4th edition Prestige classes?

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My thought on this was to print a class that you can't take any levels in. Instead you multiclass into it, then trade powers over with multiclassing feats. The more I think about it, the more idiotic it sounds, but I thought I'd throw it out there.
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not a bad idea...some people think that might work for the Dragon Marks for ebberon, I think it could be cool for spell fire too. A list of ppowers in a feat tree that work simialar to multi classing...

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Paragon Paths are in essence Prestige Classes. They're each 10 levels, you get some new powers and new class abilities from them, and they add their own flavour.

Not that the initial idea is without merit. Mimicking the multi-class feat system in order to basically have "Heroic Paths" could be very useful.
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Call it a super-class. It's just like a normal heroic class, but you can ONLY be one by multi-classing. You can't start as one.
I would like "advance class" like from d20 Modern since 5th level (or 3rd).

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