A Big Thank You!

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We threw a party and everyone came!

I'm here at Neumo's for the Seattle D&D Game Day event, and wow, it's great to see everyone having fun. We've been packed from the moment we opened at 9 am, and the place is just rocking. People are playing D&D with our hand-picked DMs, including staff members such as Chris Perkins, Andy Collins, Mike Mearls, Chris Sims, Peter Schaefer, Rodney Thompson, and more. They're playing 3 Dragon Ante and D&D Minis. They're checking out the D&D Insider Character Builder. They're pouring over the great art of Raven Minmura. They're buying dice and books and dungeon tiles from Games and Gizmos, who's here with a small retail outlet. They're just having a great time!

It's really amazing. We've been working on 4E for so long, and now it's out ... in the stores ... in players' hands ... and everyone is having fun. It's very gratifying to see the response to the product, to hear how stores are selling out all over. Wow.

I just want to say thank you to everyone participating in a D&D Game Day event, wherever you are! Thank you for joining us on the next grand adventure! I'll try to get back on and post another report later in the day.

Bill Slavicsek
R&D Director, D&D