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That article seems to be a reworking of the Headless Horseman of the Raveloft campaign setting (from the 2nd edition product Dark Lords I believe), but with the Zhent twist to make it fit in the FR. The fog and mist tralling the HH of FR would be a good connection between the two.

The HH of Ravenloft was interesting, he was a Dark Lord of a pocket domain (a misty dark road) that appeared anywhere (the DM wishes) and cuts the heads of travellers with his vorpal sword.

Jacqueline Montarri of RL's Monstrous Compendium appendix I and II, was also based on that principale, but she did it to have a fresh new face now and then.

Maybe the HH of FR is the HH of RL, he just appeares all over the multiverse on set intervales.

Hmmm... Wonder how the HH would fit in Spelljammer? I'm serious. Really.

Anyway, that article, aside from the lack of originality, should have been in the october issue and the HH should have stats.
Didn't really seem to be an article as much as a long adventure hook.

If I'd paid for it I would have been upset.

As it is I prefer the Ravenloft version better. You're correct by the way, he was in Darklords.

The HH in Spelljammer? I would guess a very short encounter (he rides across one of the decks of the ship and disappears in a cloud of mist and eerie laughter).
He would get his own little ship which appears, sideswipes another, then vanishes.
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