Lich Queen Adventure: INVASION!!!

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It spanned Dungeon, Dragon, and Polyhedron. It was massive, had a great lich queen at the end, had red dragons, gith, etc. Invasion!! thats what it was called. Any thoughts on converting this to 4E or, perhaps any thoughts on how this adventure could cause the changes to 4E from 3.5E?
You mean:

"The Lich Queen’s Beloved" from Dungeon 100 with polyhedron 159
"Incursion" Dragon 309

No specific thoughts just now for conversion...(I don't have the books yet). I'm not even sure if there is an astral plane in 4e.

I guess the only really broad thoughts could be that the ripples of effect at the end of the adventure could lead to a massive planar reorganization (since the astral is a transcendent plane).
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