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is this happening? ever? has there been a date set? if not, is there any way i could get an email or something when a date is set?

i was under the impression that i was gonna open up my pre-ordered books, see a web address i could go to, & start playing online day one. that obviously is not the case. the game's been out for nearly a month now, & i still haven't seen any news on when we're actually going to be able to do all of these online things that were pushed as major selling/advertising points of 4.0. getting a little angry at WotC at this point. the magic stupidity announcement hasn't helped either, but that's for another forum.
Muddle a bit around in the D&DI boards,
a summation has been put in here I hope this helps, but it'll probably be more fuel for the fire.

Short answer, we don't know when their going to come out with it... At the LEAST it's going to be October, but I'm thinking it may take them longer.
Ken said there would be at least a month between each component. And that's if they have them ready for the whole one per month (hence the October thing). As the game table needs the others to be fully functional, it's going to be last. so I'd say in my opinon it'll be January at least... but I hope to be surprised.
so we get to build characters we can't play, look at them, and build dungeons we can't play, for a month each, in no particular order, and then we actually get to finally play? and of course there will be plenty of issues with the game table as far as bugs & lag go for the first month or two...

who wants to take bets on what comes out first between playable D&D Game Table & WoW's Wrath of the Lich King?

/sigh.... damn these evil corporations.... oh well. i suppose a year from now i'll be playing with eladrins, death knights, & mythic rares, wishing things could go back to the way they were....

thank you Wotansman for pointing me in the right direction. ken does at least seem like a nice enough guy.
No prob.