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The seat of Yeenoghu’s power is a nameless
layer deep in the Abyss. Known as Yeenoghu’s Realm, it is a wasteland.

Oh really? I guess that explains why it is nameless.

Also, this guy is still vulnerable to flying ranged characters; anyone with a range of more than 22 can just fly around and drop spells or attacks on him, and he can't do a whole lot about them.
Arcane check (DC 25) to recognize that this should be lowercase, since uppercase implies that's the realm's actual name: Yeenoghu's Realm vs. Yeenoghu's realm.

I read this to mean that the nameless realm is *recognized* as the "realm of Yeenoghu" (as it were).

Bad choice of wording on the author's part but easy enough to overlook ;). Especially since I liked the article overall.

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As far as being vulnerable to flying characters, this is from the article:

Yeenoghu might lack the means of flight, but his evil will can deflect aerial attackers. If he faces airborne enemies, he pauses just long enough to wrap his opponent in bands of crushing force and then flings the foe away.

The Destroyer retreats when he is injured, imprisoned, or otherwise trapped. Like his rivals, he uses teleport to escape—doing so causes him to brood and plot.

When he is ready, he draws up his vast armies to mount a new assault augmented by overwhelming numbers of demons, savage gnolls, and other bestial fiends.

Yeenoghu would likely consider the tactics you describe as being "trapped" and teleport away. Might not be quite that simple (I'm still not solid on 4e combat tactics ;)) but that's what pops out at me.
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Pretty big if.

Looking at the ranged attack powers in the PHB, even at epics they're short range. A warlock is lucky to get over 10 squares. Wizard range caps out at 20 exactly, with some wiggle room by area attacks. Rangers and rogues are better off but would still take a -2 at that range, and with his teleport Yeenoghu could still get within range of them.
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