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What are the rumors running about this class?

I want to know, simply because I'd like to have our group make the leap to fourth edition, but we unfortunately have two bards. I know one of them wishes to become a monk, but is willing to wait a year to get that. If she can't wait, she said she'd settle for a warlord.

Our other Bard however, wants to stay a bard, and vehemently protests making a change to fourth. Now, I was hoping to make my own bard class, and let her play it until (If ever) WoTC releases a book with the bard in it.

Being that said, I was hoping to make it close to anything people seem to think WoTC is doing to them (Other than completely taking them out) that way when it does actually come, she can switch to the new bard rules more easily supposing that mine aren't better.

Now, step right up, and begin the gossip!
Most likely the Bard will be a "leader", so in essence you'll want to give it powers that are similar in power and general application to what Warlords and Clerics get. Allow them to use a musical instrument as an "Implement" as well.
If you are going to make your own powers . . . cheat just rename and change desciption of cleric or warlord powers. Change wis based attacks to chr attacks.

Let them use rogue weapons + swords, leather through chain, no shields.

the flop-thief like rogue, enterainer (more warlord oriented)
Loremaster-focued on knowlege skills (more cleric oriented)
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