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While I am loving my half-elf rogue I must admit disappointment with the fact that all of my favorite classes.... were the ones to not appear in the PHB.


Though I also have to admit that considering how the powers and abilities of 4e work it would seem to me that the monk and the druid would be the hardest to re-imagine.

But then again since WotC seem to be limiting options for classes for the sake of creating balanced party roles maybe it is merely thinking over what type of role each class plays.


One of the most difficult classes to play, from a combat perspective(my point of view anyway), I actually think that the Bard will have the easiest time out of the bunch being re-imagined into 4e

Personally I feel confident in saying that the Bard fits the Leader role as defined by the PHB

Leaders inspire, heal, and aid the other characters in an adventuring group. Leaders have good defenses, but their strength lies in powers that protect their companions and target specific foes for the party to concentrate on.

People have always complained that the Bard was useless in combat since it's abilities were always focused on aiding others and not actually doing damage themselves. I personally disagreed with this view since for example you are fighting a Red Dragon the +2 to attack rolls that a bard gives can come quite in handy.

But again players that I have played with have complained that it would be more worthwhile to have another DPSer or Tank in the group other then a character that just continues playing music every round.

With 4e I believe that the Bard's abilities fit right in with the new focus on party roles. Bardic Music and it's different affects could very well mean the life or death of a party in this version. Whereas the Cleric and the Warlord have nice armor class and heal I expect that the Bard will be slightly more "squishy" and more focused on giving bonuses to party members. It might even have some controller aspects since the Bards have always been heavy with Illusion magic and such.

And while everything up to now in my opinion has been rather more focused on the combat aspect of DnD I would expect that the Bards will shine in out of combat encounters for RP purposes just like they always have.


I don't have as mush to say about this one since I really have just about no idea what they are going to do.

Many of the Fighter abilities seem to have a rather heavy Barbarian feel. I actually thought for a moment that perhaps the Barbarian had been DEVOURED by the Fighter in some obscene quest for more power.

But I think that if one looks at the Roles again I think it comes a little more clear. The Barbarian clearly falls under the Defender role even if we all remember him as a damage dealing maniac in the group.

Defenders have the highest defenses in the game good close-up offense. They are the party's front line combatants; wherever they're standing, that's where the action is. Defenders have abilities and powers that make it difficult for enemies to move past them or to ignore them in combat.

So while the title "Defender" clashes with the idea of a barbarian we can see that the actual outlook for the party role fits quite nicely. Barbarians charge into the fray and deal massive damage while raging. They hold the line while other, more frail party members do their own thing. The Barbarian has always been lacking in the armor department but has made up for this with his massive hit points and damage reduction. I guess that suffices for his defenses. We'll see how that changes into 4e

Again I dont presume to have an inkling into the types of at-will, encounter, and daily powers they get but I do think that the Rage is going to once again a CRUCIAL element of the Barbarian.

Not like I said anything earth shattering.


(my eyes feel about ready to bleed, I will come back and edit this later)
I remember reading that a primary goal that WotC have for each class is that it should bring something new to the table.

So Barbarians should do things fighters can't. Druids should have tricks not in the cleric's locker. And so on. I think that when 4e was in creation, some of those classes didn't have their shtick properly nailed down. It's a pain having to wait for the classes, but on the bright side, they should be matured and fully fleshed out when they arrive.

I look forward to seeing how bardic music playing is done. Since having them behave like static singing buffs would be at odds with the 4e philosophy, there should be a way for bards to attack and perform at the same time. "I play my flute and chop the monster in the shins with my shortsword" would be too hard to swallow for even the most gamist of us. I think that instruments will be treated as implements, through which powers are cast.
Prepare to pay at least 100 or more dollars to acquire the classes you mention,besides the ones already released.
Prepare to pay at least 100 or more dollars to acquire the classes you mention,besides the ones already released.

The article I linked to is free.
But that article is kinda shabby imo. I think once they actually release the classes in upcoming books, they will be totally different from the "conversion" article. The old 3e conversion stuff was the same way.
It was shabby. :<

Thanks for the link though.
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