(see “Psychic Stain”; Non Aberration starting turn in affected area is
subject to Fort attack; penalty to Will and Slowed.), Page 99

Carved Wall
(Strange wall which swirls with maddening images; those who study it
are subject to Will attack; Psychic damage and Daze.), Page 100

(Really gross pool of water; Non Aberrations that enter or start there
take 1d6 damage and are subject to Cackle Fever 1/day), Page 100

New Magic Items/Artifacts
Winter of the Witch
Sword of Black Ice (Longsword enchantment);
6d10 cold damage + Daze on a crit. +2d8 Poison damage property. Daily
power to Stun a creature dazed by a crit.) Level 27, Page 61

Sun’s Sliver (Minor Artifact);
Protects against cold, grants ice walk, has daily power to recharge
second winds and encounter powers for all party members within 5, Page

Depths of Madness
Umbral Eye (Level 12 Wondrous Item); Allows you to view corresponding location in the real world from inside the Shadowfell for a limited time per day.

Blackgate Rune (Level 12 Consumable); Creates a portal linking the real world with the Shadowfell for up to 3 rounds.

New Poisons and Diseases
Depths of Madness
Potent Carrion Crawler Brain Juice (Slow/Immobilize/Stun) Level 10 Poison, Page 94

Tear Transformation (Level 13 Affliction);
Attacks Will and if left untreated penalized your saves and defenses
vs. Charm and psychic powers, and makes you Dazed when bloodied (save
ends). Ultimately you turn into an Aberrant monster NPC.

Winter of the Witch
Sir Drzak / False Sir Keegan [Modified Death Knight Fighter]; (Medium Natural Humanoid, Undead); Level 24 Elite Soldier (Leader), Page 37

Depths of Madness
Malachi’s Herald {Tiefling Warlock} (Medium Natural Humanoid, Tiefling); Level 12 Elite Artillery, Page 101

Saimos {A Shadar-kai rogue with some magical abilities, reminiscent of a 3.5 Assassin} (Medium Shadow Humanoid, Shadar-kai); Level 14 Elite Skirmisher, Page 87

Dungeon 163
New Monsters
House of Pain
Darkpact Cyclops Guard (Large Fey Humanoid); Level 11 Minion, Page 31

Beyond the Mottled Tower
Shadar-kai Witch {Level advanced and Elite} (Medium Shadow Humanoid, Shadar-kai); Level 14 Elite Controller, Page 28
Sarshan, the Blood Chaos Shadar-kai (Medium Shadow Humanoid, Shadar-kai); Level 12 Solo Controller, Page 46

Githyanki Thug (Large{Medium I think} Natural Humanoid); Level 12 Minion, Page 45

Calaunxin, Adult Green Dragon {Heavily modified and level reduced} (Large Natural Magical Beast, Dragon); Level 9 Solo Brute, Page 31
Antharosk, Adult Green Dragon {Slightly modified and level reduced} (Large Natural Magical Beast, Dragon); Level 10 Solo Controller, Page 31

Skull Lord Servitor {Level advanced Skull Lord} (Medium Natural Humanoid, Undead); Level 14 Artillery (Leader), Page 34
Lingering Specter {Level Advanced} (Medium Shadow Humanoid, Undead); Level 12 Lurker, Page 43
Battle Wight Bodyguard {Level advanced and Bodyguard templated Battle Wight} (Medium Natural Humanoid, Undead); Level 11 Elite Soldier, Page 35

Elder Troglodyte Curse Chanter {Level Advanced Trog Curse Chanter} (Medium Natural Humanoid, Reptile); Level 12 Controller (Leader); Page 35

Duergar Hellcaller (Medium Natural Humanoid, Dwarf, Devil); Level 12 Artillery, Page 37

Centaur Ravager (Large Fey Humanoid); Level 12 Brute, Page 40

Scion of Chaos (Huge Elemental Animate); Level 11 Controller, Index Page 48-49
Skulking Terror (Medium Elemental Animate); Level 11 Lurker, Index Page 49
Chaos Mauler (Large Elemental Animate); Level 11 Minion, Index Page 48

Flame Shard (Medium Elemental Magical Beast); Level 12 Artillery, Page 37

Arctide Spiralith (Large Elemental Magical Beast, Demon); Level 12 Artillery, Page 40

Storm Abishai Sniper {Level advanced Storm Abishai} (Medium Immortal Magical Beast); Level 12 Artillery, Page 39

New Skill Challenges
Beyond the mottled Tower
“Walls Come Tumbling Down”; Save people from a collapsing building, through various programmed events.; Level 11, Complexity 5 (3,000 XP), Page 22

“The Chase Is On (Part 1)”; Get information about operating a portal from 2 uncooperative NPCs (Social); Level 11, Complexity 2 (1,200 XP), Page 30

“The Chase Is On (Part 2)”; Travel through an underground labyrinth; Level 11, Complexity 3 (1,800 XP), Page 33

Brink of Madness (Tear of Ioun 3)
“Deactivating the False Orrery” (Deactivate a very large, magical trap); Level 14, Complexity 5 (5,000 XP), Page 76

New Traps and Hazards
House of Pain
The Teeth (Magicked Stalactites and Stalagmites that grind together if you don’t offer a sacrifice) Level 10 Hazard (Obstacle), Page 29

Beyond the Mottled Tower
Crushing Walls and Ceiling (3 section trap, one part has ceiling, 2 parts have walls. 8 rounds to crush.); Level 12 Blaster, Page 43

Deadly Rockslide (Rockslide that can be shut off by closing some gates); Level 8 Lurker, Page 29

Interesting Terrain Features
House of Pain
Wall Spikes (If pushed into the spike, take damage and immobilized), Page 31
(Stone altar with an “Aura of Pain” effect centered around it. Gives
penalty to attack rolls and Will Defense unless appeased with a blood
offering), Page 32

Beyond the Mottled Tower
Blood Chaos Flow
(Elemental amalgam of fire and acid which behaves like lava; Difficult
Terrain, and starting turn there gives Fire and Acid damage as well as
Slow (save ends)), Page 25, 29

Blood Chaos Lake (A lake of Blood Chaos, that can be swum through like water), Page 32

Root Curtains
(Curtains of roots hanging to 2 feet above floor; Provide Cover and
block Line of Sight unless adjacent or Prone. Can be hacked down
easily, 10hp), Page 33

Huge Roots (Large roots piercing across tunnels; Can climb over with DC 10 Athletics or crawl under with 2 squares movement), Page 33

Catwalk (A tree trunk bridge set in mud; DC 10 Acrobatics to cross), Page 36

Burning Heat (Intense heat which causes Vulnerable 5 Fire), Page 38

Earthbergs (Islands of earth floating in Blood Chaos lake; Continually move based on rolls of 1d8 and 1d4.), Page 38

Ladders (Wood ladders that catch on fire; Can climb while on fire for 3 rounds but take 1d8 fire damage), Page 41

Rising Magma (Magma fills a room over several rounds, continually rising 5 feet at a time while PCs try to get to higher ground), Page 41

Tower Top (Crenelations on top of tower which grant +2 bonus to Saves vs. being pushed over), Page 46

Force Sphere
(Can exit but not enter, only creator can make one kind of attack
through it. Must be smashed with attacks, can’t Dispel), Page 46-47

Brink of Madness (Tear of Ioun 3)
Portal (Must enter space and will it to transport you), Page 67
Thin Ice (Can fall through to water beneath, has some countermeasures), Page 69
Snow Squalls (Heavy snow and wind; -4 Perception, and double range penalties for ranged weapons), Page 69
Water (Freezing water; Endurance checks or lose surges or take damage), Page 69
Blood Ice (Area of necrotic energy; Damages living, heals Undead), Page 71
Snow (Accumulated snow; Reveals location of Invisible creatures, reducing Total Concealment to normal Concealment), Page 71
Shrine Hill
(Steep, icy stairs; Creatures knocked Prone on stairs slide down 4 and
take damage. Possible Athletics or Acrobatics to prevent the effect),
Page 75
Shadow Fog (Slight connection to Shadowfell; Area of darkness, but Bright Light adjacent makes it dimly light), Page 87

House of Pain
Vandariel the Shadar-kai Cleric (Medium Shadow Humanoid, Shadar-kai); Level 10 Elite Controller (Leader), Page 33

Dungeon 164
New Monsters
Worse Than Death
Human Murderer (Medium Natural Humanoid); Level 10 Brute, Page 15
Human Assassin (Medium Natural Humanoid); Level 12 Lurker, Page 15
Eater of the Dead (Medium Natural Humanoid, Human); Level 10 Minion, Page 19

The Patriarch (Medium Natural Humanoid, Eladrin); Level 12 Elite Skirmisher (Leader, but this is an error), Page 25

Crusty (Medium Natural Humanoid, Living Construct); Level 11 Artillery, Page 20
Ham (Medium Natural Humanoid, Blind, Living Construct); Level 14 Brute, Page 20
Flesh Spider (Medium Natural Humanoid, Living Construct); Level 11 Minion, Page 25
Slippery (Medium Natural Humanoid, Living Construct); Level 11 Minion, Page 23
Grim Tailor (Medium Natural Humanoid, Living Construct); Level 13 Soldier, Page 23

Amalgamation (Huge Natural Animate, Blind, Living Construct); Level 15 Brute, Page 25

Cockroach Swarm (Medium Natural Beast, Swarm); Level 12 Skirmisher, Page 20
Giant Cockroach (Medium Natural Beast); Level 12 Minion, Page 20

Festuad il’Sook the Succubus {Advanced and altered Succubus} (Medium Immortal Humanoid, Devil, Shapechanger); Level 12 Elite Controller, Page 25

Dungeon Delve: Return of the Poisoned Shadows
“Eluron Bladewhisper” {Advanced, Altered, Elite Shadar-kai Gloomblade} (Medium Shadow Humanoid, Shadar-kai); Level 7 Elite Lurker, Page 34
Shadar-kai Chainmaster {Level advanced Chainfighter} (Medium Shadow Humanoid, Shadar-kai); Level 8 Skirmisher, Page 30

Shadow-Warped Troll {Snornaugh} (Large Shadow Humanoid); Level 9 Elite Brute, Page 32
Troll Shade (Large Shadow Animate); Level 11 Minion, Page 31

Vicious Wrack Abishai {Advanced Wrack Abishai}(Medium Immortal Magical Beast); Level 8 Lurker, Page 35

Haven of the Bitter Glass
Githzerai Elder “Odos”; (Medium Natural Humanoid, Blind); Level 16 Elite Controller, Page 48

“Telecanthus” {Incomplete monster of a Githyanki psion of some kind} (Medium Natural Humanoid, Githyanki); Level 16 Elite Controller (Leader), Page 112
Githyanki Myrmidon (Medium Natural Humanoid); Level 12 Minion, Index Page 115
Githyanki Lancer (Medium Natural Humanoid); Level 14 Skirmisher, Index Page 114
Githyanki Dragonknight (Medium Natural Humanoid); Level 14 Elite Skirmisher, Index Page 115
Githyanki Captain (Medium Natural Humanoid); Level 13 Elite Soldier (Leader), Index Page 114

Filth King (Medium Natural Humanoid, Human); Level 14 Elite Controller, Page 95
Laughing Shadow Groveler (Medium Natural Humanoid, Human); Level 13 Lurker, Index Page 116
Laughing Shadow Scrabbler (Medium Natural Humanoid, Human); Level 13 Minion, Index Page 116
Laughing Shadow Sentry (Medium Natural Humanoid, Human?); Level 11 Soldier, Index Page 117
Laughing Shadow Streetfighter (Medium Natural Humanoid, Human); Level 13 Soldier, Index Page 116
“Pennel” {Human psion?} (Medium Natural Humanoid, Human); Level 14 Elite Soldier, Page 113

Treasure Golem (Large Natural Animate, Construct); Level 14 Solo Brute, Index Page 117

Gluttonous Cube (Large Natural Beast, Blind, Ooze); Level 13 Elite Brute, Page 92

Bone Sage (Medium Natural Humanoid, Undead); Level 13 Minion, Index Page 118

Adult Pact Dragon (Large Immortal Magical Beast, Dragon, Mount); Level 13 Skirmisher, Page 74 (originally from Draconomicon 1)
Adult Pact Dragon “Xirakis” {Elite Pact Dragon} (Large Immortal Magical Beast, Dragon, Mount); Level 13 Elite Skirmisher, Page 76

New Skill Challenges
Worse Than Death
“Tracking the Kidnappers” (follow a trail through a thick forest); Level 12, Complexity 2 (1,400XP), Page 16

Haven of the Bitter Glass
“The Debate”; Convince a person of influence to investigate someone rather than just having him killed to be safe (Social); Level 13, Complexity 3 (4,000XP), Page 89

“Convincing the Coalition”;
Very in-depth; Try to win over leaders of a fledgling military
coalition by convincing them individually that your goals should be
pursued (Social); Level 14, Complexity 5 (5,000 XP), Page 101-104

“Telicanthus’s Tea Party”; Investigate a noble’s house while at a party (Social); Level 12, Complexity 2 (1,400 XP), Page 105-106

New Traps and Hazards
Worse Than Death
Booby-Trapped Passage (Poison dart wall trap plus an alarm which prevents enemies from being Surprised); Level 12 Obstacle (should be Warder), Page 14

Haven of the Bitter Glass
Bitter Glass (Burst of damage and ongoing psychic damage + daze); Level 14 Blaster, Page 111

Scrap Deadfall
"Daggerspring Floor"(Misnamed trap. A deadfall of junk when you try to
open a door without disarming the trap. Burst attack, and you might get
diseased.) Level 13 Lurker, Page 60

Interesting Terrain Features
Worse Than Death
Underbrush (Prone or Crawling creatures get Concealment), Page 15

Light Forest (Standing in the first square of forest gives Concealment. Standing further in gives Total Concealment), Page 18

Carriages and Wagons (rotting vehicles, entering a space takes 3 squares movement), Page 19

Weakened Floor
(rotten wood floor; attacks vs. Reflex, on a hit target falls and takes
damage and knocked Prone. On a miss, the floor stays intact that
round.), Page 21

Corrosive Muck (acid damage and slowed until end of next turn if you enter an affected square), Page 24

Dungeon Delve: Return of the Poisoned Shadows
Rat Swarm
(Angry rats eating a body; if you walk through an affected square,
you’re attacked vs. Reflex with damage and blinding sickness), Page 29

(Thick, slow sewage; Guidelines for wading/swimming/getting out,
principally Difficult Terrain and Athletics rules.), Page 29, 32

Slippery Pipe (A slippery pipe as a bridge; Acrobatics to cross, if fail by 5 or more Save with -2 penalty or fall off.), Page 32

Wooden Bridge (A poorly constructed bridge of wood scraps; if 2 PCs are on it at the same time, it breaks), Page 32

Altar of Tiamat
(As the name says; gives +2 damage bonus to her worshipers within 4,
and a -2 damage penalty to worshipers of Bahamut within 4. Can be
destroyed with violence.), Page 33

Blue Stone Block (apparently
magical location; If adjacent to the stone, you gain +5 resist to
several energy types, and you can spend a surge to make it +10.), Page

Floating Debris (barrels and crates floating
on the surface, connected by chains to the floor; Can cross while
balancing, might fall into the water.), Page 34

Pipe Walls (Walls and ceiling covered with pipes; very easy to climb), Page 34

Sewage (Similar to above, but this is flowing and pushes those inside unless they take a Move action to grab on to something), Page 34

Treasure Pile
(Large pile of loot; Difficult terrain, and those in affected squares
take -2 penalty to Saves from forced movement to avoid cliffs and
such), Page 34

Haven of the Bitter Glass
Glowing Gem (Magic item an enemy can hold; Slides enemies 1 square closer at the end of their turn. Can be broken fairly easily.); Page 91

New Poison
Worse Than Death
Death Blade Poison (Blinds {save ends} and then damages). Inside the Human Assassin’s stat block, Page 15

New Vehicle
Haven of the Bitter Glass
“The Conqueror” Damaged Githyanki Airship (Gargantuan Vehicle), Page 43

Worse Than Death
Joaquin Tantelroy {Half-Elf Rogue} (Medium Natural Humanoid, Half-Elf); Level 12 Elite Skirmisher, Page 10

Dungeon Delve: Return of the Poisoned Shadows
Virarr, Dragonborn battle cleric of Tiamat {Mix between Wizard and Cleric} (Medium Natural Humanoid, Dragonborn); Level 11 Elite Controller (Leader), Page 35

Haven of the Bitter Glass
Amyria the Deva Paladin of Bahamut {Psuedo Paladin} (Medium Immortal Humanoid, Deva); Level 13 Elite Soldier (Leader), Page 88

Dungeon 165

New Monsters
Alliance at Nefelus
Frost Giant Scout (Large Elemental Humanoid, Cold, Giant); Level 15 Artillery, Index Page 45
Frost Giant (Large Elemental Humanoid, Cold, Giant); Level 17 Brute, Page 20
Frost Giant Ice Shaper “Nara” (Large Elemental Humanoid, Cold, Giant); Level 19 Controller (Leader), Page 37

Winter Wolf (Large Natural Magical Beast); Level 14 Skirmisher, Page 37

Ice Gargoyle (Medium Elemental Humanoid, Cold); Level 12 Lurker, Index Page 46
Ice Gargoyle Reaver (Large Elemental Humanoid, Cold); Level 15 Lurker, Index Page 47

Arctic Sahuagin Priest (Medium Natural Humanoid, Aquatic); Level 13 Artillery, Index Page 48
Arctic Sahuagin Baron (Large Natural Humanoid, Cold, Aquatic); Level 15 Elite Brute (Leader), Index Page 48
Arctic Sahuagin Guard (Medium Natural Humanoid, Aquatic); Level 11 Minion Soldier, Index Page 47
Arctic Sahuagin Raider (Medium Natural Humanoid, Aquatic); Level 11 Soldier, Index Page 48

Icetouched Behir (Huge Natural Magical Beast); Level 14 Solo Soldier, Page 26

Beholder Eye of Frost (Large Aberrant Magical Beast); Level 14 Elite Artillery, Page 29

Icetouched Githzerai Mindmage (Medium Natural Humanoid); Level 14 Artillery, Page 32

Chillfire Destroyer (Large Elemental Magical Beast, Cold, Fire); Level 14 Brute, Page 32
Windstriker (Medium Elemental Magical Beast, Air); Level 9 Lurker, Page 32

Icetouched Umber Hulk (Large Natural Magical Beast); Level 12 Elite Soldier, Page 34
Chillreaver, Exarch of Tiamat (Huge Natural Magical Beast, Dragon); Level 17 Solo Soldier, Index Page 49

Remains of the Empire
Warwing Drake (Large Natural Beast, Reptile, Mount); Level 4 Skirmisher, Index page 77

Dragonborn Specter (Medium Shadow Humanoid, Undead); Level 4 Lurker, Page 67
Phantom Dragonborn (Medium Shadow Humanoid, Undead); Level 4 Soldier, Page 67, 76

Dragonborn Sniper (Medium Natural Humanoid); Level 4 Artillery, Page 71, 75
Dragonborn Brigand (Medium Natural Humanoid); Level 4 Brute, Page 71, 76
Dragonborn Venom Zealot (Medium Natural Humanoid); Level 5 Elite Controller (Leader), Page 74

Danger at the White Lotus Academy
Arborean Watcher (Medium Natural Humanoid, Plant); Level 7 Lurker, Page 86
Arborean Reaper (Medium Natural Humanoid, Plant); Level 7 Soldier, Page 86

Poltergeist (Medium Shadow Humanoid, Undead); Level 6 Artillery, Page 83 (Originally from Open Grave)

Practice Mannequin (Medium Natural Animate, Construct); Level 7 Controller, Page 82

Spell Weaver Collector (Medium Immortal Humanoid); Level 7 Solo Controller, Page 88

New Skill Challenges
Alliance at Nefelus
“Traveling to Icehome”
(Pilot an Apparatus of Kwalish [Adventurer’s Vault] under the ocean to
a destination); Level 14, Complexity 3 (3,000 XP), Page 23

“Escape from Icehome” (Escape a collapsing dungeon in a mountain/iceberg); Level 16, Complexity 5 (7,000 XP), Page 43

“Convincing Bejam” (Talk a reluctant politician into acting as an ambassador for his people) (Social); Level 15, Complexity 1 (1,200 XP), Page 44

Remains of the Empire
“Taming the Docile Beast” (Approach a tamed animal that lost its rider); Level 5, Complexity 2 (400 XP), Page 63

“Villagers on the Rampage”; Talk down a mob of teenagers from attacking an injured creature (Social); Level 4, Complexity 3 (525 XP), Page 64

“Ghost of a Chance”; Convince a phantom soldier that it was tricked into servitude by a false document (Social); Level 5, Complexity 4 (600 XP), Page 69

Danger at the White Lotus Academy
“The Library” (locate a book and escape); Level 7, Complexity 1 (300 XP), Page 84

New Traps and Hazards
Alliance at Nefelus
Seed of Winter (Artifact of cold that dominates creatures without cold subtype (save ends); Level 18 Trap (Blaster), Page 42

Remains of the Empire
Poison Mist (floor trap that releases poison gas, Immobilize + damage) Level 4 Trap (Lurker), Page 59

Collapsing Ceiling (Ceiling falls for damage and difficult terrain); Level 2 Hazard (Lurker), Page 75

Interesting Terrain Features
Alliance at Nefelus
Icehome (Iceberg Base; describes rooms and levels, etc.), Page 13

Stalagmites (Blocking Terrain, but creatures can move across corners), Page 33

Ice Bridge (Slanted bridge of ice that slides unprepared adventurers), Page 36

Runed Dais (Platform that allows surges to be spent as a minor action if an adjacent character makes an Arcana check), Page 41

Danger at the White Lotus Academy
Arcane Targets (Standing nearby reduces damage taken from Ranged Attacks), Page 82

Stone Dueling Area (Creatures in the area gain +5 to Death Saves), Page 82

Flame Retardant (Area where fire attacks do 2 less damage per die, and creatures gain +2 save vs. ongoing fire damage), Page 83

Freestanding Bookcase + “Bookcase” (Can fire through with cover + concealment, Can push over to cause prone + damage and difficult terrain), Page 83

Meditative Sundial (Creatures within 3 can take an extra Minor action 1/round), Page 87

Exotic Trees + Exotic Fruit Trees (Knock giant fruits from trees, causing damage + daze in burst 1), Page 87

New Items
Alliance at Nefelus
Ice Shoes (Found in “Features of the Area”; Speed Penalty, but ignore Difficult ice Terrain), Page 13

Elemental Prism (Wondrous Item that changes elemental damage type 1/encounter), Level 16 Wondrous Item, Index Page 50

New Vehicle
Alliance at Nefelus
“Brindol’s Pride” (features of the area); a small ship with crew of 12, Page 19

New Ritual
Alliance at Nefelus
Solace Bole (Transport party to a sealed chamber in the Feywild to rest, time passes more slowly in the real world); Level 12 (Travel), Arcana (No Check), Index Page 50

Remains of the Empire
Mindshape Warwing Drake (Tame a bound creature and make it a mount), Level 5 (Creation; Arcana or Nature), Page 59, Index page 77

New Template (Kind of)
Alliance at Nefelus
Icetouched Creature (gives resist 10 to cold and ice walk), Index page 45

Alliance at Nefelus
Amyria the Deva Paladin of Bahamut {Psuedo Paladin} (Medium Immortal Humanoid, Deva); Level 14 Elite Soldier (Leader), Page 18

Dungeon 166

New Skill Challenges
“The Coalition’s Leader” (Groom a person to be the leader of a coalition while making the competition look bad) (Social); Level 15, Complexity 5 (6,000 XP), Page 18
“Sway the Sky Shaper” (Placate a spirit of the sky to help your side of a fight while it goes on) Level 16, Complexity 1 (1,400 XP), Page 23
“Audience with the King” (Convince a fomorian king that you’re strong people, victory not obvious to PCs) (Social), Page 30
“Arzoa’s Secrets” (Try to interrogate an assassin while her mind degenerates into nothing) (Social), Level 18, Complexity 1 (2,000 XP), Page 37
“Release Cachlain’s Mind” (Try to break the mental control over a fomorian while fighting him and the controller) (Social), Page 42

New Traps
Flamejet Statue (Objects producing lines of fire, can be dodged with acrobatics), Level 1 Trap (Blaster), Page 62
Iron Maidens-in-Chains (Iron maidens that pull you inside), Level 2 Trap (Obstacle), Page 62

Interesting Terrain Features
Thorn Bushes (Difficult Terrain, take 5 damage when starting turn in or moving through them), Page 23

Magic Circle (Standing inside allows the character to “see” the surrounding area to concealment and see hidden creatures), Page 25

Murals and Scaffolding
(Murals don’t do anything, but the scaffolding is old and easy to make
collapse. The scaffolding is also highly flammable.), Page 61

Fiery Braziers (Oil-filled braziers, knocking one over creates a small blast of burning oil for Ongoing Fire Damage), Page 61

The Cauldron (Small puzzle to open a door by dropping in the correctly colored objects), Page 64

Wells of Fire (essentially holes full of magma, falling does falling damage and fire damage), Page 67

Dungeon 167

New Skill Challenges
“Disabling Calmachia’s Forge” (Disable a magical forge. Applicable to generic magical devices.); Level 7, Complexity 2 (600 XP), Page 27
“Negotiating with Jelia” (Convince someone working for bad guys that it’s better for her to work for you instead) (Social); Level 7, Complexity 5 (1,500XP), Page 30
“Stair Gate” (Break a magic gate blocking a stairway); Level 19, Complexity 5 (2,400 XP), Page 76
“Dock Gate” (Close a series of magic doors that enemies keep coming through); Level 16, Complexity 1 (1,400 XP), Page 86
“Iliyoru’s Flight” (Gain control over a magical ship and then use it to chase down an enemy vessel); Level 18, Complexity 4 (8,000 XP), Page 91

New Traps and Hazards
Arcane Turret (Like a Crossbow Turret trap from the DMG, but shoots “Magic Missiles” of Force) Level 6 Trap (Blaster), Page 21
Astral Nexus (Shoots around Radiant Damage); Level 17 Elite Hazard (Blaster), Page 73
Astral Vents (Push you up and drop you in an adjacent square); Level 19 Trap (Blaster), Page 60
Ghostly Flame Jets (Like DMG Flame Jet, but fire/necrotic and heals Undead rather than hurt them), Level 8 Trap (Blaster), Page 24

Ceiling Scythe (Very similar to DMG Pendulum Scythe); Level 6 Trap (Lurker), Page 21
Portal Fall (Invisible magic portals that drop junk on those below); Level 20 Elite Hazard (Lurker), Page 82

Razormesh Net (Net from the ceiling; causes Damage + Prone + Restrained); Level 6 Trap (Obstacle), Page 22

Arcane Generator (Deals Force Damage + Grants Temp HP to or revives Constructs); Level 7 Trap (Warder), Page 16
Calmachia’s Forge (A device that pops out minions each round); Level 7 Elite Trap (Warder), page 33
Catwalk Deadfall and Mesh
(The catwalk falls away, dropping 20 feet onto a net + Prone. If it is
just over something like lava, you take more damage on start of your
next turn.); Level 7 Trap (Warder), Page 26
Warding Hall Glyph
(Similar to a glyph of warding but on a wall; Uses Force Damage + slams
you into the ceiling and drops you on the floor); Level 7 Elite Trap (Warder), page 9

Interesting Terrain Features
Inert Golem (A large, deactivated golem; Can push over at an enemy for Damage + Prone and Grabbed); Page 20

Rune (Floor panels inscribed with magic construction rune; Arcane powers from characters on the rune gain +2 damage), Page 20

Cannith Seal (Dragonmarked characters who step on it gain +2 Saves for the encounter), Page 24

Safety Mesh (Metal netting over a pool of molten metal. Starting your turn there takes fire damage), Page 26

Catwalk (A catwalk accessed by ladders, with railings to help prevent falling off), Page 29

Chains (Chains hanging all along the ceiling, which you can climb around on like a monkey), Page 29

Rubble (Loose an slippery rubble; If you Charge, Run, or Double Move through it, must make an Acrobatics check or fall Prone), Page 60

Statues and Rubble (Fallen psychic statues; Difficult Terrain, and Psychic Damage + Combat Advantage when on it), Page 62

Pillars of Light
(Astral pillars of energy; One randomly moves each round, and if you
start next to or inside of one, you take Radiant damage + Slide), Page

Shattered Weapon Rack (Broken weapon racks
and weapons; Difficult Terrain, + if knocked Prone must make Acrobatics
check or take extra damage from sharp bits), Page 64

Doors (Conveniently soundproof stone doors), Page 64

Force Sphere
(Big magical sphere that shocks nearby targets with Psychic damage +
Vulnerable Psychic. Also knocks you back and Prone if you touch it),
Page 68

Illumination (Super-bright lighting that makes it hard to see after a few rounds), Page 70

Astral Haze
(Magical cloud that deals Radiant Damage and makes you float in midair.
Can’t move around unless you can fly or get pulled out.), Page 70

Astral Vortex (Basically a large, spinning pool of Radiant Damage. Once you fall in, it’s hard to get out.), Page 78

Gantry (A big crane arm you can fight on); Page 80

Log Piles
(A big old stack of tree trunks, or just huge logs; Can be climbed
over, or knocked over to make Difficult Terrain by Large creatures),
Page 82

Heat Hazard (Forges; 1d10 Fire Damage if you start adjacent, 2d10 if you “come into contact”), Page 84

Burning Slag (Molten metal; Fire Damage + Difficult Terrain), Page 84

Crates (Movable crates that can provide Cover while you push them along), Page 87

Makeshift Barricade (A wall made of crates; Can climb over or push over), Page 90

Deck (Deck of a vessel spiraling out of control; must make Acrobatics check or Slide 1 randomly each round), Page 96

Rigging Lines (hanging ropes that you can “Tarzan” onto an enemy vessel from with Acrobatics), Page 96

Grappling Cables
(Strong cables tying two ships together; can wrench free with Strength
or cut the cord from the launching mechanism; can also balance along
like a tightrope), Page 96


****Dungeon 168 Web of Chains, A Tyranny of Souls (SOW)****



“Approaching Elmhollow” (Question scared townsfolk about bad stuff going on in their town that they are afraid to talk about) (Social); Level 13, Complexity 3 (1,600XP), Page 11
“Finding Tu’narath” (Ask around for a way to infiltrate a dangerous city/location) (Social); Level 19, Complexity 5 (12,000 XP), Page 55
“Negotiated Passage” (Talk a guard into showing you a passage); Level 19, Complexity 1 (2,400 XP) (Social), Page 63
“A Turning Point” (Talk one side of a conflict into abandoning an ally, and possibly joining with the party) (Social), Page 76


Bushes (Flammable bushes; fire attacks can start actual fire), Page 14
River (Slow-moving wide river with logs floating downstream; Dangerous to swim among the logs, tough to fight on logs; see Barge), Page 18
Barge (Small boat stuck among the logs; stable fighting surface[?]), Page 18
Prisoners (Prisoners essentially being lowered into a pit of monsters; They die if left alone), Page 20
Cliffs (Slippery mountain slopes; If fall, move random number of squares down and take damage appropriate), Page 54

Vents (Cracks of poisonous steam; 1/round randomly blasts an attack), Page 54 
Crowds (A crowd of rapidly fleeing citizens; Makes moving in one direction tough for a while, but provides cover during that time), Page 57

Inner Sphere Gate (Huge adamantine gate; takes a while to open), Page 59
Statues (Weird, bleeding statues; if damaged they spray Concealing liquid), Page 59

Lightning Ward (Pseudo trap; If creature moves adjacent, damage and pushed back), Page 59-60
Crates (Stacked crates that can be pushed over; Changes area and chance for damage + Prone + Restrained), Page 64

Spike (Spikes sticking out of the wall; Creatures can be pushed into them for damage + Immobilized), Page 67

Driftmetal Chains (Strong chains that can be broken; As part of adventure releases a large floating tower), Page 68

Training Dummies (Animated practice mannequins with weapons; can dodge with Acrobatics), Page 73

Hermetic Circle (Impenetrable magic shield; Bursts Fire damage if touched, but can be disabled), Page 73

Supplies (Difficult Terrain; if Knocked Prone take 5 damage from “jagged bits and pointy things”), Page 75

Pillars of Necrotic Flame (Essentially what they’re named; Necrotic powers from adjacent do extra damage, but take damage if inside), Page 78

“Stained Glass Windows” (Very misleading; appear to be windows, but are actually mind-altering material that prompts allies to attack each other), Page 80

Fiery Pools (Lava-like pools of heat; Expected Fire damage, and also Concealment from heat radiation), Page 81

Heat (Apparent extremely uncomfortable heat; Creatures without a good deal of Fire Resist take -2 attack), Page 81

Uttercold (Essentially unstable elemental ice; Cold damage, and fire damage causes damaging steam), Page 83

Force Cages (Transparent barriers; Can be broken, deactivated, or Dispelled), Page 85
Emerald Idol (Statue that does area Ongoing Poison + Push), Page 87


Trethrix’s Palanquin (Small, hovering palanquin), Page 60
“The Merciless” (Astral Skiff, Gargantuan boat-like Vehicle), Page
This SO deserves a bump.

And for your efforts, you deserve

Thanks for doing this work for us, Kouk.
This is the type of thing I'd like to see included in the mag.
Fantastic work, and infinitely helpful!
This SO deserves a bump.

And for your efforts, you deserve

Thanks for doing this work for us, Kouk.

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Man, do i like this thread! Kouk, Here's to ya:
Man, do i like this thread! Kouk, Here's to ya:

Thanks, 4.

I have sorted the Monsters and Traps by their type and role. For monsters I first put typical PC races at the top, and monsters below. They are then grouped by role and alphabetized within each role.

Traps are sorted by role and alphabetized within each role.

I have also underlined all Roles.

If anyone has a format request I will consider it. I think this is more useful for DMs building adventures currently than sorting by page number.
[...] If anyone has a format request I will consider it. I think this is more useful for DMs building adventures currently than sorting by page number.

First: :D

Second, as for a formatting request: Could you perhaps remove the innermost sblocks and instead seperate the monsters/etc. with headlines? This would make it easier to read and browse, and it would be more obvious which article added what monster/trap instead of having to click open/close half a dozen sblocks. ;)
Second, as for a formatting request: Could you perhaps remove the innermost sblocks and instead seperate the monsters/etc. with headlines? This would make it easier to read and browse, and it would be more obvious which article added what monster/trap instead of having to click open/close half a dozen sblocks. ;)

Alright, done. I initially was concerned about lists being too long, but now I've made the inner text a bit smaller to keep the length down.

Tell me what you all think.
[...] Tell me what you all think.

Perfect! :D

However, I think in Dungoen 156 > Skill Challenges > The Last Breath of Ashenport the page number of the second entry is too big. Either that, or I really need to get new glasses. :P
Perfect! :D

However, I think in Dungoen 156 > Skill Challenges > The Last Breath of Ashenport the page number of the second entry is too big. Either that, or I really need to get new glasses. :P

Ah, the slippery bastard evaded the [size] brackets! I'll catch him yet!
Ah, the slippery bastard evaded the [size] brackets! I'll catch him yet!

Looks like you got him. :D

Thanks for the work to make this index. I'm sure many DMs (myself included ;)) will put it to good use.
Added new adventure, In the Depths of Avarice http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/duad/20080827

Nice pseudo-skill challenge in it, as well as a new Disease (which I have filed under Traps and Hazards).

A disclaimer on the last page (81 in the individual-article pdf) states that the adventure was written with incomplete versions of the rules, so presumably this has been in the works for a long time.
Added Massacre at Fort Dolor. Also added a link to Phaezen's Dragon Crunch Index: http://forums.gleemax.com/leaving.php?destination=http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php%3Ft%3D239640

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Excellent post!! Most definately keep going with this.

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Mudbunny SVCL for DDI Before you post, think of the Monkeysphere
Added Dark Heart of Mithrendain. Some interesting terrain features and "special effects" I filed under Traps and Hazards.

It was close, but WotC made the August deadline for Dungeon :D
Added Dungeon 158, The Shadow Rift of Umbraforge.
Added Sea Reavers of the Shrouded Crags (Dungeon 158).

Also introducing a new category, "Interesting Terrain Features" which consists of those terrain features I find interesting and applicable to a variety of encounters. I will go over the earlier adventures in due time, to pick some out from them.
There used to be a thread about the levels that the Dungeon adventures were for, but I guess it didn't make the transition or something, because I can no longer find it.

So, I have put up a new section 'Adventures by Level' dealing with 4th edition adventures, including a very brief description of each of them.
Added The Tariff of Relkingham, to finish Dungeon 158. Not a big update.


Anyone else noticing a trend with adventure plots?
Added The Tariff of Relkingham, to finish Dungeon 158. Not a big update.


Anyone else noticing a trend with adventure plots?

There are plots in the adventures ??? :heehee
Menace of the Icy Spire, Level 2 adventure, Dungeon 159

Bunch of interesting terrain features, and a few ice creatures.
There is a whole bunch of new creatures in the new adventure Ziggurat Beyond Time, one in particular being an ape that's been mutated to have insect like appendages. I must concede a certain fondness for that particular creature.
Unfortunately, my updates to this thread will be on hold for a little while longer until I can get a subscription started up.
I am now subscribed and will resume.

Updated with The Lost Mines of Karak, a level 6 adventure and part 4 of the Scales of War path. Lots of interesting terrain features, 4 new monsters (including the first behir), 1 NPC, 1 Skill Challenge and 1 magic item.

Still need to do The Ziggurat Beyond Time.

Updates to past issues of "interesting terrain" will be on hold until I can get some extended time off. Rest assured that almost all adventures have some neat things.
Added Ziggurat Beyond Time, Dungeon 159, the first Epic Tier adventure for 4th edition Dungeon. Finishes 159.

Contains a new race of aberrations, the Sebaceans, along with several of their altered servitors. Also has lots of Undead, and one new artifact.

I have now added a byline in the "Adventures by Level" section, so you can follow your favorite authors' work, even if you don't happen to need a particular adventure.
Added Trollhaunt Side Trek "Beyond the Trollhaunt," Dungeon 160.

Contains Trolls, of course, and one Drow necromancer.
Fantastic resource, thank you Kouk!
Thanks :D

Whew, added Den of the Destroyer from Dungeon 160. Big adventure, at least in terms of content to be taken. If you like Gnolls, you'll love this one.

Also sees two new Figurines of Wondrous Power and a weapon enchantment for longswords.
Added Tomb of the Sand King's Daughter (Level 25) and Summer's End (Level 18) adventures from Dungeon 160.

Tomb of the Dragon's Daughter is a giant, trapped maze -- and there are a lot of pretty nasty Epic level traps (17!), and some nasty terrain elements to go with them. Also showcases an ancient brown dragon. One trap takes up an entire room; a Solo difficulty trap.

Summer's End is a sample "Dungeon Delve" and is a string of encounters mostly. A couple of new monsters, such as a "Summer" Eladrin lord, and 2 new magic item types.

That should finish Dungeon 160.
Added the encounter "Ruins of Starmantle" and its three monsters and couple of terrain features from Dungeon 161.

Also have now added Terrain features from Dungeon 155 -- there were quite a lot of those actually.

Shifted the issues on each of the first two posts downward by one because of running out of room on the first post.
Added The Temple Between (Scales of War 6), Dungeon 161.

A few skill challenges, and some new fey and trolls.

Has very nice settings for the adventure to take place in, with some neat situations.
Added Touch of Madness (Level 10, Dungeon 161), Part 1 of the Tear of Ioun trilogy.

Has several NPCs-as-Monsters, as well as aberrations.
Dungeon 162: Fist of Mourning (Level 10, Scales of War 6.5) by Robert J. Schwalb.

Contains 3 skill challenges, and a bunch of monsters suitable for cultists willing to give up their humanity in exchange for power.
Added Winter of the Witch. Low-epic adventure filled with low-epic monsters and a minor artifact and longsword enchantment. Good amount of cold-themed terrain and monsters, particularly fey.
Level 11 - Depths of Madness (Tear of Ioun 2), Dungeon 162. Page 72. by Robert J. Schwalb
The danger to Wellspring has not abated, and it's up to the characters to delve deep beneath the town's streets to uncover the truth of the Tear of Ioun.
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