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Just a thought; When it come time to release the next edition of Gamma World please leave the Collectable Card Game out of it

The 4th edition release would have been great had Wizards made it like D&D 4E and not a CCG wanna be...

It would be nice to have Gamma World 5E Compatable with D&D 5E for possible crossover senarios
I would like to see a Gamma World for 5E as well. Something more like GW 4E (the green book) but updated using 5E rules would be great. However, I am still waiting for D&D for 5E to release (don't even have a date yet!) so it may be a few years until more niche products become an option.
I would like use the rich mitology of Gamma World and d20 Future (Star*Drive, Dark*Matters, Star*Frontiers) like races and monsters in the D&D games, but the GW monsters have be designed to fight againts PCs with firearms. 

* If you wish a crossover I advice you first we need playtesting about firearms and teslapunk tecnhnolgy.

* Gamma World coud be perfect for a FPS+MOBA arcade. 


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If and when Wizards decides to produce the next iteration of Gamma World I would hope they would opt to let us play test the material be for jumping ahead with another 4E style debacle.

And there is truly no place for a CCG (Collectable Card Game) aspect in a role playing game!

I try to own every edition of Gamma World and to date in my humble opinion the last two iterations of Gamma World have been real stinkers

the 3.0 - 3.5 version required the use of the D20 Modern rules which I found to be very confusing and then there was the 4th edition debacle where Wizards decided to make Gamma World into a combination CCG / RTS which to date every time Wizards attepts to add any kind of card based system to thier products it fails miserably, just look at Drangonlance 5th age!

There was no CCG in Gamma World for 4e. 

There were cards that came in the three sets.  These cards were useful for simulating the randomness of the setting.

Calling it a CCG would be like calling Risk a CCG because it has mission cards in the box.

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Gamma World 4E is a CCG due to the  random card packs with common, uncommon, Rare cards, yes there were cards in the Gamma world expansion sets but there were also CCG style booster packs which I did by a few of,  so don't tell me Gamma World 4E did not have CCG built into it, I've played several CCG games over the years and know quite well how CCG games work


I've NEVER seen those random booster packs and never saw them flaunted anywhere.  I assumed you got EVERYTHING in the three box sets. 

Sorry, I guess I was mistaken. 

Before posting, why not ask yourself, What Would Wrecan Say?


A great man once said "If WotC put out boxes full of free money there'd still be people complaining about how it's folded." – Boraxe

The collectible element was tacked on and completely optional. The game runs fine without any of the boosters.

I ran a Gamma World 7e game that lasted about 5 months. None of my players felt like buying the boosters even though they were available at our LGS. None of them wanted to make personal decks out of alpha/omega cards in the box set either. They enjoyed the randomness. Obviously my groups experience is not indicative of anyone elses.

This is not a competitive game in the same sense most CCGs are. The draw to buy them is significantly less than a game like MTG.

I like having the treasure (omega tech) printed on cards. It makes it easy to distribute. I love this edition of GW and plan on using it for many years to come regardless of WOTC's future plans for the franchise.

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Marandahir wrote:
I assumed you got EVERYTHING in the three box sets. Sorry, I guess I was mistaken. 

Yes, and no. You could play GW just fine with only the cards in the box, but you could also buy booster decks to build onto the core set. The idea that a player could buy a random pack and use those cards as a random character was actually pretty neat.

The problem was that most folks couldn't get the cards unless they spent a lot of time buying booster packs and hunting for the rare cards. I would rather have seen complete add-on booster decks for sale with all cards inside instead of little random packs.

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