Dragon 364-Ampersand - 6/9/2008

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Bill Slavicsek wrote:
Last month, the release of H1: Keep on the Shadowfell, which includes D&D 4th Edition Quick-Start Rules and ready-to-play characters was a big success. Even though we moved the release date of the Player's Handbook to June so that we could release all three core rulebooks at the same time, we still wanted to get people playing 4th Edition in May. With the early release of the adventure, we were able to accomplish that.

As I write these words, we're in the final week of the build-up to the D&D Day, June 6th, when the core rulebooks hit the shelves. Yes, there has been at least one minor slip up by one outlet, and a few books got out early, but in general it looks like most distributors and retailers are holding up to their end of the agreement. We're really looking forward to an amazing rush of eager gamers heading out on Friday, and then participating in one of the many Game Days taking place on Saturday.

This week also sees the start of the roll out of our first full-on 4th Edition issues of Dragon and Dungeon Magazines. I love the updated look of the online magazines, the great content, and the new possibilities that fully tying the physical products to the digital content opens up for all D&D enthusiasts. The ride starts here, and it's going to be exciting!

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