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Dear WoTC,

With the release of 4th edition you've developed a niche that a lot of players (myself included) would like to see filled. It would be great if you created two boxed sets, one for players and one for DMs, of short hand reference cards for various stats.

Player cards would include, major powers for each of the classes and races, common items, such as various potions, weapons or armor and a quick card for the various battle conditions, prone, dying, healing etc.

The DM box would contain items such as trap cards, random monster groupings for various levels, and treasure cards. Basically the tools needed to run the game without a DM as suggested by the 4th edition DM guide.

Players have already begun to produce these cards on their own, but it would make a great stand alone product if you were to produce it yourselves as obviously a demand is present and most consumers may not be willing to put in that much effort but would be willing to purchase nicely produced quick reference sheets.
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Thank the GSL for not having those in the near pipeline. Green Ronin was set to announce Power cards for the various classes GSL permitting. No idea if or when WotC will get around to releasing them.
Best thing IMHO would be some blank ones.

Perhaps release a blank pdf, and then sell completed cards in stores, etc.
what about just printing status cards? it suggests making them yourself for all the status ailments that require end of turn saves, but hey, if you printed up some thick paper cards with nice fonts, charged ten bucks for it, you'd save people a lot of time in making it themselves, and lots of people would probably prefer something that looks official and store bought over home made and barely legible.
I could have sworn on the 4th Edition Characters sheets there were such blank power cards.
I'd settle for "class decks" for now, with all of the abilities available to each class on a separate card. the new system seems to be set up to facilitate that kind of play aid, especially with the inclusion of encounter and daily powers.
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Here, here. I am sure some of you remember the Wizard and Cleric Spell Cards (numbers #9356 and #9362 respectively). I would love to see something like that purchasable (or downloadable from DDI). A set for each class and race would be fantastic.
I am one of those players/DMs creating their own power, treasure, and ritual cards. Published cards may be difficult. Most powers have different stats for different levels and I know some players prefer hard numbers in place of ability names and ranges. Magic item descriptions in the Player's are even morel generic and are not applied to any specific item. Do we want to pass to players treasure cards saying "Thunder Weapon" or cards saying "+2 Bastard Sword of Thunder"? Do publishers sell us generic cards that we have to mark up with specifics, or sell us hundreds of variations that may or may not hit the one combination we are looking to use?

Customizing your own cards may be the best way to go, since a lot of the stats are fluid. I probably will stick to customizing my own since I tend to create items and add items from other sources.

Of course, nothing is stopping someone from developing a tool or tools that can print custom cards from scratch. After all, color printers aren't all that rare anymore, and I can't think of any modern printer that couldn't handle card stock.

I think you can find some interesting stuff along this line

I remember for 2nd Ed there wasa box-o-spell cards they released, the box was even made to look like al ittle treasure chest.

Some really nice designed power cards would be something I'd be willing to shell out $$$ for.

or even a DND-insider tool that would link to your saved character, and do the math for ya printing the actual damage instead of the damage code on each card, so you could print it out yourself.
While power cards are intruiging, as a dm the thing i would love most is just straight monster cards for all monsters in the mm so that you could sepperate them by level and when you need an encounter you have your xp budget (or army cost) and you fill it up with the monsters and then you dont have to flip pages. I did photoshop the monster status cards in the back of the dmg to be full monster stat cards but stuff with artwork and almost warmachine like would be awesome. Of course i realize they have the rpg cards from the minis but thats only 60 monsters out of 490 from the MM alone and i just dont have a lot of time to fill out 490 cards and photoshop.
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