Night of the Hunter Excerpt

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Night of the Hunter Excerpt

Sample Chapter

By R.A Salvatore


In the 4th book of the multi-author Sundering series, Richard Lee Byers introduces Anton Marivaldi—a renowned reaver with an insatiable thirst for bounty and a moral compass that always leads him toward the evil he’s never tried.


Talk about this excerpt here.


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Was it mere coincidence that the drow word for advisor was duvall?  (Robert Duvall played the consiliere (advisor) to the Corleone family.)  I tried asking R.A. Salvatore on Facebook, but was met by silence.    


I thought it was a cool homage to the Godfather... Just sayin'. 


I liked the excerpt.  It was enough to make me want to pick it up, but the Companions is first!  Bring it on! 

Heh, hypothesis confirmed (sort of) by the Salvatore, himself...