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Does anyone know when the next Dragon Issue starts? Shouldn't Issue 365 July 2008 start today with the 7/2/2008 update?
Who knows when it starts but the Table of Contents is here

Is that meant to be a male or female elf?
All midriff points to female.
Is it just me or does that look like an artificer
I believe it is an artificer. Probably to match the article about the artificer.
Oh man, I was hoping Creature Incarnations was monthly
Wooo! Eberron campaigns can rejoice, for their Artificers have returned.
I'm glad/relieved/surprised that Dragon and Dungeon are back on a reliable schedule ;). It's one of the most noticeable indicators that the mags are finally getting back on track. I'd actually given up at some point, but the last month has seen some dramatic improvements, so I'm back to hoping for the best.

As a long-time reader and collector of the print mags, I had some reservations about the online format. With issue #364 complete however, I've seen the new format in action, and I think the new mags will be fine. They'll never be what they once were (to me, at least) but they're still enjoyable (worth buying), even if it is more as a casual reader and less as an avid collector. It's a shame that aspect of consumerism was lost when the print mags were canceled.

I really wish I enjoyed 4e more. With the magazine focusing on the new edition and me sticking primarily with v.3.5, there's a bit more "drag" in Dragon now :P. Heck, I can still look at all the purdy pictures. The artwork for the new edition has been more miss than hit with me but I'm enjoying the covers immensely. The Yeenoghu cover was awesome and this latest one is even awesome-er ;).
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