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This is something I was wondering: what new player races have, over the years, appeared in Dragon Magazine? Also, have any appeared in Dungeon?

On that same note, I vaguely recall once reading an issue of Dragon that had a number of new races in it, including a race of sentient plants and some critters that could be considered "prototypes" of the Warforged, in that they were constructs that acheived sentience. They were different in that they were actually created by Gnomes as unintelligent servitors, but the Gnomes set them all free when they found out that they'd somehow created sentient beings. Can anyone tell me what issue I'm thinking of? And/or give me a brief summary of what the races from that article were?

Finally, I vaguely recall reading one Dragon article that was about particularly evil spells for 3.5 edition. Can anyone give me a brief description of what these spells were? I think one of them basically created a half-fiend clone of the targeted creature that was obsessed with trying to kill them...
Check out this site, it might be of some help.

Or you could also check this one:

(look under races)

(They also have a 3.0 section on the left side of the screen that you can check under as well.)
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