New D&D Encounters Adventure: Dead in Thay

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The next D&D Next adventure title and release date was revealed on Wizard Play Network - Dead in Thay 


D&D Game Day: March 08, 2014 - April 07, 2014


Event Date: March 08, 2014 - April 07, 2014

Plaguescarred wrote:

The next D&D Next adventure title and release date was revealed on Wizard Play Network - Dead in Thay 


D&D Game Day: March 08, 2014 - April 07, 2014


Event Date: March 08, 2014 - April 07, 2014


The summary for it says its a tribute to tomb of horror, and will offer deady challenge. That hardly seems appropriate for Encounters.



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When is this adventure going to be released to non encounters players?

I expect the adventure be be released for public and also be used during the season of D&D Encounters like others have been since Murder In Baldur's Gate.

It's available now for encounters if I have read correctly but when exactly will it be available on did I really hoped they would have released a physical version I really enjoyed the campaign material and dm screen.

No the schedule for in stores program for it has been open but the adventure Dead in Thay hasn't been released yet. The GAME DAY is may 10, so it should come out about this time. IDK if it will be released as paperback, PDF or both.

It's scheduled to be available for purchase/download on Tues, April 29.  


Tweets & other info from WotC folks indicate that it'll be like that all-over-the-place Vault of the Dracolich, designed to have multiple parties going multiple ways for 13 weeks through a HUGE dungeon, with no concern given to players who might switch tables, or have to combine with another party that went another way if not everyone from their first table shows up that week.  Hopefully they don't add in the disruptive (and potentially upsetting, given how many parents who play with their kids we have) mechanic that forces players to switch tables and move away from their friends/family that they're comfortable playing with.


It's looking like, much like VotD, this'll be SUPER FUN for a zany convention setting, and miserable for folks looking for a more consistent, regular in-store experience.  I hate to be negative, but when choices are made to make it harder for the stores that are currently promoting their products for free (not like stores get any cut of the PDF sales), it just really gets me riled up.  Hopefully the adventure will be good enough and there'll be a discernable-enough plotline that we can convert it to work in the traditional Encounters setup. 

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The Dead in Thay Launch Weekend kits are out. We've got a preview including pictures of that fantastic map over at Dugneon's Master.


D&D Encounters: Dead in Thay (Launch Weekend) – Preview


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I re'd my encounters kits yesterday. The kit was missing the players maps. Has anyone received these?

FYI - there are no printed player maps provided - DMs have to print their own for handout. Question: Its the release day for Dead in Thay. Yay! Have the Encounter Program codes to get the module been sent out to the participating stores?

No maps for the players.  Gee, what else will they saddle their DMs with?

OK, having read the adventure, I got one word to sum up my opinion of this adventure:




Neither as a player or a DM.

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