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Does anyone know which issue of dragon listed other colored dragons besides the standard red, black, blue, green, and white?
This is a sarcastic post, so don't pay any attention to what I have to say. Being from the DEED deep south, the phrase "colored" dragons conjures up images of dragons not being allowed in restaurants, and being generally persecuted because they are "colored". I can't help but think of "whites only" dragons and "colored" dragons. Anyway...totally off topic and probably not worth bringing up to begin with. Hope everyone has the slightest sense of humor.
According to Paizo's Dragon Compendium hardcover, which has 3.5 edition stats, they were previously published in Dragons #65 (Sept '82) and (presumably updated) in #248 (June '98). The original article was by Richard Alan Lloyd and covers orange, yellow, and purple dragons.
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There isalso a Brown Dragon. Unique among true Dragons because he's flightless.
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