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This is actually a question that came to me after starting another thread about the rights of work. It seems people are sending in applications to Dragon magazine in the 10's and 100's without getting anything printed. It struck me that this is a complete waste of effort, of which it should be easy to avoid.

I thus wish to ask the Dragon leadership: Could you give us some brief descriptions every now and then on what sort of content you are looking for, so we have some rough guidelines toward your goals.

Alas, it would both increase the chance Dragon gets articles that fit your vision, and likely increases quality since more useful applications will be filed. It will also help us in the community, as we don't file applications that are doomed to fail because it doesn't fit the current idea of the editors (bad quality is another matter entirely).

I wouldn't suggest anything overly revealing, but something simple along these lines:

Applications in July: The far realm, Drow, Arcane magic, 3.5 conversions
Applications in August: Gnomes, Swashbuckling, Ninja, Dinosaurs
Applications in September: Ebberron, Rokugan, Role twisting, Horror

Not only is this useful to the Dragon leadership and potential writers, it is also a very simple and not overly revealing teaser as for what will come a few months later.

Some feedback would be greatly appreciated on this topic.


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I have to admit, it's extremely frustrating to toss article ideas out into a void, with possibly no response for months, with no idea if the concept is a bust, the sales pitch a bust, just too much other stuff... whatever.

When, yeah, I'd love to submit articles to fill actual wants. Ah well.
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