Why I won't pay for DDI right now but WILL in 6 months after launch

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Pretty long title huh:D

Well, as to the topic, I've been on the net long enough to remember when SKR actually didn't work for WOTC and was a pain in the ass to the previous netrep for TSR.

So, I've seen this before from WOTC. Several years back, there was a M:TG/CCG magazine from WOTC called The Duelist. Pretty much the M:TG equivalent to DRAGON/DUNGEON magazine. Arguably at the height of its popularity when most companies were still pooh-pooh the "online magazine" model, WOTC cancelled it and had M:TG.com be "the magazine".

The funny thing is the first six months were just plain bad and the whole year was shall we say, "uneven". I (and others) couldn't see why WOTC had cancelled The Duelist since the articles were way superior than what was on the website.

Now, its been a few years and there isn't anyone I imagine on M:TG boards who would pay for the Duelist. M:TG.com is way superior plain and simple.

The same thing happened with the launch of M:TGonline. It seemed like Servers were down almost constantly, there were "bugs" in how games worked and it pretty much was just a prettier version of magic workstation I thought. Now though?

It is significantly better and I would actually recommend it to people that like M:TG but don't have a playing group around (which is what its main audience is).

So I fully expect for the 1st year, DDInsider to Not Function and I have no intention of paying to be a Beta/Alpha tester and I personally won't recommend it to friends. However, I personally don't hold this against WOTC since really, unless you're Blizzard (or maybe, Bioware), no game company can afford to hold until an online game is totally bug free.

Still, if M:TG.com and MTGonline are anything to go by, WOTC gets its act together about a year after launch so I'll check back then.
I think you have a good point and I agree, things will get better-- eventually. The "eventually" really bugs me though.

So much time, money and effort is involved in publishing a magazine. Millions of dollars, just on start-up, I hear. How can big timers like WotC screw things up so badly? Until someone within takes the time to ask and find the answer, things won't get much better.

I think the new edition has been rushed by the higher-ups (not necessarily the designers or the staff themselves). I think its affected the D&DI rollout. Hopefully, once the 4e launch is behind them, things will improve. That's no sure thing though, and all we can do is wait and hope for the best.

I prefer print, but I really want Dragon/Dungeon to succeed online. I enjoy the contributions of the authors, the articles, and what they bring to our games. I will honestly miss them if they are allowed to flounder into obscurity. In other words, I want to continue to support a quality product, regardless of format.

I can't imagine any business remaining successful with this kind of lack-luster performance. And that's my two coppers-- for now ;)
/\ Art

I am a fan of your posts. You often say what I hope to say, but with less, uh, pomp/vitriol?

Basically, I want to second every single thing you just posted.

I want Dungeon and Dragon to continue to live on.

Right now they're looking like undead...not intelligent undead, but more like skeletons and zombies...mindlessly shuffling along.

It is incumbent upon WotC to breathe some life into these husks. I am hoping (perhaps hoping against hope) that they will do so.

I personally have NO interest in insider apart from these magazines. Give me great magazines at an appropriate price, and I will pay. I have dropped multiple thousands of dollars on 3.0/3.5. I'll pay again, but only if it is worth it.

I desperately want it to be worth it.

Thanks for the support, Aberzanzorax . Its an effort to control the vitriol at times. Ranting is good for venting, but I've learned that keeping a level-head is vital to being constructive on an issue.

I think its important for those of us who care about the future of the magazines to be as helpful as we can. This is a "trial-phase" in more than one sense ;). I don't agree with the response time, but they are listening, I'm positive; its just going to take much more time than we want.

In keeping with the topic of the thread, then: I will buy the D&DI, more or less because I want to support the contributions that I've enjoyed so much over the years. There would be no magazine if not for the writers and artists, and I thank each and every one of them. The staff helps too, of course-- let's not forget them ;).

That, ultimately, is why I want to see Dragon and Dungeon succeed-- not so much for WotC's sake but for the contributors.
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Thanks again for grounding me (in the good way that prevents lightning from setting your house on fire, not the bad way that your parents do to you when you miss curfew).

I want it to succed, but not for the same reasons as yourself.

As I have been told by many, many WotC apologists: "it's a company, and it's trying to make money".

Sure, (although I don't think that is anyone at WotC's sole goal...if it were, they'd be in investment banking, not roleplaying....but I digress) so if making money is a goal, one has to imagine that putting out a quality product (quality being measured by what people will actually pay for) as soon as possible would be a high priority. This would be especially true if they want to "go digital" as they have claimed.

I want it to succeed because it is worth buying. Quite frankly, I am acting in the role of selfish consumer. I want it to succeed because it is good. I want it to fail if it is bad. Basically, I want to see a quality magazine (like I used to get) that is priced appropriately and worth getting.

I have spent a lot of money on D&D. I expect I'll spend quite a bit more. My hope is that it will be on refinements and advances. My worry is that it will be on revamping 2nd and 1st edition products.

I very likely won't buy DDI. At first.

One of my worries is that I may never get a good preview that will draw me in to buy it at all. (I've heard several WotC proponents concede that the current "preview" is lackluster at best).

Without a preview, why give away my money? There are still tons of 3.x products out there at falling prices.

Is $15 per month worth D&D insider when compared to what you can get from Amazon marketplace or ebay?

Each person must make up his or her own mind in that reagard.

I just got Ptolus for $45. That's going to be more than three months of insider products worth of material at the current rate, I can assure you.
(672 pages of goodness??? versus... whatever WotC manages to leak out??)

I think 4E will be good, but insider?????

Give me a preview of what will be worth buying.

Give us what we all hope/expect from the leader in gaming...

Meet the "mission statement" or "bar" that you set for yourselves that I have in my sig.
Dungeon and Dragon magazines are industry titans, with storied histories. As the D&D game has evolved, so too have the magazines. Our goal going forward is to provide you with great content plus much more utility than print magazines can allow. Don’t believe me? Heck, both Chris Perkins and I started our careers in the industry on these magazines. And speaking for myself, I wouldn’t be walking this path again if I didn’t think it was worth it, or if I didn’t think we couldn’t do an even better job this time around.
---From the 8/16/07 editorial to both Dungeon and Dragon

I'll buy that.

Without a second thought or regret.

Just show us the *** **** product already. You have a willing customer right here if it is passable or better.
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