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Hey guys,

So one of my players wants to play a Monk and was asking when WotC will be releasing Monks as a class. So I did some poking around.

According to thye GrZ Spolier, the first letters of the classes that will be in the PHB II are:

Classes- First letters D, R, B, W, I, T, S, S
"Only three or so are familiar, others are all new to D&D."

No "M" for Monk there. Sooo

1) Either WotC has no plans for releasing a Monk untill the PHB III
2) The Monk has been renamed (doesn't seem likely)
3) The Monk will be released via D&DI at some unspecified date

Anyone know anything about when the Monk will actually be released?
Not soon enough.

Heh yeah, so PHB2 release date announced and looks like it is gonna have Arcane, Divine and Primal classes.

Monk would be Ki sooo.....
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