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Okay, so I am given to understand taht lots of cool articles will be coming through Dragon/Dungeon. Good deal. After having seen the latest DEmonomicon, I am even cautiously optimistic about it.

However, if alot of content (adventures in Dungeon, articles in Dragon, ect.) are going to be online, and you'll need to print it yourself, than can I make a request: CAn the various adventures, and the various article sections (Like the Demonomicon) get cover pages, so that when I print them for easy reference during table top gaming, I can put them in three ring binders with a cover page stuck in the front plastic to at least simulate a book? It would make things much better imo. Thanks ~ JWSIII
As far as I can tell, the individual articles are just snippets of a much larger, and finished, issue (consider the page 80 of one of the Dragon articles, I believe). If you wanted a "complete" printout, you may want to wait until they bundle the whole thing up at the end of the month - then you'd probably get a contents page and proper numbering too. Myself, I'll be exploring the option of getting it professionally printed (and bound) so that it can stand on my shelf next to the other books.
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