So When Will The DDI Features Be Available?

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So when will the Visualizer etc. be available?
Approximately four months before the release of D&D 5th Edition. ;)
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The compendium is available now :D

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I believe (and I think it can be found here) that they're basically launching things one at a time, with a month or more between each - once one is complete there's a month or so until the next...isn't that correct? So you're probably 6+ months from having the full suite available. That assumes that they consider the Compendium 'complete'...opinions vary....greatly.
you'll have a better chance of seeing a snowball make a circuit through hell than you will of seeing this stuff by this time next year. and that's being conservative. at the rate these people go, my grandchildren and i will be checking out DDI for the first time.
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