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My Intro Liine says it all... I have a friend who is workin' with me on an exchange program from the Ukraine, and when I described my current v.I AD&D campaign beginnings, he was overwhelmed! He was awed that it sounded just like a book or story, and that the point of The Game was to Bcome the central characters in the Tale to influence the story from Bginnin' to End. But he has explained that his comprehension reading English is only 50% or so, & that if the rules were in Russian, he would be able to read it totaly...
So therein lies my dilemma... My Gamin' Group wants to send back to the Ukraine the corebooks of v.IV D&D with my friend, Olecsander, to a place in the Ukraine where he says he has never in his 21 years heard of anything even like D&D...! SO if anyone can tell me if I can aquire the three corebooks in Russian yet, or am I jumpin' the gun a bit on the translations of the rules to other languages? PLEASE if you can assist us, I would be very GR8ful... help me send back with Olecsander the NEW v.IV D&D to his native country, where he lives in an as-yet unexplored "Realm" by The Game...:D
I'm afraid I believe they only have the books in English at the moment. I could be wrong, but I haven't heard of any multilingual release.

You might want to send him a 4e Player's Handbook along with either a few notes explaining aspects, or go over aspects of it over the phone/MSN/e-mail with him. The book is generally quite easy to read, although I am a native speaker, so I'm not sure how difficult it would be for a non-native.

I always found that D&D is first learned best by playing, rather than reading, so if you could do something like play-by-post with him that would help too.

Sorry I can't be of more help. Good luck!
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Thanx a Million! That is most appreciated and I am most gracious for your assistance...
~ Brian M. Galloway
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I'm afraid I believe they only have the books in English at the moment. I could be wrong, but I haven't heard of any multilingual release.

In France, we have a fully localized translation with release dates identical to the US version.

Take a look :

We are blessed ;)
You arent the only one with a native edition, the spanish handbooks are on the way (the PHB has been released about 2 weeks ago) ;)
Tell your friend to try this site to get russian D&D books hope it helps =)
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