Can't view Dungeon (or Dragon) magazines: says you must be a dnd insider

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When I try to view either Dragon or Dungeon magazines

(for example: the table of contents at:

I get an error page saying:

Dungeon articles require that you sign-in to D&D Insider to view the content.

But there is no way to become an insider! When you go to the insider page it says you can see the articles for free.

Where are people seeing table of contents? Same thing happens if I try to read any of the articles.

I called WotC cust. service about this and they said it was an error, but obviously other users are able to read the articles! How are others reading them?
If you enter correct email and your forum password you should become an Insider. There again the site has issues again that for some reason might not work well with your browser,
Plans are always subject to change.
that worked, thanks!
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