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I got a question about D&DI, especially the Character and Dungeon Builder. I am truly interested in these aspects and expected to find some info of them when I got my 4E PHB this month. But I find information to be a bit lacking, especially about if it already is available (and if not, when), and what prices and such will be. Anyone can help me out with some info on these new digital tools?
The only thing I am aware of is that it's going to be 15 bucks a month to use, 10 a month if you register for an entire year. As far as when it is going to availble I have no clue. If anyone knows that please post cause I am definitely interested in using the character builder.
Give some of the hard core players time... I am quite sure that some one will come out with a free and easy to use program for your home PC. I am still one of the old school players ( I play 2nd edition) and use the TSR ( BLASPHEMY) Core rules computer program. My group and I are going to try this out and see how well it plays, If we dislike we go back to Advanced because 3.5 was a stain on the name DnD... and even this edition is not DnD the way Our dear Gary wanted it to be... figuring he was writing a new system before he died.
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