Pining for clues on new class powers in monster and NPC entries

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I noticed how a lot of monsters and npc's have powers which PC's possess and then have powers which are not currently available to player classes. Are some of these powers which players cannot use be indicators of of future PC class mechanics.

DMG p. 200: NPC Barstomun Strongbeard has Quick Punch, an at-will unarmed attack as a minor action. Is this power a glimpse of what a monk/unarmed fighter in a "striker" role will use to mimic flurry or blows and achieve greater damage?

Dragon 364 p.52: If the Sorcerer becomes a wildmage-like character will its at-will powers look like the Kobold Wild Mage's "Wild Surge" and Wild Magic". Those sure look like class powers which they gave to a kobold. Maybe for an upcoming controller class.

What other example of this have you thought about while looking at different NPC and Monster entries? I've seen alot more examples. I know its all speculation for several reasons but it still might be and indication of future class mechanics.
There might be some gold to mine from the Shadar'Kai entry in the Monster Manual for the Shadow source. I beleive they have a Shadar'Kai Witch and some sort of defenderish guy that uses shadow.

Also, the Gith* entries might offer clues for monks and psionics.
Yeah, the Githzerai Cenobite on p. 130 looks like a monk. Stunning strike being an adaptation of stunning fist. It looks like he uses either his Dex or his Wis for unarmed attacks and damage. It would be cooler if he used Wis for flavor and build purposes.
it would make a great way for them to preview/playtest new classes/powers.