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Just saw this posted on the Paizo Forums

Posted by Christopher West
"Hi folks! Sorry for my absence lately; I've been very busy and didn't have much to report, in any case.

Maps of Mystery news: WotC has two new Maps of Mystery from me that haven't been posted yet. I got quite a bit behind on them originally and was responsible for the long delay in new MoMs, but I'm surprised they haven't gone up yet.

They're a pair of maps, thematically related, that connect to form one bigger map, similar to what I was doing in the print version of Dungeon. I've been asked several times to do a Dragon Graveyard map, and I think those looking for such a map will be quite pleased by these.

Posted Yesterday, so lets start the countdown till thier appearance.
Tic Toc . . . Tic Toc
Only one Map of Mystery in three magazines.

You'd think since Maps of Mystery are equally useful in 4th Ed as 3rd Ed it would be the one column really worth doing.

I would not be surprised if these Maps of Mystery were kept for the 4E launch since they seem to be pretty impressive from the description.
Or Maybe they are saving them for the Christmas Issue

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