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I love 4e its great.

Your website on the other hand is a huge mess.

Links going to other websites that may or maynot load.

Logging in a few differnt times to get to the same place.

All this talk about D&D insider in the books and on your web site and yet no real info when it is coming out.. not even a coming soon type deal. It thought from all the talk in the books and web site that it was out and i should be useing it now.

I know crap happens and all. But is this even being looked at to streamline and make the site more user friendly?

you really should be able to plop down a child of 13 who has never used the website or D&D before and be able to navigate it well. I dont think that is happening.
I agree, the website is not easy to navigate. It seems as if it'd been better if they'd have scrapped it all and started over. Nothing is easy to find.

The natives are getting restless.