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Our group uses a projector and it would be great if the maps in dungeon could use a feature that Paizo uses. They place all the DM only info (room numbers, monster start locations, secret doors, etc.) on a separate layer. Would it be possible for WotC to do the same.

This really helps groups that use projectors or that play over the internet.

Thank you for your consideration

Hell I was going to ask for the same thing

except I have a full color plotter (36" wide paper) is there any way you can include all the maps (full 8x11 or 11x17) at the end of every artical? I know many GMs willing to print out maps on 8.5x11 and tape them together to run games...

just an idea

I doubt they will.

I am beginning to think it has to do with WOTC not wanting to pay more money to Cartographers.

I imagine that they would have to pay the Cartographers more for the Copyrights and they are to cheap to do that.
Ideally, it would be great if the maps could be posted in their original format (say Photoshop, or whatever). This would allow a DM to customize the map for their own campaign or even repurpose the map for a different situation.

Ideally, the maps would be provided in a variety of formats - 2 PDFs for ease of use/viewing (one with, one without DM information) plus the original source format (PSD, CDR, or whatever).

Even better if the images were provided under some open license that allows one to create and distribute derived works however, that would probably be asking a bit too much of the WotC lawyers.

I'd also like to see a little more flexibility with the maps. Since they are digital, it would be really excellent to be able to get the maps separate from the adventure or some other workable solution that accommodates groups with the resources to plot, or project, or piece together, or whatever.

FWIW, I also have the use of a plotter.
So you mean this more flexible format is less flexible than how Paizo use to deliver it?
huh? Don't get cute please.

The adventure pdfs are flexible and generally great. Concerning the maps, however, they are about the same. The difference being that Paizo would have had to actually print full scale maps to go with each adventure to meet what people are looking for now, while WoTC simply could to provide the digital maps as separate pdfs with the adventures.
it would be really excellent to be able to get the maps separate from the adventure or some other workable solution that accommodates groups with the resources to plot, or project, or piece together, or whatever.

Just to be clear, we know that you can save a copy of the image from the PDF. In Adobe Reader, select Tools/Select & Zoom/Select Tool. From there you can highlight the image and copy it to the clipboard. From there, you can paste it into any graphics program (e.g. MS-Paint, Photoshop, etc.).

The difficulty with this approach is that the resulting image:
1) is low-resolution, not really suitable for use as a background for tokens in an on-line virtual table or projected onto a screen.
2) contains DM-only markings that aren't suitable for the two scenarios mentioned above nor as a player handout.

Today, I have to perform the procedure above and then manually remove all the DM markings using Photoshop. This is a lengthy, time-consuming and imperfect process that still leaves me with a low-resolution background for my on-line games. It's frustrating to know that, in all likelyhood, a 5 minute operation using the original files would save me hours of work (presumeably, the DM markings are on a seperate Photoshop layer, so it's literally, just turn off the DM layer and re-save).

It would be nice if WotC made a slightly higher-resolution version without DM markings available or made the original source files available so that those of us with Photoshop can modify them ourselves.
What would make it really great (since they are doing PDF format anyhow), is to have the secret doors, room numbers, trap marks, etc on a different layer, and then you could flip off/on layers as needed. Not sure how difficult that would be but seems like an easy way to do it to me.
PLEASE provide us with higher resolution maps without DM markings. Sized to print correctly, i.e. so that each one inch "square" is 1 inch at, say 150 dpi. I don't have a plotter, but I do have access to an 11 x 17 color printer and I'm fine with taping things together.

How much does it cost to get a color plot at Kinkos? That's another option.

I already did this with Keep of the Shadowfell, but it was a pain in the ass. I had to scan each dungeon encounter, resize it, separate it in photoshop into 11 x 17 pieces, and then print off the 11 x 17 pieces. It'd be invaluable for these to be provided directly in DDI.

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