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Alright you clueless lot, listen up!


Them high up men at Wizards are sitting on a pile of untapped jink and I don't believe they're complete leatherheads, but I can't see why they aren't taking advantage of this.


So they've reprinted old editions and made available PDFs of modules and accessories, what are they missing? Campaign settings! Those old, glorious box sets that bring the worlds to life and set many a DM's mind alight.


Now, all one of those bloods has to do is look at an old box set (let us say, the planescape campaign setting) and do one or all of three things...


1) add those books: player's guide , dm guide to the planes, monster compendium and Sigil and beyond as PDFs to dndclassics.


2) combine the Sigil and beyond, monster compendium and the dm guide to the planes into one hard back, with the maps in the back (like the third edition campaign setting) and have the players guide in a soft back (similar to the 32 page pathfinder player guides).


3) do a glorious, premium reprint of the box set, as was but brand spanking new.


there will be a few outsiders who will accuse wizards of being cross trading knights, "charging jink for old rope". To them, I say, "pike it berk!"  Those sods clearly don't know the dark of d&d.


Now, who's palms does a body have to garnish to make this happen?


I approve of these suggestions.

I approve of these suggestions


They are letterheads dear OP but perhaps not hopelessly so.

Beware the shadow

Sounds good.

These new forums are terrible.

I misspell words on purpose too draw out grammer nazis.

While I have no fathoming of these charts of which you speak, I like the cut of your jabber despite.

I just want a reprint of all of the 2e Forgotten Realms maps on foldouts.  I love having my D&D files as PDF, but it doesn't work well for the foldout maps.  

I'd buy a map-pack loaded with full-size reprinted color maps. They could make different packs for different campaign settings. They could even put free pdfs of the contents as advertising (here's what you get in this pack!), since it would be cheaper to buy the product than print it out yourself, and the target audience is people who want the physical copy.

I second everyone wanting good maps.  I love maps.  I might buy a really nice version of stuff that I didn't even play just to decorate the game room.

Beware the shadow

I won't be returnin to the flyin donut after I crossed ol dagger face just to feel the fear.


Been hidin in the prime ever sense.  


But there's an ol Bariar an his mates drifting in Limbo I could visit if I could only find my charts. 

Edition wars kill players,Dungeons and Dragons needs every player it can get.

Howdy cutters,


I'll be moving this thread over to D&D Future Releases (currently the go-to burg for the dark on previous edition reprints).



All around helpful simian

Thanks cutter, wasn't sure where to put it! 


Separate map folios (again similar to pathfinder ) would also be brilliant. Let us hope these high up men see enough bashers want to part with their jink for this!

Maps. never too many maps.

I would just about sell my soul if they'd reprint old maps in rolled up tubes rather than folded. The folds really killed the maps after just a couple of years of use, and there was no way to get them to lay really nicely flat that way. God, I'd pay top dollar for the old 2e FR map (for example) in a nice premium format, rolled-up in a tube -- and imagine if they could be laminated on top of that! Nerdgasm!!

I'd would *LOVE* some deluxe campaign setting map folios with maybe a full-setting roll-out map for most settings, but particularly Dark Sun. I know they have one roll out for Tyr/Tyr Region but I want the Crimson Savanna, Dead Lands, Last Sea, Scorched Plateau, and Sea of Silt Region all combined into one large roll-out, then have at least 1-page, if not fold-out maps (with 1 page legends on the opposite page) for all the major settlements and maybe some of the important smaller POI's as well. It would be awesome if they could do this map as a print model with free layered digital downloads as well. 


I honestly feel like if they adopted this model (which is, I think, far easier than doing the printed re-releases for all the rules books), that they could make bank because 1) They are about as edition neutral a resource as you can get. 2) They require much less material to make than rules books 3) They require much less editing than rules books 4) Everyone loves them, and they some of the more time-consuming things to make on your own. 

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