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I noticed they put up a Undead book for January and Arcane Power is coming out in April. But whats the supplement Dungeon Delve? is this a DM guide for handling dungeons? is it a players' book? Anyone know what this is?
A 4E Dungeonscape?

Originally Posted by WotC_RichBaker In related news, I'm afraid I'm going to have to confiscate your 3.5 rulebooks, and force you to convert to the new edition. Where do you live?
I would like a book with just dungeon crawls.
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it may or may not be related to the gen con event called the dungeon delve. from what I've read, it's a timed dungeon crawl, get through ASAP.
The delve is quite fun. I used to run a similar event over the weekends at a convention. It's basically room after room after room, with the treasure getting bigger and bigger, and the rooms getting deadlier and deadlier..

Think competitive D&D.

If they make a book on how to do this, it'd be awesome. Sometimes you just wanna hack and slash.
Amazon has it listed as an adventure.
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