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With the pay to play features of DDi coming in a short few months, I'm looking through the content currently available to evaluate if it is worth my buck. What concerns me is that the past 2 editions of Dragon (361 & 362) and all of the Dungeon magazines are missing the complete compiled PDF format. The only edition that has the entire months content in 1 pdf is Dragon 360.

This is a big concern for me, as I do still prefer to print and read in paper format, use the materials as paper, etc.

This was a feature that was supposed to be there at the end of each month. Has any heard why this is not happening on a regular basis?
Someone has been smokin crack up in the VP lounge at WotC. I'm a business man, I know that you need to keep this fresh to stay ahead of the game, but some of the decisions they've made the last couple years have been retarded! Paizo was doing a GREAT job at the magazines and then they say there will be all this exclusive content and stuff on their own website. Uh, what happened to all of the promises? Thought we'd be able to download the issues, so we can take them with us to our sessions and such? I'm very disappointed with these guys. Guess I'll hafta stick with Warhammer, since I can actually collect the SPECIFIC miniatures I want, and I can vent my frustrations with WotC on another player. RPGs have just been losing my passion...
I think the reason it is not being done right now is only because it is still a new system. They haven’t found their feet yet. I bet in a few months they will start having the PDF up on time.

Now as for weather the DDi will be worth paying for. If you are only doing it for the magazines, I would say no. so far the Online Dragon seems like nothing but advertising for 4e. they haven’t published anything I could use in my game since they took the magazine back from Paizo.

They will have a bunch of other things such as online books, and online game aids for 4e. if you are interested in that the I would consider signing up for the DDi.
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