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So in another thread, I stated I'd be heading over to Sinister Adventures to buy some adventures, since WotC seems not to be putting them out currently, and when they do, I'd have to pay $15 for a whole bunch of other stuff to get a slow trickle of the things I actually want.

I wanted to give a (brief) review of what I found there to the people here....not to merely tout the goodies that Mr. Logue has created or support his fledgling company...but rather to point out a viable, impressive model of selling an emag or two.

Over at that site (google sinisteradventures and you'll find it or just click on my sig) there are products for sale to preorder (under the tab "dark vistas")...these are mega-adventure books. However, what I'm interested in mentioning are the "indulgences". These are individual articles that come out in "waves" once per month -that is, 4 articles ALL AT ONCE! You can preview the first page of each of them, see how much they cost individually (and buy them as such), and buy them as a "bundle" if you like for less overall cost.

These both support the megaadventure books and are independently awesome and useful. (I'm particularly ga-ga over "Mysteries of the Razor Sea"...which is $2.50 and is a first level adventure that deals with some really inventive roleplaying design moves and some sweet horror and also has a bunch of adventure seeds/ideas to broaden your gaming.)

Oh, and if you want to see what levels the adventure is written for in the blurb before you buy, guess what? YOU CAN!!!

So, if you want to point WotC to a more viable magazine model than we have been shown so far, you can post here about how much better that site is, (or disagree with me if you don't believe this to be the case) and show them how much you mean what you say by voting with your money.
Thanks for the link - some pretty sweet product there.
I found this site a while back while searching for game related material. I also love the format of how this can be viewed/purchased. The linked site is excellent for any gamer. Check it out.

I never even thought to bring it up here (as I have basically given up). Kodos A.
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