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ok i came across an issue about the character in the small quick player sheets, it is more of an basic attack issue

basic ranged att is supposed to be dex+Racial and class benefits

but by the player handbook i calculate +5 (+4 dex,+1 racial(dagger) for a first level halfling rogue but in the shadowfell book it gave it a +8 att so where is the 3 coming from?

so what is wrong with that; there are other inconsistencies for others characters if i try to transpose them into a sheet of the player handbook. Am i the only one wandering?
Proficiency with daggers gives +3 to attack (it's on the weaons table).

Hope that helps. :-)
Instead of giving penalties for lacking proficiencies (like in 3rd edition), you get a bonus to attack if you are proficient in 4th edition. The +3 you're missing is the proficiency bonus you get from wielding dagger.

Edit: Doh, Shular beat me while I dug out my KotS
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