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I wrote to Dungeon at the [email]submissions@wizards.com[/email] with an inquiry about 4e submission guidelines. I wanted to know if they were now accepting proposals for 4e adventures and whether they were going to republish the templates they specify you must use as these are explicitly 3e. I only got an automated "thank you for your submission" so I thought I'd be better off posting here and see if anyone knew what sort of state WotC in as far as Dungeon adventure proposals go. I have a good one that I would like to write up properly and submit.

Alternately, I thought people might know if any other publishers are accepting 4e adventures, yet? I know there are companies out there that publish 3e modules, but are any going to 4e? I'd like to go with Dungeon but I've dealt with WotC before and it's been a painful, slow process.

Thanks for any replies,

Goodman games has announced that they are supporting 4e, and Joseph Goodman does take queries.

As for Dungeon... you're querying an idea first. Query it and don't worry about the template format unless it's accepted. If the editor accepts it, I'm sure he'll be happy to provide you with any templates you need for the write up, if they aren't already up by then.

- Ashavan
Okay, thanks for the pointer. I'm taking a look at Goodman Games now. As for Dungeon, you're absolutely right now I think about it. There's no sense in waiting around for 4e guidelines. I'll just improvise and it's there fault for not providing anything.


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