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I'm wondering whether more classic reprints are on the schedule for release? Maybe some module reprints besides S or A series? G Series would be cool.


Also pre ordered the starter box and the 5e core books, so looking forward to them. 

I don't think that any more reprints are likely to be done - though I expect, eventually, basically every D&D product from the game's history will be available in PDF from (or other one bookshelf webfronts).


The reason I don't believe more reprints likely is that the new system is coming out, and there will be plenty of products which WotC will be releasing and that will likely keep their staff too engaged to have time to pretty-up any other classic stuff... plus, releasing anything not immediately compatible with their new edition after that new edition hits stores increases the chances of customer frustration and confusion, both of which are things to avoid in order to keep people interested in new products.

ATTENTION:  If while reading my post you find yourself thinking "Either this guy is being sarcastic, or he is an idiot," do please assume that I am an idiot. It makes reading your replies more entertaining. If, however, you find yourself hoping that I am not being even remotely serious then you are very likely correct as I find irreverence and being ridiculous to be relaxing.

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