Treasure of Talon Pass

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So I picked this up on Free RPG, and I read through it a little bit.

My thoughts are: they really didn't do as much work for you as they did for H1 - KotS, so I'm going to have a lot of questions coming in this thread.

For instance: how do I calculate the treasure for the dragon encounter? There are three "treasure alcoves," should I just roll or make up treasure equal to the encounter exp?

They say that it's pick-up-and-playable but really there's a lot of work to do, it seems.
The treasure parcel listing is on page 2. Midway down the second column under getting ready to play. There is some setup with the parcels, but its all level for level picking and choosing.

I read this a bit more carefully and durrr. If I have more questions I'll bump this.
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