August 13th D&D Compendium Patch Notes

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D&D Compendium Patch Notes August 13th 2008

New Content

  • Data from the June Dungeon and Dragon magazines, along with a few adventures, are now viewable inside the Compendium. July magazine issues should be following shortly.
  • A new monsters tab has been added, from which you can currently see monsters from Dragon and Dungeon magazines, and our published adventures.

Interface Changes

  • Each category now has a “Show All” button. Pressing this button displays all the data contained in that category.
  • Two categories, Items and Monsters, have had advanced search fields added. You can currently only do advanced search or text search.
  • Noise word filter has been removed. This means that words like “the”, “an”, “of”, etc will now be searchable.
  • There are now three links at the bottom of the Compendium.
  • A link to Randy Buehler’s latest blog discussing D&D Insider.
  • A link to our forum thread discussing the Compendium.
  • A link to our Customer Service team to give us feedback and report bugs about the Compendium[/INDENT].

  • Human racial bonus was displaying incorrectly as +1 Any instead of +2 Any.
  • Numerous data bugs have been fixed as they’ve been discovered. Please send us feedback using the new links about any data bugs you discover.

Other Notes

You will soon begin to see data that has errata visibly denote that it has been errata’ed. If you come across any errata data that is either incorrect or not visibly marked as errata, please let us know.