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though I've been disappointed in the DDI, I have to thank WotC for doing this. It shows some commitment to 3.5, and gives us some better understanding of what 4.0 will offer for epic characters.
I also have been sorta blahed by DDI thus far, But this article was pretty awesome, something cool and currently useable, yet also a thematic preview of 4th. *appluades*

Maybe there is hope!
It was fantastic!

I loved the article.

I liked the "feel" integrated well with the "crunch" and it being a really big difference to be epic as opposed to the run of the mill hero.

I don't know why this thread is in Dragon magazine, though....

It's not like they've put out a dragon article in a few weeks.
I don't know why this thread is in Dragon magazine, though....

It's not like they've put out a dragon article in a few weeks.

I know, I start the day looking in the Features Pages now, so when I saw this thread I went back to the features to see what I had missed. Then I saw your post Aber.

I think they promised this article to us in Dragon at some point.

That being said; here is the article

And it is a doozie. I love it when crunch and fluff come together so nicely.
Wait a sec...

Did they move the article from the features tab to dragon magazine???

I must be losing it.

Ah, well, again...good article.
DemiGod !!!!

Blasphemy !!! :raincloud
I completely missed the fact that I was reading a 3.5 article until I noticed things that were suppose to be gone in 4th edition.

3.5 Epic Destinies just look awesome, I can't wait to see the 4.0 versions.
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A emoticon would be soo appropriate right now. I've never been a big fan of epic games, but with so many exciting ideas here, I'm wondering what I've missed. It also did its job in that I'm anticipating 4e now, since epic destinies are an integral part of epic play (as mentioned).

Only the most successful of articles can generate such excitment and anticipation ;). A sincere thank you to Logan Bonner, Eric Deschamps and John Moriarty.
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I've been a big critic of the new Dragon, but only four words adequately describe the new article on 3.5 Epic Destinies.

Crowning Moment of Awesome!
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