Make or Break Deadline approaches

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I was going to comment in the Legends & Lore article entitled "Traits, Flaws, and More" article but then thought about it and decided to post it here.  All the slow leaks about what  DnD Next will include is jibber-jabber. A hard deadline approaches and I think it's this week.


Gencon event registration is coming soon and the event list will be published imminently. If Wizards fails to load up on DnD Next/5e events and make this the coming out party the product needs, it would be an epic fail. They'll have failed their save, rolled all 1's on d20's and will fall into the Abyss without a chance to pull themselves out of the pit. 


Last year was a disaster. Wizards was unable to satisfy demand for game play as all sessions for games sold out instantly. They might think that having full sessions was good. It wasn't. It locked out players and turned many players over to Pathfinder and other games. If the problem was the lack of volunteer DM's then the solution is to have employees run games.


This is a make-or-break year for Wizards. Let's see if they roll a natural-20 or another 1.

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