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I know that this might seem like a minor point to most, but it's really intended for the designers/typesetters at Wizards/D&D Insider, and it's written by someone who has been a typesetter for over fifteen years:

Please turn hyphenation completely off for all typeset material in 4E since the styles use left-ranged text throughout. I can perhaps forgive having hyphenation appear in the body text, but even this is undesirable because it creates a moderately wavy line on the right rather than a proper left-aligned look. But please, as was done with the recent article in Dragon 365 ("Bazaar of the Bizarre: Treasures of Ashardalon"), do not set displayed material (the quote on p. 39) with hyphenation switched on: it looks bad and is unnecessary besides.

If you want a distinguished type designer's perspective on left-aligned text (he was very much in favor of it, and I agree), see Eric Gill's masterpiece, "An Essay on Typography," (there is a link from http://www.typebooks.org/r-essay.htm) as to how hyphenation in left-aligned text should be severely restricted to only a few of the longest words (he sets the entire book left-aligned). Large spaces at the right are not a problem with the line width you guys are using.

Apart from that, good job on the typography and layout: it's clearly been well-thought out.