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I think WotC should abandon the current numbering system for Dragon and Dungeon. With the release of the first 4e issues, I think they should start numbering at issue #1. Using this suggestion, the "final" issue of Dragon in its current designation (v.3.5) would be #363, and the final Dungeon would be #154.

A new numbering system would effectively put some much needed *distance* between the lackluster trail period of the online mags and their (hopefully) fresh start under 4e. It would be a symbolic move beyond the disappointments of the last few months.

Continuing with the current numbering would just be so much baggage ;).

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Am I the only one who's going through D&D withdrawal? With 3e done and did, I'm waiting for 4e. The mags would have been a nice opportunity to see some early, official material for 4e (for me at least); that is, something beyond "previews". I'm guessing however, that the 4e issues won't be ready by the time the books are released in the next couple of weeks.
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I recommend Ezine Dung #1 for starting Number for Dungeon and Ezine Drag #1 for Dragon.

They don't need a Designator other than Date actually...since the real Mags ended already.